Crystals & Stones For Astral Projection

Astral projection allows the astral body to wander. It’s a way of having an intentional out-of-body experience that can allow the user to explore the world, other planes of existence, or even other timelines.

It’s generally very safe, but can be difficult and carries a few risks. That’s why many astral projectors use crystals to help facilitate the experience.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones that can help with astral projection:

1. Amethyst

No list of tools for astral projection, meditation, or divination would be complete without amethyst. This purple quartz is associated with intuition, the subconscious, and the astral body. It helps open and balance the crown chakra, induce lucid dreaming, and ease the transition from the physical to the astral.

It’s also a gentle, relaxing stone, which makes it ideal for people experiencing some anxiety about their first astral journey. Place it under a pillow to project while sleeping, or keep it on or near you while astral traveling via meditation.

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2. Angelite

This soft blue stone is named for the angels. It’s said to enhance telepathic skills, and help align the physical and astral bodies. This crystal also puts the user in closer contact with their guardian angels, spirit guides, and other benevolent beings around them.

It’s excellent for communicating with higher entities during travel. Keep it under a pillow if you’re astral projecting during sleep, or in a pouch or pocket while meditating.

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3. Astrophyllite

This uncommon crystal is named for the stars, and resonates with the crown chakra. It’s excellent for setting intentions before astral traveling, and opening up the user to the experience.

It gets rid of limiting beliefs, and provides some protection for the astral body. Keep it near you while astral projecting to benefit from its stellar energy.

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4. Black tourmaline

While typically regarded as a very earthy, grounding stone, black tourmaline can still come in handy during astral projection for one simple reason: It’s highly protective. It also works with the root chakra, which can help keep life force energy flowing through the energy body.

For users who are concerned about safety while astral projecting, or who tend to run out of energy during the experience, keeping black tourmaline on or near them can be a big help.

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5. Calcite

Calcite is an interesting stone. A type of calcium carbonate, it appears in a wide variety of colors as well as a perfectly clear variety called “optical calcite.”

Clear calcite is thought to have been used as a navigation aid, allowing sailors to find the direction of the sun even during overcast days. This crystal can similarly help astral travelers find their way.

Blue calcite is a very calming stone, able to protect astral travelers once they’ve entered a deep meditative or dreaming state.

Orange calcite is a positive stone of optimism and effervescence, alleviating worries and making it easier for the astral body to rise and float freely.

Keep these stones near your bed if you project while dreaming, or place them near your body while meditating.

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6. Iolite

Iolite is a lovely translucent blue to deep purple stone. It’s said to work with the third eye and crown chakras, opening them to facilitate the user connecting to the astral plane.

This stone can also attract benevolent spirits, which can be helpful when seeking guidance or protection while astral projecting.

It’s a stone for visions, and, most of all, remembering those visions once the user has returned to their physical body. Wear or place it on the forehead.

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7. Labradorite

What do you seek when astral projecting? If you’re looking for the secrets of the universe or magic, then labradorite might be the stone for you. This grey-black stone with flashes of rainbow colors is known as a stone of magic and mysticism.

It helps guide the user through the intangible realms, keeps their energy levels high, and shields them from energy-draining entities and psychic attacks. Wear labradorite jewelry, or keep a specimen near you while traveling.

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8. Moldavite

Moldavite is an incredibly high-energy stone, capable of bringing about rapid changes. This is why it has the reputation for being “cursed” among some users. If you’re not careful with it, not all of those changes will be pleasant!

When astral projecting, moldavite can help separate the physical and astral bodies. It’s a liminal stone — formed by a meteorite, but not from space itself, it’s excellent for entering “between” spaces. Wear or place it near the head.

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9. Obsidian

Like black tourmaline, obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone. It’s also associated with other planes of consciousness.

Any type of obsidian will work to protect the user during astral travel, but rainbow obsidian with a purple flash has the added benefit of being connected to the crown chakra. Keep a large obsidian specimen nearby while astral projecting by any method.

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10. Selenite

Selenite is a soft, silvery, high-vibration stone. It’s commonly used to cleanse things, to the point where some crystal healers claim that it never needs to be cleansed itself.

Selenite is also said to help connect the user to higher beings, as well as protect the astral body. Keep it near your bedside while dreaming, or beside you while meditating.

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11. Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is another stone that isn’t for astral projecting directly, but can help beginners create the energetic foundations needed for a successful projection.

It’s a stone of endurance, associated with the will and vital life energies. It helps get the lower (more physical) energy centers in order so that vital energy can easily rise to the higher ones.

Tiger’s eye is also a useful protective stone for those who’re afraid of “losing” their physical body while projecting, or fear something happening to them on the earthly plane.

Wear tiger’s eye jewelry, or keep it in a pouch or pocket, even when you aren’t attempting to project. The more you work with it and have it on you, the better your foundation will be.

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Astral traveling can be an immensely rewarding experience, but it takes time, energy, and practice. These crystals can help beginning and experienced travelers alike have an easier, safer, and more positive journey through the astral plane.

The more you work with them, the more attuned they become to your intentions, and the better your journeys will be.

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