Water Element Crystals & Stones

Crystals are formed in the Earth, dug from the Earth, and can be very helpful for connecting to elemental Earth energy — no matter what type of crystal they may be.

Aside from their inherent Earth energies, some crystals are also tied to Water. These may be associated with the sea, rivers, rain, or Water characteristics like emotional balance, intuition, and receptivity.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for working with and connecting to the element of water:

1. Aquamarine

In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to come from mermaids. Sailors would carry it as a protective talisman while on the water, and give it to their loved ones to remember them.

Today, many people still carry aquamarine stones for safe travels. This crystal is also used to calm anxieties, soothe inflammation, and connect to higher wisdom. It makes lovely jewelry, and can also be carried as a pocket stone or included in charm bags.

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2. Azurite

This bright blue crystal is employed for helping develop the user’s psychic abilities, enhancing intuition, and cleansing and calming the mind.

Its energy is also useful for uncovering the hidden causes of illness, particularly psychosomatic or stress-induced disorders. It’s a powerful focus for meditation.

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3. Blue lace agate

This variety of agate closely resembles its name, with delicate striations in shades of blue, white, and gray. This crystal is used for anxiety, inflammation, balancing fluids, and traveling between different planes of consciousness.

Some use it for dream work and astral projection. Wear it as jewelry or carry it as a pocket stone during the day, or keep a specimen or two on your nightstand or under a pillow for dream work.

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4. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla’s blue-green color makes it resemble a miniature, watery planet.

It’s an excellent stone for enhancing balance in communication — where other stones may give the user the courage to speak up, this one helps the user understand when to speak, and when to keep quiet.

Also frequently used for emotional balance, chrysocolla is often best used as a meditation tool. Some specimens have a very soft texture that makes them unsuitable for jewelry or pocket stones.

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5. Fluorite

Fluorite, particularly blue and purple, is a very Water-aligned stone. Purple fluorite is associated with meditation, spirituality, intuition, and psychic abilities.

It’s also used to open the crown chakra, Sahasrara, which is the energy center most tied to spirituality. Blue fluorite is used for the throat chakra, Visuddha, which governs communication.

Fluorite is a soft stone, and may fade in sunlight, so it’s often best to carry as a pocket stone or use during meditation.

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6. Larimar

Larimar is a beautiful blue stone that looks like sunlight on water. It’s found only in the Dominican Republic, and is strongly associated with the energy of dolphins and other oceanic animals.

This crystal is often used to enhance intuition, and calm and balance the emotions. It’s hard enough to wear as jewelry or carry as a pocket stone, but also makes a wonderful tool for meditation.

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7. Moonstone

Moonstone is tied to the moon’s energy, and, by extension, the tides. This stone is useful for regulating cycles of all forms — from hormonal, to circadian, to the emotional cycles of love and loss.

It also enhances intuition, calms moods, and is frequently used for dream work. Wear it as jewelry or carry it as a pocket stone. To help ease menstrual symptoms, keep it near the lower abdominal area.

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8. Pearls

Pearls aren’t exactly gemstones — they’re formed from the protective secretions of oysters, clams, and conches. When tiny bits of debris work their ways into their shells, these organisms begin coating the irritating grit with layers of nacre.

In oysters, this may have an iridescent pearly appearance. For conches and other creatures, it may resemble porcelain. Despite the fact that they aren’t actually stones, pearls are still used just like crystals.

Wear pearl jewelry, or carry pearls to connect with the sea and oceanic deities.

9. Selenite

Like moonstone, selenite is associated with lunar energy. Also like moonstone, this ties it to the sea and the tides. It’s particularly helpful for cleansing — a very Watery attribute — and removing energy blocks.

It also helps with mental clarity, and enhancing one’s ability to “go with the flow.” This stone is very soft and easy to crumble, and its fibrous nature means that it can produce sharp splinters. For this reason, it’s better as d├ęcor or a meditation tool than as jewelry.

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10. Sodalite

Sodalite is typically a bright blue crystal, with white streaks or spots. It’s a very helpful tool for reconciling the deep, intuitive, subconscious mind, and the logical, conscious mind.

It’s particularly good for people who have to mediate difficult situations, as it helps the user “wash away” adversity and facilitates forgiveness.

Like other water stones, sodalite is sometimes used to calm inflammation within the body. Wear it as jewelry, or carry it discreetly in a pocket or purse.

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11. Tourmaline

When people hear the word “tourmaline,” they usually think of the very Earth-oriented, grounding, protective black tourmaline.

This crystal comes in a wide variety of colors, including blue, green, and pink. Watermelon tourmaline is pink and green, like a slice of watermelon, and is tied to the heart chakra. This stone is used to open this energy center, correcting energetic imbalances related to the emotions and expressions of love.

Blue tourmaline is said to open the psychic senses of the mind, and serving as a conduit for the flow of energy. These stones can be worn as jewelry, carried, or meditated with, depending on your needs.

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12. Water-included quartz

Some quartz crystals, especially Herkimer diamonds, actually contain visible, liquid water. This water becomes trapped within the crystal as it forms, often with an air bubble or fragment of anthraxolite (fossilized plant matter).

Clear quartz, in general, is a very versatile stone that can be used for virtually any purpose. Quartz with inclusions of water is particularly well suited to balancing the emotions, cleansing, finding hidden knowledge, and tapping into possibilities.

These are best used as meditation tools, or carried as pocket stones. Water-included crystals aren’t often used in jewelry, since cutting or polishing them may disrupt their internal structures.

13. Honorable mention: Shells and sea glass

Shells and sea glass aren’t exactly stones, but, like pearls, they can be used in many of the same ways. Polished fragments of abalone shells are often used in jewelry, and their fascinating iridescent swirls make a wonderful focus for meditation.

Shells and sea glass are also often used in jewelry, and can be worn to connect with the powerful energy of the sea.

It’s not always easy to connect to the element of Water. Some live in land-locked areas, or areas where there’s little rainfall. Others may find that they simply don’t tap into this elemental energy as easily as they do others.

Wearing, carrying, or meditating with these stones allows you to have a little piece of Water energy available to you, to help you cleanse yourself, calm and balance your emotions, and work with this powerful force of nature.

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