Best Crystals & Stones for Harmony in the Home

Maintaining a peaceful, happy home can be tough. No matter how much people love each other and get along together, there will inevitably be times when things are less-than-perfect.

In addition to honesty and communication skills, there are a number of different things you can do to help maintain your home’s harmony.

Crystals are a great way to subtly influence the energy of a space, encouraging calming, harmonious vibes all throughout.

Here are some of the best stones for keeping a happy home:

1. Amethyst

This purple crystal is often used to cultivate a calm, meditative atmosphere. It’s helpful for introspection, which can be useful for keeping personal problems from manifesting as friction between housemates or family members.

Amethyst is also generally a very peaceful stone. It’s often available as large clusters or geodes, which make it ideal for decorating a living room or other shared space.

Place it where its energy can circulate freely but be careful to avoid sunny windows — long-term exposure to bright sunlight can cause amethyst’s color to fade.

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is commonly associated with the sea and the element of water. It has a profoundly tranquil energy that can help promote peace in your home.

Most aquamarine specimens are fairly small, so you may want to consider obtaining a few stones and grouping them together, adding it to a grid with other crystals, or buying aquamarine beads to incorporate into macrame projects or other decor.

3. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline busts negative energy like almost nothing else. These jet-black stones absorb it like a sponge, so it doesn’t go on to impact other members of the home.

Keep a large specimen near your front door, so family members and housemates don’t bring negativity in. You may also want to keep one in your living room or den, to quickly dispel tension in the air.

Remember to cleanse black tourmaline often. Since black tourmaline is such an efficient energy cleanser, it needs to be refreshed often. Cleanse it with water, smoke, soil, or sunlight frequently.

4. Celestine

Celestine (or celestite) is a beautiful blue-gray stone. It’s calming and peaceful, but also can help enhance communication and improve intuition.

This means that it can smooth out the energy in your home, and help people learn to understand each other and get along better.

Place a large celestine cluster or geode in common areas like living rooms, family rooms, or dining rooms.

5. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is the most versatile crystal there is. It works to amplify energy, so it can put out whatever you send into it.

Hold it in your dominant hand (or, if it’s a large specimen, rest your dominant hand on it) and visualize sending harmonious, peacemaking energy into it.

Set the crystal in a common area. For best results, use a large cluster. You can also form a grid with multiple small points.

6. Crystal clusters

While some stones are better at improving harmony than others, crystal clusters in general are good for getting people to work together as a group.

If you plan to work with clear quartz, amethyst, celestine, or other stones that often grow in a clustered formation, try to use a cluster instead of an individual point.

7. Kyanite

Kyanite is a powerful way to destroy negative energy. Unlike black tourmaline, however, kyanite doesn’t absorb it — it gets rid of it.

Some crystal experts claim that, for this reason, kyanite doesn’t need to be cleansed. This stone is usually available as smaller specimens, which are great for including in crystal grids.

If you can find a large one, put it in a place that people often pass through to remove any negative energy they may be carrying.

8. Moonstone

These silvery white stones are all about balance. They’re excellent for helping to balance the emotions, which can help keep tempers from flaring and arguments from starting.

Moonstones are also sometimes used for love, so they can help strengthen and foster these bonds. Place them in common areas or incorporate smaller specimens into crystal grids.

9. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of love. While it’s often used for romantic attraction, that isn’t its only role — it’s also helpful for platonic and self-love.

You can sometimes find it as large rough specimens or towers, which are great for stashing in living rooms or other common areas.

As a type of quartz, rose quartz is also helpful for using in gem elixirs. Set a rose quartz stone in a jar of water and place it in sunlight for a few minutes to an hour. Place this liquid in a spray bottle and use it to lightly mist common areas of your home.

If you like, you can also add it to essential oils and alcohol to make a crystal-powered aromatherapy room spray.

10. Selenite

Selenite towers are fantastic for placing anywhere you need some cleansing, peaceful vibrations.

Some larger specimens are made into table lamps that provide a gentle, soothing glow. Putting one in your living room or family room is a great way to bring that peace into your home.

As a note of caution, avoid putting selenite in areas with high humidity or moisture problems — selenite is water-soluble and may degrade if it gets wet.

11. Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone for mental clarity. As a blue stone, it’s also connected to the throat chakra and communication. It helps soothe anxious feelings and alleviate stressful situations.

Like other crystals on this list, consider placing it in a common area of your home, or working it into a crystal grid with other stones that complement its abilities.

12. Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz, like black tourmaline, is another negativity sponge. It is said to absorb negative energy and help transmute it to positive, so it can help get rid of the vibes that contribute to tension, stress, and disharmony.

You can sometimes find it in cluster formations, or in combination with other varieties of quartz. Place it by doors or in common areas, and make sure to keep it cleansed often so it can keep doing its job.

Crystals aren’t just effective at helping to keep your home harmonious, they’re also discreet. You can easily hide them, treat them as regular decor, or make water-safe crystals into elixirs and room sprays.

Any of the crystals on this list will work in combination with each other, so you can create a special formula for your home’s unique situation.

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