Best Crystals & Stones For Creativity

Even the most creative people suffer from a block now and then. You can be fully motivated to write, paint, compose, play, or make, but sometimes the ideas just refuse to come.

There are all kinds of exercises that creative people can do to help draw inspiration and stimulate creativity, but sometimes all you need is some crystal energy.

There are several stones that are ideally suited to helping to spur the creative process, break blocks, and keep the ideas flowing.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for creativity:

1. Ametrine

This blend of amethyst and citrine helps boost creativity across multiple spectrums. The amethyst portion puts the user in touch with their intuitive, meditative side, allowing them to channel ideas from the invisible realms.

The citrine portion boosts confidence and willpower, and helps to break creative blocks. Together, they’re a wonderful stone to meditate with for inspiration.

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2. Bumblebee jasper

This type of jasper is named for its distinctive yellow striped appearance. It’s said to be full of revitalizing energy, and can help the user take advantage of opportunities to indulge their creativity.

This is, in part, because of its color — yellow is tied to the solar plexus chakra, the seat of the will and confidence. Wear this stone near the upper abdominal area to open and stimulate this energy center.

3. Carnelian

This red-orange stone helps creativity by increasing energy and courage, as well as acting on the sacral chakra. This energy center is tied to the reproductive organs, but also the concept of creativity and pleasure.

It helps spark the imagination and creative passions, as well as allows the user to enjoy the creative process. Wear carnelian jewelry near the lower abdominal area, meditate with it, or keep it near your workspace.

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4. Citrine

While this yellow quartz is commonly used for its powers of manifestation and prosperity, it’s also a pretty powerful creativity booster. Its energizing, positive energy is very helpful for artists, writers, and anyone else putting their ideas out there.

Best of all, it can help increase self-confidence, which is great for silencing the inner voice that inhibits creativity. Keep a tower or generator near your workspace or in your studio, and hold a rough or tumbled citrine while meditating.

For best results, work with natural citrine that hasn’t been heat-treated.

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5. Fluorite

This intensely-colored crystal is used to enhance creative confidence. Nothing kills ideas more thoroughly than the fear of criticism, and fluorite can help the user overcome their worries and make the art they want to see in the world.

Blue fluorite is also connected to the throat chakra, which governs communication, while purple fluorite is tied to the crown chakra, which connects us to divine inspiration.

Fluorite is a fairly soft stone that makes beautiful jewelry, but may not be suitable for daily wear. Keep a sphere, generator, or tower in your studio, or meditate with a tumbled fluorite to enhance your ability to act on your creativity.

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6. Iolite

This deep purple stone is a talisman for divine inspiration. It’s said to act as a bridge between the physical and invisible realms, which can help the user channel ideas.

It’s associated with the crown chakra, which connects us to our spirituality. Wear iolite jewelry near the head, or meditate with it placed on the crown area.

7. Lapis lazuli

What do Cleopatra’s cosmetics, illuminated manuscripts, and ancient works of art have in common? They used lapis lazuli. This bright blue stone is mostly considered a “stone of truth,” but it has a long and intense artistic tradition attached to it.

It’s been used to make blue pigment for ages, and its color connects it to the throat chakra — the seat of communication. This means that it’s a wonderful stone to work with for creating art and communicating your ideas to the world.

Wear it near the throat area to open and stimulate this energy center.

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8. Orange calcite

Calcite is a very versatile stone, in part because it comes in a wide variety of colors. Orange calcite is particularly well-suited to stimulating creativity. Like other yellow and orange stones, it’s associated with success and positivity.

Orange calcite is said to increase feelings of optimism and motivation, and help open the user’s sacral chakra. This chakra rules creativity and sensuality. Meditate with this stone near the sacral or lower abdominal area.

9. Pyrite

This metallic sulfide mineral is sometimes called “fool’s gold,” but its very valuable in its own way. Pyrite is a powerful solar plexus chakra stone, which rules the will and personal power.

It’s a confidence-stimulating tool that can help artists, writers, and other creatives act on their ideas the way that they want.

Pyrite is tough to wear — skin oils and salts can cause it to lose its luster and discolor. Meditate with it placed over the solar plexus area instead.

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10. Rutilated quartz

Like ametrine, this crystal is two stones in one: clear quartz and rutile. Rutile can come in brown, red, gold, or black, and appears as fine hairs or needles running through the quartz.

It’s said to be an awesome crystal for breaking all kinds of blockages, including creative blocks. Pair it with creativity-stimulating and confidence boosting crystals to cut through blocks, stimulate the flow of ideas, and have the courage to bring them to life.

11. Sunstone

Sunstone is typically a translucent, mottled orange color, with shimmery flecks. Like the name implies, it’s a very solar stone with a bright, effervescent, sunny energy.

It’s commonly used to increase feelings of positivity and optimism. The orange color ties it to the sacral chakra, which is associated with creativity and pleasure.

It can help creatives not only experience a greater flow of ideas, but enjoy the creative process more. Wear it in jewelry near the lower abdomen (like a long pendant or belt buckle), or keep it in a pants pocket.

You can also meditate with this stone placed in the sacral area to open and stimulate your creative energy center.

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12. Tangerine quartz

Tangerine quartz is clear quartz with a coating or inclusions of orange iron oxide. Like the fruit for which it’s named, it has a very sweet, bright energy. This quartz also promotes optimism and the flow of ideas.

Like orange calcite, it’s tied to the sacral chakra and its powers of creativity and sensual enjoyment. Meditate with this crystal placed on the lower abdominal area, or keep large specimens in your studio or workspace.

Your creativity is how you make your mark in life. No matter what you choose to create — whether it’s clothing, food, art, music, words, or just ideas for making the world a better place — you can keep that energy flowing by working with the right crystals.

They’ll help you break through blocks, channel inspiration, and have the courage and motivation to share your creations.

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