Best Crystals & Stones for the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, Sahasrara, is the seventh of the body’s energy centers. These are described in Hindu Tantra as gateways for life force energy to flow throughout the body. Each one corresponds to a set of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

When these energy centers are open and healthy, energy can flow through them freely and we experience good health. When they become blocked, we suffer.

Sahasrara corresponds to the top of the head. It’s symbolized by the color purple or white, and is tied to our spirituality. When everything is working as it should be, we feel connected to the divine, our higher selves, and the universe around us.

When it isn’t, we may feel isolated and search for a guru to guide us. These crystals can help open the crown chakra and allow our life force to flow again.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the crown chakra:

1. Agate

Agate comes in a rainbow of colors, but is most often seen in hues of red, brown, and gray. Occasionally, you can find a specimen that’s varying shades of white.

These pale stones are perfect for clearing the crown chakra. Their color connects them to Sahasrara, while they still share agate’s balancing, harmonious energy.

It’s great for relaxing the mind, grounding excess energy, and enhancing connections to the spirit realm. Keep an eye out for white agate jewelry (especially earrings or hat pins), or meditate with an agate slice or tumbled stone near the head.

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2. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most oft-recommended stones for spiritual connection, meditation, and aura cleansing. It’s attuned to all things subconscious, subtle, intuitive, and spiritual — idea for working with the crown chakra.

This crystal’s purple color also connects it to this energy center. For best results, wear amethyst jewelry as near your head as possible. Otherwise, meditate laying down, with an amethyst placed near the crown of the head.

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3. Apophyllite

This silicate stone is used to help bridge the physical and spirit worlds, so it can be a big help for doing the same to the lower and higher chakras. It helps the user channel spiritual wisdom and unblock the higher chakras.

Apophyllite is also a stone of truth, especially hidden truths about the self. Its healing often comes at the cost of confronting old wounds, traumas, and regrets.

Meditate with it near the crown of the head, but be sure you’re ready to deal with the healing process.

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4. Charoite

Charoite is a rare type of bright purple silicate. Crystal healers use it to remove fear and negativity, transmuting them into positive emotions.

One of the most common causes (and symptoms) of a crown chakra blockage is disconnection, and charoite is helpful for dispelling this feeling.

It inspires spiritual growth, removes negativity, and brings positive transformation into your life. Meditate with it near the head, or sleep with it under your pillow to passively heal Sahasrara.

5. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is called a “master crystal” or “master healer.” Its naturally pointed appearance make it a useful tool for focusing and sending energy, and crystal aficionados consider it an amplifier.

This stone is also programmable, so you can set it with an intention, then allow it to passively amplify that intention until it’s achieved.

Clear quartz is also abundant, inexpensive, and easy to find, so you can wear it in jewelry, keep large specimens in your home, meditate with it, or use quartz points to grid your bed.

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6. Herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamonds are a colloquial name for a special type of quartz found only in Herkimer county, New York. These crystals are naturally double-terminated, and may even contain inclusions of black hydrocarbons or dolomite.

Herkimers are powerfully connected to the third eye and crown chakras. They remove energetic blockages, and stimulate psychic senses, intuition, memory, and connections to higher intelligence.

Wear or meditate with them near the head to clear the crown chakra, or place some under your pillow to aid lucid dreaming (especially dream recall).

Be sure that the crystals you use are from Herkimer county — many places in the world have deposits of double-terminated quartz, but these all have their own special properties that may differ from Herkimer quartz.

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7. Moonstone

Moonstone is a silvery (or occasionally gray, peach, blue, black or pink) type of feldspar with a shimmery quality called schiller.

It’s considered a physical embodiment of lunar energy, and is connected to all things related to the moon, tides, cycles, intuition, and spirituality. It promotes restful, healing sleep, enhances divination, and resonates strongly with Sahasrara.

Place some under your pillow at night to benefit from its energy while you sleep. You can also wear moonstone earrings, hat pins, or other jewelry near the crown of your head.

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8. Selenite

This translucent, fibrous type of gypsum is an excellent energetic cleanser. (Silvery varieties are more correctly termed “satin spar,” but are commonly sold as selenite either way.)

Some consider selenite so efficient at cleansing, that they say it never needs to be cleansed itself. It’s great for removing negative energy, unwanted auric attachments, and blockages. When you clear these away, it frees up energy to travel to the crown chakra.

Use selenite wands the same way you’d use a lint brush. Holding one in your dominant hand, lightly sweep it over yourself a few inches from your skin. Visualize any negative energy or attachments being carried away.

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9. Sugilite

Like amethyst, sugilite is a bright purple stone. It’s commonly used to enhance intuition, astral projection, and lucid dreaming.

Sugilite is a powerful crystal ally for strengthening your spiritual connection and psychic talents, as well as communicating with guardian angels and spirit guides.

Meditate with or wear it near the head to benefit from its awareness-boosting energies and clear the crown chakra.

10. Tiffany stone

Tiffany stone is the trade name for a combination of fluorite, opal, quartz, calcite, and dolomite. It has a purple and white color, and is said to help the user receive and absorb spiritual guidance.

Fluorite is a great stone for focusing the mind, so Tiffany stone can help the user clear negativity from their thoughts and zero in on hope, optimism, and a renewed sense of connection.

Tiffany stone is fairly soft, so it’s hard to find in jewelry. Instead, meditate with a specimen placed near the crown area.

The demands of juggling work, family, and other responsibilities places a heavy emphasis on the lower, more physical chakras. As a result, the crown chakra is often neglected.

Eventually, we can experience a sense of disconnection or isolation from our spiritual selves. The gentle, cleansing energy of these crystals can help restore balance to our physical and spiritual lives, and open the crown chakra to all of the wisdom the universe has to offer.

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