Malachite: Magical Properties, Benefits & Uses

One look at malachite, and you’ll never forget it. There’s a reason why this gem served as the inspiration for one of 2016’s most iconic colors.

Even so, designers were just catching up with what crystal enthusiasts and magic practitioners have known for ages — malachite is a lush, vibrant, powerful gem that lends an incredible energy wherever it’s used.

About Malachite

Like most green minerals, malachite is high in copper. Specifically, it’s a copper carbonate hydroxide that forms chiefly in underground spaces, where liquids can allow its minerals to precipitate.

A green malachite stone isolated on a white background.

It sometimes forms stunning stalagmites, or even needle-like acicular crystals. Occasionally, it’s possible to find a botryoidal specimen that resembles opaque bubbles of brilliant green.

Ornamental malachite specimens frequently exhibit bands of bright green to nearly black. Others serve as one of the primary ores of copper.

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Malachite Healing Properties & Benefits

According to tradition, this stone has a very wide range of healing abilities. Emotionally, it’s associated with transitions.

For this reason, it’s said to be a helpful gem for uncovering what might be hampering one’s emotional or spiritual growth, or even uncovering illnesses with a psychosomatic origin.

This stone is also said to help anxiety and depression. It’s particularly helpful to those suffering from the aftermath of childhood abuse. For those who have trouble standing up for themselves, malachite can be a stone of courage.

Physically, this gem is used to help with electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution. It’s also employed to help with hormonal fluctuations, relieve menstrual symptoms, make labor easier, and heal problems with the uterus and ovaries.

It’s purported to help with the shaking associated with Parkinson’s disease and malaria. It’s sometimes used for disorders of the kidneys and bladder, hypertension, vertigo, epilepsy, pain, and problems with the bones and joints.

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Malachite Magical Properties

Malachite has a long history of use as a magical stone. It’s said to stimulate dreams, making it helpful for those attempting to have lucid or prophetic experiences. It’s also a protective stone that works by drawing away negative energies.

In the 17th century, Spanish parents would give their children malachite pendants to help them sleep and keep evil spirits at bay.

In Italy, the stone was a popular choice for amulets against the evil eye. If a piece of malachite jewelry breaks, it’s believed to have absorbed a spell intended for its wearer.

In addition to evil spirits, malachite is also used to protect against illness, difficulties while traveling, and lightning strikes.

A macro shot of a green Malachite crystal with magical and metaphysical properties.

Wearing a malachite pendant engraved with an image of the sun is said to provide protection from ill health and depression. It’s also purported to increase the magical power of the wearer.

Following the principles of color magic, this stone is also used for anything related to the color green — specifically, wealth, prosperity, and growth. It’s sometimes called “the salesman’s stone.”

Thanks to their striations, no two malachites look alike. Some have symbols resembling shields or coins, while others may even appear to have eyes. The stone’s appearance can hint as its particular magical aptitude.

Malachite is also associated with Anahata, the heart chakra. Those who work with chakras often wear this stone as a pendant, near the heart area, to unblock and balance this energy center.

Malachite History & Folklore

The name “malachite” comes from the Greek “molochites lithos,” meaning “mallow-green stone.”

Malachite has been the primary ore of copper for a very long time — approximately 3,800 years. The Great Orne Mines, in Britain, show evidence of malachite harvesting using tools made of bone and stone. Fortunately, it’s a very soft mineral!

Historically, it was also used as the basis for green pigments in paints and cosmetics.

To the ancient Egyptians, malachite was associated with death and the afterlife. Part of their belief system described a beautiful afterworld that was similar to their earthly life, but without pain, suffering, or sadness. This was called the Field of Malachite.

How to Cleanse Malachite

As a stone used to fight everything from smog to the evil eye, it’s understandable that malachite needs frequent cleansing — especially since it tends to break when it’s been exposed to too much negative energy!

Unfortunately, it’s as finicky as it is beautiful. Not only is it a soft stone, it tends to leach copper when soaked. If you want to cleanse your malachite, stick to one of the following methods instead.

Some methods for cleansing Malachite include:

  • Setting it in sunlight for a few minutes. Avoid leaving it for too long, since extreme temperatures can make it more prone to cracking.
  • Setting it in the light of the full moon.
  • Placing it at the base of a plant.
  • Using your personal energy.
  • Playing singing bowls, chimes, bells, or music to it.
  • Fumigating it with cleansing herbs or incense.

It’s best to avoid cleansing malachite using salt, burying it in soil, or putting it in a container with other stones. This can easily scratch it.

Malachite’s tendency to leach means that it’s also not suitable for making gem elixirs using a direct method. If you choose to use a malachite elixir, please ensure that it was created using a purely indirect method.

Getting Started With Malachite

Malachite might need a little extra TLC when it comes to cleansing and caring for it, but its properties make that completely worthwhile.

If you want to try bringing this stone into your practice, please be sure to purchase it from a reputable, ethical supplier. Malachite mines are usually underground or open-pit, which can contribute to biodiversity loss and acidic mine drainage.

Avoid purchasing specimens from sellers who can’t vouch for the sustainability of their suppliers. Even better, check estate sales and secondhand shops for used gem specimens and jewelry.

A beautiful green malachite crystal with magical and metaphysical properties on a dark background.

Once you have your stone, you’ll want to cleanse it. Even if it was handled ethically and sustainably by people with only the best of intentions, it’s likely to have picked up some negative energy on its journey to you.

Choose any of the methods listed above to help get your gem ready to work with.

When your malachite is ready for use, you can choose how you’d like to tap into its powers. If you aren’t sure, try meditating with the stone held in your left hand. You may find that you get a general sense of how it’d like to work with you.

If you choose to use your malachite as a protective stone, you can keep it in a pocket or wear it as jewelry. Placing it by your bedside at night will allow you to take advantage of its dream-promoting powers, and its ability to protect you while you sleep.

If you have children, placing it on a window sill or hanging it over the door can ward their room — just make sure that it can’t end up where curious kids can try to swallow it.

If you wish to tap into malachite’s money-drawing powers, carry it in your purse or wallet. Small business owners may wish to keep a piece in or near their cash register.

For travel protection, you may want to add the gem to a protective charm pouch. Keep it in your car’s glove compartment or center console during road trips, or carry it in your pocket or bag while you travel.

To heal with malachite, it’s best to wear it as close to the affected body part as possible. That might be a bracelet or ring for joint pain, a pendant for emotional healing, or a brooch pinned anywhere else that would benefit from its energy.

Malachite has been a precious, economically significant stone ever since humanity learned the secret of smelting copper.

Even without that, its captivating color, interesting shapes, and versatile healing and magical properties make it a very valuable stone to add to your collection.

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