Crystals For Shyness & Opening Up

It’s not easy to overcome shyness. Some people are naturally less inclined to open up to others, and some have trauma in their past that makes it difficult.

Some crystals offer a gentle, healing energy that works by instilling courage, making it easier to speak up, or resolving the trauma that can make people withdraw. They’re ideal tools to either wear openly, or carry discreetly into difficult situations.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for shyness and opening up:

1. Calcite

Blue or orange calcites are particularly helpful here. Bright orange stones are purported to help release phobias and subconscious fears, which may help people who suffer from social anxiety or fear of public speaking.

They also help with acute fears, and is sometimes used for breakdowns. Blue calcite is calming, soothing, and associated with Visuddha, the throat chakra. This governs communication and the ability to speak up for oneself.

Carry either of these as a pocket stone, or meditate with one before socializing.

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2. Carnelian

A carnelian crystal.

Carnelian is typically used for vitality and strength, but this includes emotional strength and self-confidence. It’s a wonderful stone for instilling courage in the user, including those who have social anxiety, and guards against envy or resentment.

Artists sometimes use this stone to help with creative expression, but this attribute can help people who have trouble opening up and expressing themselves in an everyday context, too.

Wear it as jewelry, or carry it in a pocket during stressful encounters.

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3. Citrine

A citrine crystal.

Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz that’s typically associated with business success and prosperity. It’s also associated with solar energy, which governs optimism, creativity, and courage.

In the chakra system, this crystal is tied to the solar plexus chakra, Manipura — the center of the will, energy, and achievement. It’s a wonderful stone for instilling feelings of courage, optimism, and willpower in the user.

Wear it as jewelry, or carry it near the solar plexus area.

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4. Jasper

A red jasper stone.

Red and brown jaspers are very earthy stones, associated with strength, vitality, stability, and grounding. Red jasper, in particular, can help shy or socially anxious people feel calm and confident.

Yellow jasper is connected to the solar plexus chakra, and is associated with feelings of self-esteem. This can help shy people open up by instilling more courage and willpower in the user.

Wear any of these stones as jewelry, or carry them as pocket stones.

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5. Kunzite

A kunzite crystal.

Kunzite is a pink crystal, somewhat similar in appearance to rose quartz. It’s a stone of love, including love for the self. This can help people who have difficulty opening up due to feelings of inadequacy.

It’s also good at calming “mental chatter,” which can be immensely helpful for socially anxious people who catastrophize.

This stone’s also said to help shield the user’s aura from other people’s negativity. Wear it as jewelry (especially near the heart area) or carry it in a pocket or pouch.

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6. Malachite

A malachite stone.

Malachite is a green stone with a high copper content. It has a very calming energy that is purported to help attract friends and protect the user.

This crystal is also associated with Anahata, the heart chakra. This energy center is tied to love and emotional expression.

Wearing malachite near the heart may help the user open up emotionally to others, and calm feelings of anxiety in social situations.

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7. Prehnite

A prehnite crystal.

Prehnite is a yellow green crystal. It helps to calm worries, release emotional baggage, and instills feelings of peace. This stone is also associated with both the heart and solar plexus chakras.

The heart chakra governs love — including self-love and compassion — while the solar plexus chakra governs willpower and confidence.

When worn near one of these areas, prehnite helps the user let go of fear, experience better self-love, and raise their self-esteem.

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8. Pyrite

A pyrite stone.

Pyrite is another solar stone, though its composition is very different from citrine. This metallic mineral is more grounding and protective, and excellent for guarding the user against other peoples’ negative energy.

It’s also associated with the solar plexus chakra, the seat of confidence and will. Pyrite tends to oxidize when touched, so it’s best used as a pocket stone or meditation tool.

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9. Rhodonite

A rhodonite crystal.

Rhodonite is usually used as a love stone, but it can help with shyness by acting as a nurturing presence. It’s also purported to be good at helping the user overcome trauma, particularly childhood abuse.

This stone is associated with the heart chakra, Anahata. This chakra governs giving and receiving love, and exhibiting healthy emotional expression.

Wearing or carry rhodonite near the heart area can help those whose past experiences make it hard to open up to others.

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10. Rose quartz

A rose quartz crystal.

Like rhodonite, rose quartz is a stone of love — from platonic love, to romance. It helps open the heart to self-compassion, and instills emotional strength.

It’s also strongly tied to the heart chakra. Wearing or carrying this stone near the heart area can facilitate healthy emotional expression and overcome social anxiety.

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11. Sunstone

A sunstone stone.

Sunstone is a crystal for all things solar and fiery — including optimism, positivity, protection, and courage. This is helpful for people who are shy because they lack faith in themselves, or tend to spend a lot of mental energy imagining worst case scenarios.

It also helps instill bravery. Wear it as jewelry, carry it as a pocket stone, or meditate with it before going into an intimidating situation.

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12. Honorable Mention: Gold

While gold isn’t a crystal, it does come from the Earth. Gold ions also give some crystals their color, like many aura quartzes. It’s also a good choice for jewelry, from a simple gold chain to a statement necklace that combines the energy of multiple crystals.

Gold is associated with solar energy, including courage and optimism. It’s very energizing, so it’s good for people who lack the stamina to push through challenging social situations. If you can’t wear gold jewelry, carry a raw nugget in a pocket or pouch to benefit from its energy.

There’s nothing wrong with being shy, unless it gets in the way of your interpersonal relationships.

If you have trouble opening up to others, whether that’s due to trouble expressing your emotions, fear, or difficulty talking to people, one or more of these stones may be able to help.

Their supportive energies can boost confidence, facilitate expression, help overcome social anxiety, and provide the emotional stamina needed to get through challenging interactions.

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