Crystals For Wealth, Money & Abundance

If there’s one thing most people could use more of, it’s money. This has been true ever since the invention of commerce — as soon as civilization struck the first coin, people wanted to find ways to get more of them.

That’s why there are so many spells, rituals, and folk charms for increasing your prosperity. Many of them feature crystals, which are age-old symbols of wealth in themselves.

Here are some of the most often used crystals and gemstones for money, wealth, and general abundance:

1. Amber

An Amber fossil on a white background.

Amber is fossilized tree resin, not a crystal in the strict sense of the word. It’s used to help you get, use, and keep money.

In addition to being a generally lucky stone for wealth and prosperity, working with amber can help you make sound financial decisions.

2. Aventurine

A green aventurine stone isolated on a white background.

Green aventurine is a stone for gamblers and those who need some extra money luck. Even the name drives from an Italian phrase meaning, “by chance.” For best results, keep this gem in a left-side pocket.

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3. Citrine

A yellow citrine crystal isolated on a white background.

Citrine is known as “the merchant’s stone.” It carries a lot of solar energy, and is considered an almost universal charm for money, wealth, and abundance.

Business owners or managers should keep a citrine crystal in or near their cash registers.

People who are self-employed should keep one near their home office or workstation.

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4. Clear quartz

A transparent clear quartz crystal on a white background.

Clear quartz is a master crystal, good for any use. It’s also programmable, meaning that you can align its energy with any intent. To do this, hold it in your dominant hand and visualize your desire as you send energy down into the crystal.

You can carry clear quartz on you, or place a large point, generator, or tower in an area that could benefit from some extra prosperity power.

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5. Jade

A green jade crystal on a white background.

Jade has been associated with wealth, prosperity, and luck since antiquity. Green jade (either nephrite or jadeite) is an excellent stone for long-term financial planning and steadily growing wealth.

Wear it as jewelry, carry it as a pocket stone, or hide small tumbled pieces in your wallet, cash register, safe, or bank.

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6. Lodestone

A lodestone isolated on a white background.

Lodestone is a naturally magnetic stone that’s commonly used in Hoodoo practices. It works to manifest things through sympathetic magic — its energy helps you draw your desires to you, just as iron filings are drawn to the stone.

Keep one on you at work (just be sure to keep it away from computers or other magnet-sensitive devices), and “feed” it new iron filings regularly.

7. Malachite

A green malachite gemstone isolated on a white background.

This banded green stone draws abundance and success. It’s especially helpful for business owners looking to grow their enterprise.

Carry Malachite, or keep it near your cash registers, in order to attract people and situations to help you grow your wealth.

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8. Moss agate

A moss agate stone isolated on white.

Moss agate is a variety of agate that’s predominantly white, with mosslike green patterns. It’s used in spells for financial gain, as well as all kinds of growth and abundance — from growth in the garden, to increased fertility.

They make perfect additions to money-drawing pouches.

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9. Peridot

A green peridot crystal isolated on a white background.

Peridot is a green crystal that’s used to attract wealth and success, while warding off envious people. If you need money, but aren’t sure how to get it, meditating with peridot can help you clarify and focus your desire into an actionable plan.

Reach for this stone when you have a goal in mind, but aren’t sure how to get there.

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10. Petrified wood

A peice of petrified wood on a white background.

While not necessarily a crystal, petrified wood is nonetheless an excellent stone for prosperity. One old feng shui cure for attracting money involves keeping a piece of petrified wood in your bank or safe.

Like lodestone, this is a kind of sympathetic magic — the energy of petrified wood helps your finances continue to grow, just as the original tree did.

11. Pyrite

A pyrite stone on a white background.

Pyrite’s common name is “fool’s gold,” but its prosperity power is anything but fake. Like citrine, it’s a powerfully solar stone, useful for repelling negativity, attracting positive energy, and fostering abundance.

It has a tendency to get dull when handled due to the natural oils in skin, so it’s best used in pouches or as a display stone.

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12. Sapphire

A blue sapphire stone on a white background.

Sapphire is the stone for you if you’re looking to make more informed financial decisions. If you need help with investing, or just want to try to regain money you’ve lost in the past, wear or carry sapphire.

It will help you make the choices you need to in order to get the money you’re looking for.

13. Sunstone

A sunstone gemstone on a white background.

Sunstone is a very happy, positive stone with a lot of solar energy. It’s often used for joy and good fortune in a general sense, including financial luck.

If you’ve been poor for a long time, this crystal is also useful for letting go of money worries and thought patterns that create a poverty mindset.

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14. Tiger’s Eye

A brown polished tigers eye stone on a white background.

Like sapphire, tiger’s eye helps you make sound financial decisions. It’s also an excellent stone for attracting new opportunities into your life.

If you’re looking to bring new income streams into your life, meditating with or carrying this stone can help.

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Honorable Mention: Green and Gold Stones

Following the ideas of color magic, green and gold are both associated with abundance. Green gets its financial associations since it’s the color of growing things — picture fertile fields full of verdant crops.

Gold is associated with luck and financial success since it’s a solar color, as well as the color of precious metal.

Most green and gold stones have their own specific healing properties and folklore, but almost all of them can also be used as wealth-drawing charms.

When it comes to manifesting wealth, hard work is all fine and dandy. As anyone who’s worked hard at a low-paying job can tell you, there’s more to attracting money than hard work alone.

Combine your efforts with the right money-drawing energy, and you can attract better financial opportunities to yourself.

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