Virgo Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Careers & More

Virgo is often called the fussy organizer of the zodiac. Hypercompetent, perfectionistic, and at times neurotic, this sign has a reputation for high standards and intense focus.

Despite this cool, calculating exterior, people born under this sign also have deep passions and immense creativity.

About Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. It spans from August 23rd to September 22nd in the tropical zodiac, and October 31st to November 22nd in the sidereal system.

The word “Virgo” translates to “maiden” in Latin. In other languages, Virgo is translated to “virgin.” This is one of the constellations whose mythology goes much further back than the Greek zodiac.

As early as the 10th century BCE, Virgo was part of two different constellations recorded in Babylonian works. One constellation was called “The Furrow.” It represented the Babylonian goddess Shala and an ear of grain. (Spica, one of the stars in Virgo, translates to “ear of corn.”) The other part of Virgo was the “Frond of Erua,” which was depicted as a goddess holding a palm frond.

After that, Virgo became associated with multiple different mythological figures. These included Demeter and Ceres, the Greek and Roman goddesses of agriculture, Astraea, and Persephone.

This constellation was also said to be Parthenos, the daughter of Chrysothemis and Apollo or Staphylus, who died a virgin and was placed in the stars in remembrance. Some sources also named Dike, a daughter of Zeus, as the source of Virgo.

Interestingly, this sign’s representation was almost a donkey. Virgos do tend to be stubborn (though not nearly as much as Taureans), so this is definitely fitting.

Virgo Personality Traits & Characteristics

As a rule, Virgos are perfectionists with a keen eye for detail. They seem to require cleanliness and orderliness more than other signs, and tend to be very good at organizing everything from junk drawers to governments.

This sign does have some deep passions, though they tend to keep this part of themselves private. Virgos generally try to maintain a calm exterior, which can often lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. They tend to be better at managing things outside of themselves than they do their own feelings.

Virgo Male Traits

Virgo men are very intelligent and organized. This sign is ruled by Mercury, so they make brilliant conversationalists and very quick thinkers. Unfortunately, they also tend to over-think things, especially self-criticism. Virgo men are generally very hard on themselves, and may need a lot of reassurance from their partner.

Men born under this sign tend to come off as aloof at first. Written communication may come more easily to them, so it’s not at all uncommon to have a Virgo partner who writes steamy, passionate, evocative texts or letters, only to find that he’s not quite so forthcoming in person.

When it comes to physical relationships, the Virgo man’s cool exterior is often a cover for a passionate appetite (and possibly even a few kinks). Any Virgo’s partner should consider themselves lucky here — this sign’s perfectionistic mindset extends to pleasing their partner. They will constantly seek to outdo themselves as lovers, and make sure that you are the only person who ever gets to see that side of them.

Virgo Female Traits

Virgo women are intellectual and attractive. They’re organized, frugal, and fantastic at managing everything from corporations to households.

Since Virgo women rarely trust other people to manage things for them, they may have their fingers in many pies — trust a Virgo to manage her main business, several side-hustles, her home, and volunteer efforts at the same time, and do it flawlessly. She won’t brag about it, either. This sign tends to be humble about their achievements and ambitions.

When it comes to love, she’s pretty similar to the Virgo man. She may be more communicative in writing, since it’s easier for her to express her true feelings and desires when it isn’t face-to-face. Physically, this sign has a high libido that she keeps expertly hidden. If there’s a sign you could describe as a “lady in the streets, and a freak in the sheets,” it’s this one.

Compatibility – Love & Relationships

Virgo is a lover for a very specific kind of person. Not everyone can get down with this sign’s calm, respectable exterior and intense secret passions, or their tendency to want to micro-manage everything. Luckily for both Virgos and their partners, there are several signs that are very compatible.

Two Virgos can get along, albeit with a few caveats. They’ll understand each other’s tendencies better than anyone else, and will have a deep appreciation for each other’s passions.

Of course, Virgo also has a very hard time relinquishing control to anyone else. As a result, these two partners are likely to butt heads. If they can figure out how to trust each other to do things, they’ll have a wonderful, passionate, productive relationship.

Taurus is possibly the best partner for Virgo. Taurus likes routines, and Virgo likes organizing them. Taurus is a loving, attentive partner, and Virgo will repay them with abundant passion.

While Taurus focuses on working hard, protecting, and providing, Virgo will do all of the behind-the-scenes masterminding that makes everything come together. Taurus is also great at helping tightly-wound Virgo relax and have fun. The only points of conflict here are likely to be Taurus’ stubbornness and Virgo’s tendency to criticize.

Scorpio is another good choice of partner. This is likely to be a very emotionally deep and intense relationship. Scorpio has ambitions, and Virgo knows how to get there, so there’s little they can’t accomplish together. Scorpio’s moodiness and Virgo’s placid exterior can be the source of misunderstandings now and then.

Aries is a surprising match for Virgo, but this relationship usually works very well. Like Scorpio, Aries is ambitious. Virgo can help Aries curb some of their impulsiveness and turn their dreams into reality. Aries can help Virgo loosen up. This is a case where, as long as both partners are committed to understanding each other, their opposing characteristics can become their strengths.

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Careers, Business & Money

There are honestly few careers that Virgos won’t do well at. Part of this is their talent for organization, but part of it is also just brute-force determination.

Their attention to detail and desire for perfection naturally lends well to careers in the sciences. When it comes to lab work, their sanitization and sample collection will be on point.

If they have to organize files or samples, nothing will ever get misplaced. This sign is also very good in positions that help others get organized, including as personal assistants, financial planners, or even dieticians.

Virgos also excel at the arts. They make very good artists, largely due to their attention to detail and drive to keep improving their skills.

When it comes to money, Virgos are generally very good at investing. They don’t spend frivolously, and thoroughly research their investments. They’re likely to view money as a resource, rather than something to accumulate for its own sake.

Challenges & Obstacles

Virgos’ biggest problem is not knowing how to get out of their own way. This sign commonly suffers from digestive complaints and other health problems caused almost entirely by stress. Since they have such trouble opening up and trusting others to handle things, they tend to take everything on themselves without a break. As a result, they often suffer from deep anxiety.

Virgos’ tendency to criticize means that they also view this anxiety as a personal failing instead of a consequence of their stressful lifestyles. They often think they should be able to manage issues like this on their own, rather than reaching out for help.

This sign is also very picky. They have definite preferences, and have a very hard time operating outside of these parameters. Since they’re self-aware about this, they often assume it’s just easier if they do everything themselves. They also don’t take well to criticism.

Virgos are one of the signs that keeps the world running. They’re generally humble and unassuming, but, behind that facade, there’s an agile mind, expansive intellect, and deep passions.

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