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Editorial Guidelines

Terravara employs strict editorial guidelines to ensure high-quality, enriching content that helps our readers to explore a wide variety of topics related to nature and spirituality.

Each article is carefully vetted and edited by our staff as part of our commitment to building the most comprehensive library of spirituality content online.

Editorial Principles

Designed to be a library of high quality, educational, and intriguing spiritual content where contributors and experts can share their research and knowledge, Terravara operates on basic principles that create an engaging, open environment.

Neutrality and Openness

Our content is not designed to promulgate any particular set of beliefs. Each idea is presented with the understanding that readers are free to use the information however they please.

Our editorial team does not endorse any particular religion, philosophy or set of beliefs.


We espouse the belief that all world religions, philosophies and faith traditions deserve respect.

While we do not endorse specific authors or beliefs based solely on the fact that they are published on our site, we do operate on the belief that every idea deserves respect.

Value for the Reader

Terravara exists to open minds, expand horizons and provide a valuable resource for people looking for extensive coverage of topics related to nature and spirituality.

Our goal is to publish articles that are easy to understand for those who are interested in learning more about spiritual beliefs and practices from around the world.