Best Crystals For Body Positivity & Confidence

“Be confident, it makes you more attractive!” Chances are, you’ve heard this more than once in your life. The trouble is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds — how can you “be confident” if you don’t feel it?

Therapy and reframing your thoughts help, but it can also be a good idea to take a metaphysical approach. Crystals can subtly influence your energy and emotions, which can help you experience more body positivity and confidence.

Here are the best crystals to carry, wear, or work with so you can feel as radiant as you deserve:

1. Carnelian

Long considered a charm for physical strength, ability, and courage, carnelian can also enhance feelings of confidence. It’s a great stone to keep in your pocket and just gently hold when you need a little charge.

If possible, try to obtain a palm stone — when you’re feeling less than great, take a moment to hold it in your non-dominant hand, breathe deep, and just take in its energy.

You can also wear carnelian jewelry near the area of the solar plexus chakra. This is the energy center that governs things like will, personal power, and confidence.

2. Citrine

Though citrine is usually considered a “merchant’s stone,” it’s also a wonderful crystal for general positivity.

Its yellow-orange color also connects it to the solar plexus chakra, so it’s another gem that’s great to wear or carry near the upper abdominal area.

You can also wear it as jewelry so it’s positive vibes can subtly permeate your energy field.

3. Clear quartz

There’s pretty much nothing that clear quartz can’t do. You can program it for confidence and positive body image, then wear or carry it.

Clear quartz is also a stone for clarity, so you can meditate with it and ask it for help cutting through the noise that tells you that you’re not good enough.

The trick here is programming — clear quartz simply amplifies energy, so it will enhance whatever you put into it. Hold it in your dominant hand and visualize it filling with your intention. Once you feel like it can’t possibly hold any more, it’s ready to use.

4. Lapis lazuli

Unlike most other stones on this list, lapis lazuli isn’t really connected to will, power, confidence, or even body image. Instead, it’s considered a stone of communication and mental clarity.

It’s good at cutting through illusions, which can often be the source of one’s lack of confidence. It’s also said to enhance communication, and so can help you speak up with more self-assurance.

Lapis lazuli often contains inclusions of tiny flecks of pyrite, which is a solar plexus chakra stone.

While pure pyrite isn’t usually a great stone to wear or hold (the oils in skin cause it to discolor easily), its presence in lapis lazuli is a welcome one.

5. Moonstone

Moonstone is great for maintaining emotional balance. If you ever find your body positivity and self-confidence crashing, or feel like you’re entering a shame spiral, meditating with moonstone may help you internally smooth things out.

Hold it in your non-dominant hand and feel its calming, soothing, regulating energy.

6. Morganite

Morganite is a soft pink beryl that’s excellent for self-love. Often times, low confidence happens when we have trouble simply feeling neutral about ourselves, let alone engaging in self-love.

It’s a healing stone for the heart and can help through processing old emotional wounds. Avoid wearing morganite in bright sunlight — its color is delicate and can fade easily with UV exposure.

7. Orange calcite

Orange calcite is a stone for the sacral chakra. This is the seat of pleasure and sensuality. If you have poor body image, it can be difficult to feel comfortable enough in your skin to connect with these feelings.

Meditating with or carrying orange calcite can help clear and reinvigorate this energy center.

8. Pink calcite

Like morganite, pink calcite is an emotional healer. Pink stones are commonly thought of as “love drawing” charms, but they can also help increase feelings of love for the self.

Place a piece of pink calcite over the heart area while you meditate to absorb its loving energy. Being able to love yourself is the bedrock of increasing your body positivity and confidence.

9. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is another self-love stone and emotional healer. You can meditate with it like morganite or pink calcite, but it’s also a lovely stone to wear near the heart area.

Keep a large, tumbled specimen in your pocket to hold when you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable. Combine it with other confidence-boosting stones like carnelian, and a bit of clear quartz to amplify its energy.

10. Sodalite

Sodalite is another mental clarity stone that helps dispel the illusions that undermine your body positivity and self-confidence.

As a blue stone, it also works with the throat chakra to improve self-expression so you can communicate clearly and confidently.

For best results, wear it near the head or throat area — perhaps as earrings or a pendant.

11. Sunstone

This glittery orange stone is a crystal of positivity and confidence. It’s vibrant, hopeful, and happy.

If a lack of body confidence is lowering your mood (or vice versa), meditating with sunstone can bring you a reprieve.

As an orange stone, it’s also connected to the sacral chakra, the seat of sensual pleasure. Wear or carry it near this area to feel more confident and in touch with your allure.

12. Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is a solar plexus chakra stone. Magically, it’s used for protection. Combined, this means that it’s a stone that can help you feel safe to confidently be yourself.

Wear it as a long pendant, on a belly chain, or on a belt near the solar plexus area to keep this chakra clear and energized. If you need some courage, hold it in your hand for a moment.

Gaining body confidence is often more than simply “faking it ’til you make it.” It can involve healing old emotional trauma that undermines you, cutting through lies that make you feel inferior, and boosting your general feelings of optimism and positivity.

While no crystal can substitute for a competent therapist, these energetic allies can help make the healing journey easier.

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