A bunch of fire element crystals.

Crystals can be a wonderful way to connect with elemental energy. While all stones are tied to the Earth element by their very nature, some are also associated with Fire. Wearing, carrying, meditating with, or performing rituals with these stones can help bring the characteristics of the Fire element into your life and work.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for connecting to and working with the element of fire:

1. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an interesting Fire crystal. Its green color and association with blood give it a lot of ties to Earth, but it’s also used to increase vitality and purify the body — both fiery traits.

It also increases the circulation of energy throughout the physical and energetic bodies. In antiquity, it was purported to make warriors more courageous in the heat of battle.

Wear or carry it as a pocket stone to benefit from its cleansing fire. Meditate with it to help remove energy blocks.

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2. Carnelian

Carnelian is a stone of strength, vitality, and passion — all of the characteristics of the “inner fire” that drives the physical body. It can also have a balancing effect on an overabundance of Fire energy, which may manifest as anger or emotional outbursts.

It’s a wonderful stone to wear or carry for confidence, willpower, and physical energy. It’s also helpful to meditate with this while recovering from an injury or illness.

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3. Fire agate

Fire agate is a type of deep red agate with an iridescent flash that resembles flames. This crystal can help instill feelings of courage, focus, and inspiration, serving as a kind of guiding light on the user’s journey through life. It’s also a highly protective stone against negative energy.

Wear or carry it and envision its energy as a shield of flames surrounding the body. This is also considered a very helpful stone for all chakras below Anahata, the heart chakra. These typically deal with strength, willpower, and confidence — all fiery attributes.

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4. Fire opal

Unlike most opals, which show a pastel opalescence, fire opals have a bright, warm flash. It’s helpful for bringing unknown talents to light, especially spiritual abilities.

Interestingly, it’s said to strengthen whatever lies within the user — if used for good, it empowers the good in someone. If used for evil, it empowers their worst qualities. Wear, carry, or work with this stone with care!

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5. Lava stone

Lava stone represents one of the most powerful and destructive manifestations of Fire energy: volcanoes. It’s a stone for transformations, as it moves from free-flowing lava, to harden into a stone.

Lava rocks are also good for stirring the passions, helping the user to figure out what really sets their soul on fire, and instilling the drive to go after it.

Wear lava stone jewelry (it can double as an aromatherapy diffuser), or meditate with it placed just above the navel. This corresponds to the solar plexus chakra, the energy center that rules will and personal power.

6. Obsidian

Obsidian is similar to lava stone. Since it holds a very sharp edge that’s historically made it useful for everything from weaponry to surgical tools, it’s also strongly associated with protection.

It increases strength and personal power, and can help relieve fears related to survival. Use this crystal to open and heal the root chakra, or wear it as a personal protective amulet.

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7. Pumice

Pumice is a lava stone that’s particularly light in weight. It’s predominantly made of air bubbles, connected by thin films of cooled lava. This stone has similar properties to lava stone and obsidian. Because it’s fragile and easily crumbled, it’s best used as a meditation stone.

8. Red jasper

Red jasper, like most other Fire element crystals, is used for strength, courage, and vitality. It can help people suffering from bullying or abuse to stand up for themselves, and even sustains those who are in the process of healing from trauma.

This opaque reddish-brown stone is also wonderful for burning away creative blocks, and making warriors valiant in the face of danger. Keep it discreetly as a pocket stone for those times when you need extra courage or support.

If you’re a creative type, place a larger specimen near your workspace to keep artistic and writer’s blocks away.

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9. Ruby

Ruby exemplifies Fire energy, especially in love. This bright red precious stone is often used for fiery, passionate romance — not the kind of gentle love you get with rose quartz. It stokes the flames of the heart, and increases the user’s willpower and courage.

Gem-quality rubies are usually found in jewelry, rather than as loose stones. You can also find rough, lower-quality rubies that are just as effective at calling forth Fire elemental energy.

Some magical traditions use wands, and consider them Fire-aligned tools. It’s said that these wands benefit from the inclusion of rubies to help enhance their power.

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10. Sardonyx

Sardonyx combines the powers of chalcedony, carnelian, and onyx. Like other stones with strong ties to the element of Fire, it’s used for protection, courage, and strength. It’s also somewhat gentler than other Fire crystals — it helps the user to act with integrity, keeps the flames of love warm, and improves self-control.

Physically, it’s said to help increase strength and vitality. Orange and red varieties have the most Fire energy. Wear or carry it for protection and strength.

Place specimens in common areas of a home to keep lovers happy with each other. You can also carry this stone as a luck talisman.

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11. Sunstone

Sunstone is a solar crystal, but solar energy is an extension of the elemental power of Fire. It’s the all-consuming flame that provides strength and vitality for the entire planet.

Like many Fire crystals, sunstone is wonderful for confidence, courage, and assertiveness. It can be used to represent the sun on a planetary altar or in sortilege, or the element of Fire on an elemental altar.

It’s also a wonderful stone to wear or carry for creativity, confidence, optimism, and personal power. Sunstone connects to the solar plexus chakra, the seat of the will.

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Fire is a very dualistic element, perhaps more starkly so than other elements. It has the power to nurture, like the sun, a warming campfire, or the volcanic eruption that deposits the minerals that make a valley lush and fertile.

It also has the power to devastate and destroy. It’s associated with the physical body, metabolism, and personal power, as well as the free flow of vital energy through the subtle bodies.

Working with these crystals can help you connect to and learn from the element of Fire.

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