Calming Crystals For Stress & Anxiety

Crystal healers use various gemstones to help the body cope with a variety of conditions. Unlike many other treatments, crystals are completely noninvasive, have very few side effects, and can be combined with any other form of therapy.

Mental health issues, especially stress and anxiety, are a popular target for this healing modality. The most popular crystals for stress and anxiety include:

1. Amethyst

A purple amethyst crystal used to treat stress and anxiety.

Amethyst is one of the most-recommended stones for anxiety, stress, and disturbed sleep. It’s also used to help with divination and spiritual matters.

This crystal can help put you in touch with your subconscious, making you more self-aware and able to overcome your anxieties. It’s excellent for promoting clarity and cutting through mental noise.

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2. Angelite

A blue angelite crystal isolated on white.

Angelite is a beautiful soothing blue color, with energy to match. If you feel alone, angelite can help remind you that you are constantly surrounded by loving, angelic beings.

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3. Aquamarine

A blue Aquamarine crystal on a white background.

As it’s name implies, aquamarine is a lovely water-attuned stone with a beautiful aqua blue color. Water has long been considered the “cleansing” element, as well as the element of the emotions.

This crystal helps promote peace by bringing unresolved pain to the surface, where it can heal, and cleansing the energy field.

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4. Black Tourmaline

A black tourmaline stone on a white background.

Black tourmaline is a fantastic grounding stone, meaning that it can help you “recalibrate” your energy.

This is particularly helpful for people who are very sensitive to the moods and energies of others — carrying or wearing black tourmaline makes it a lot easier to keep them from affecting you.

This stone is also frequently used to repel negative energy, dissipate stagnant energy, and protect against psychic attacks. You can even keep a large chunk in your home to keep the energy light and healthy.

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5. Blue Calcite

Blue calcite on a white background.

Blue calcite is a type of calcite with a lovely blue-gray hue. If you feel trapped by your anxiety and are frustrated by a difficulty in expressing yourself, carrying this stone can help.

It’s also very useful for releasing negative thought patterns, by helping you to open your mind and experience new perspectives.

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6. Blue Lace Agate

A blue lace agate crystal used to treat stress and anxiety.

Blue lace agate is said to help make it easier to express your feelings. If you find that your anxiety is triggered by having to talk to people, this stone can help.

It’s also found in shades of blue and white, two very calming colors. If you use it to facilitate communicating, wear it as a pendant — it works best when it’s kept near the area it’s intended to help.

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7. Chrysocolla

A Chrysocolla gemstone isolated on a white background.

Also called “phoenix stone,” chrysocolla is a beautiful blue-green gemstone. If your anxiety manifests as a racing heart beat, it’s one of the best crystals for calming down.

If you’re afraid of public speaking or performing, in particular, chrysocolla is especially helpful.

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8. Fluorite

A blue fluorite crystal isolated on a white background..

Lovely, multi-colored fluorite is most often found in calming shades of green, blue, and purple.

It evokes feelings of calmness and tranquility, and can help you see past your anxieties and focus on what’s most important.

Meditate with rough fluorite or a palm stone, or keep large pieces in your home.

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9. Jet

A polished jet gemstone used to treat stress and anxiety.

Not actually a crystal, jet is formed by petrified wood. Like black tourmaline, it works as a grounding stone.

Also like black tourmaline, it’s excellent for shielding you from negative energy, including other people’s moods and emotions.

Meditate with this stone to help release fear and tension.

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10. Lepidolite

A lepidolite gemstone isolated on white.

Lepidolite is a lovely purple to wine color, courtesy of lithium. Lithium is a very old medication for stabilizing moods in people with mood disorders.

Energetically, this crystal can help with balancing and bringing peace to your spirit.

If you feel anxiety, and the symptoms of your anxiety lead you to feel depressed, carrying, wearing, or meditating with lepidolite may be a helpful addition to your therapy. It’s also good for coping with chaotic situations.

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11. Moonstone

A polished blue moonstone on a white background.

Moonstone is named for its pearly, moonlike gleam, called “schiller.” It’s fully of lunar energy, and stands as a reminder that nothing stays the same — if you’re anxious about the way things are now, remember that this, too, shall pass.

This stone is also often used for soothing menstrual difficulties. Some people experienced heightened anxiety as estrogen levels drop immediately before menstruation. Moonstone can help lessen some of the blow of these hormonal shifts.

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12. Rose Quartz

A pink rose quartz crystal on a white background.

Rose quartz is known as the “stone of love,” but it’s good for more than just romantic love. For many people, part of their stress and anxiety lies rooted in a lack of self-compassion.

Meditating with or carrying rose quartz can help you experience self-love, and make it easier to give yourself the care and grace you need. Remember, self-healing comes from self-love.

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13. Selenite

A selenite crystal isolated on white.

Named for its moonlike luster, selenite has a light, peaceful energy that’s helpful for cutting through negative thought patterns.

It’s also a very cleansing stone, which means that it’s great for clearing away traces of negative energy — no matter whether they come from our own anxieties, or other people.

If you’re holding on to grudges, regrets, trauma, or grief, selenite can help heal these feelings.

Unlike other stones, selenite is best used as a meditation stone, rather than as jewelry. It’s a fairly soft stone that can dissolve in moisture, and its fibrous composition makes it difficult to work with.

Stick with carrying or meditating with selenite, or keep it in a pouch near your heart.

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14. Smoky Quartz

A smoky quartz crystal on a white background.

Like black tourmaline and jet, smoky quartz is an excellent grounding stone. It’s also good for instilling feelings of courage — warriors used to use it as a battle talisman for this reason.

If you’re stressed out about going into a situation that scares you, wear or carry smoky quartz close to the skin.

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15. Sodalite

Sometimes called the “stone of peace,” sodalite is often used by people who suffer from panic attacks. It’s said to combat feelings of loneliness or weakness, and impart feelings of security.

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Crystals are an excellent partner for other healing modalities. Their energies are very subtle and gentle, so they help complement — but not replace — psychiatric therapy.

If you feel that your current mental health strategies could use a boost, or you want to explore what crystal healing can do for you, these are some of the best stones available for adding to a stress or anxiety management program.

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