Best Herbs & Essential Oils For Scorpio

Scorpios are determined, ambitious, and sensitive. Like scorpions, they tend to keep thick armor around their hearts and minds, and can have a vicious sting if provoked. This sign is ruled by mysterious Pluto and aggressive Mars, connected to death and the underworld, and associated with the practices of necromancy and divination.

Scorpios often seek power and are forceful enough to get it. On the other hand, they’re also known for being moody, broody, and controlling. Herbs and oils can help this sign balance their emotions and enhance their positive traits, enabling them to succeed at the lofty goals they set for themselves.

Here are some of the best herbs and essential oils for Scorpio:

1. Blessed thistle

Cnicus benedictus is an herbal remedy sometimes used to relieve headaches and pain due to tension. Mars, one of Scorpio’s ruling planets, rules the head and muscles, so this herb may be helpful when unbalanced Scorpio energy causes problems in these areas.

Blessed thistle is also said to help release old emotions, which can be very helpful for Scorpios — they tend to hold grudges and have trouble letting go of resentment. This herb is primarily used in supplement form.

2. Cedar

Trees of the genus Cedrus produce an aromatic oil that’s woody, resinous, and balsamic. Magically, it’s said to remove negative feelings and transmute them to positive energy — something that brooding Scorpio could use now and then. The dried needles are often burned as incense to clear stagnant or negative energy.

In aromatherapy, it’s used to strengthen and fortify the body, as well as calm the mind. Its cleansing and uplifting properties can be a very powerful helper for Scorpios who perform magical workings.

Keep some wood chips or dried needles handy for potpourri, sachets, or incense, or use the essential oil for aromatherapy purposes.

3. Dill

Anethum graveolens is a feathery, fragrant herb often used in savory dishes. In aromatherapy, the essential oil is used for both headaches and menstrual pain — two things governed by Scorpio’s ruling planets.

Emotionally, it’s considered calming. In folklore, the scent is said to stimulate feelings of lust.

Use the fresh or dried herb in food, or work with the essential oil in anointing blends or during meditation.

4. Gardenia

Several Gardenia species are popular for their strongly fragranced white flowers. The scent is floral and slightly musky, and is used in aromatherapy to relax, de-stress, and even act as an aphrodisiac.

In magic, the flowers symbolize love, devotion, purity, and spirituality. Scorpios can use the essential oil in massage or anointing blends, or even compresses to help relieve tension and stimulate sexual energy.

5. Ginseng

Plants in the Panax genus are often used as supplements. They’re said to be adaptogens, or herbs that adapt to meet the body’s needs. Ginseng is most commonly taken for fatigue and stress.

Scorpios tend to burn their candles at both ends, and often burn themselves out in the pursuit of their passions. Using ginseng as a supplement may help them combat the tension and exhaustion they experience as a result.

6. Jasmine

The genus Jasminum comprises about 200 species, many of which are grown for their richly fragrant flowers. The scent of jasmine is similar to gardenia. Also like gardenia, jasmine is said to be a relaxant and aphrodisiac.

Pluto, one of Scorpio’s ruling planets, also rules the reproductive organs. Jasmine can help calm this sign’s dark moods, and its arousing properties resonate with Scorpio energy.

Grow the plants for their fresh fragrance, work with the oil, or drink jasmine tea to experience its benefits.

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7. Patchouli

Pogostemon cablin is a fragrance that people either adore or despise. It has a very earthy scent that calls to mind Scorpio’s connection to death and the underworld, but also a sensual muskiness that resonates with this sign’s sexual energy.

In aromatherapy, patchouli is calming, grounding, stabilizing, and enhances creativity. In magic, it’s often used for money or lust spells. It can be a great oil or herb for helping Scorpio unwind, enhance their emotional stability, and connect to their sexuality.

Use the oil in anointing or massage blends or use the dried leaves in potpourri or sachets.

8. Raspberry

These familiar red berries come from several species in the genus Rubus. Interestingly, the berries aren’t the part of the plant that’s helpful for Scorpio — it’s the leaves.

Raspberry leaf is used to help the uterus, including during labor. This ties in to Scorpio’s Plutonian properties, since this planet rules the reproductive organs.

Magically, this herb is used to ensure fidelity and happy marriages. Work with the dried leaf to make infusions or herbal amulets.

9. Saffron

Saffron is a precious spice that’s made from the stigmas and styles of Crocus sativus. In aromatherapy, the oil is used to help people who’re feeling low energy to get their passion and zest back.

Magically, saffron is used to enhance psychic abilities, attract recognition and wealth, and as an aphrodisiac. All of these qualities align very closely with Scorpio’s interests.

Work with the spice in food or infusions, or use the essential oil for breathing blends.

10. Vanilla

Vanilla comes from the seed pods of a kind of orchid, usually Vanilla planifolia. The flavoring often finds its way into sweet, comforting foods, and the fragrance evokes feelings of warmth and sensuality.

In aromatherapy, it’s often used to combat stress. (The scent also blends well with jasmine or other floral essential oils for this purpose.) Magically, it’s used for love and lust.

Use the seeds, paste, or genuine vanilla extract in beverages or desserts, or use the essential oil in aromatherapy applications. Be cautious with vanilla extracts that contain tonka bean — this ingredient can be toxic in large doses.

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Scorpios frequently stuffer from the effects of keeping their feelings hidden. Like other Water signs, they’re sensitive. Unfortunately, they tend to keep their feelings well-hidden until they become resentful.

These herbs can help Scorpios relax, reconnect with their sensuality, and combat some of the physical problems to which this sign is prone. Before trying any of the above herbs in supplement form, consult your physician to make sure that they’re appropriate for you.

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