Virgo Love, Marriage & Relationship Compatibility Guide

Dating a Virgo is often likened to enjoying caviar or truffles — a delicacy not savored by everyone. This sign is very exacting and perfectionistic, and even picky at times.

Fortunately for their partners, they’re also very passionate and caring lovers.

Here are the most and least compatible matches for Virgo:

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

Two Virgos could get along well, save for one problem: They’ll probably both want things done exactly their way, and will have trouble trusting their partner to do them to their standards. Together, they can understand each other very well. They’ll also be great at supporting each other’s goals.

The biggest issues are their stubbornness and perfectionism. Virgo is notorious for taking on more than they can handle because of a reluctance to delegate. When you have two Virgos together, there may be frequent conflicts about how daily tasks should be performed.

If both partners can loosen up and learn to trust each other (or at least just let the small things go), a Virgo and Virgo pairing can go very well.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Virgo and Aries is one of those pairings that you might not expect to work out well, but very often does. Chalk it up to Aries hardheadedness and Virgo’s stubborn nature — tell them they can’t do something, and they’ll immediately go about proving you wrong!

In this relationship, both signs’ opposite characteristics complement each other. Aries is impulsive and ambitious, Virgo is good at planning and finishing things. Virgo tends to be a bit anxious and restrained, while Aries flies by the seat of their pants. Virgo is also very good at managing the details that Aries may overlook.

Some friction may come from their very different emotional styles. As a Fire sign, Aries is, well, fiery. Virgo is much more subdued. Fortunately, Virgo’s secret passionate nature pairs extraordinarily well with Aries physical love style.

Taking their traits at face value, Virgo and Aries couldn’t seem further apart. In reality, as long as both partners are invested in communicating with and understanding each other, this relationship can work out very well.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

Virgo and Taurus get along very well. Taurus is reliable and enjoys routines and stability, and Virgo is nothing if not organized and methodical. Taurus also enjoys pleasing their partner, and Virgo has a perfectionistic drive to do the same (as well as a secretive, passionate streak). Their life together is likely to be very comfortable, stable, loving, and sensual.

Of course, both Virgo and Taurus tend to be stubborn. Problems can arise when Taurus wants things done their way, and Virgo disagrees. Virgo may also be critical of their partner, which Taurus won’t take well.

All told, this is a relationship that can work out beautifully. Even with their resistant attitudes, Virgo and Taurus tend to mesh very well with each other.

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo have very different approaches to life. Virgo is methodical and enjoys a bit of predictability in their life, while Gemini can seem to change like the weather. That aside, Gemini can teach Virgo to loosen up, while Virgo can help Gemini learn to delve deeper into the people and things that interest them.

Most of the issues in this relationship will stem from Virgo’s practicality and Gemini’s lack of restraint. Gemini tends to innately resist the things that Virgo needs to thrive, and vice versa. This sign may also end up feeling attacked by Virgo’s (helpful, but not always wanted) criticism.

This is a partnership in which both partners can benefit, if they let themselves. While it might not have a lot of longevity, a Virgo-Gemini pairing allows both signs to learn a lot in the time they have together.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo understand each other almost as well as two Virgos do. Both of these signs tend to be anxious, so they will benefit from each other’s empathy. They’re also very goal-oriented, so they can do great things together when they support each other.

Trouble may arise when Virgo’s criticism meets Cancer’s easily-hurt feelings. Virgo tends to see this as helping, and it’s often part of how they show love to their partners.

This relationship can have a lot of staying power if Cancer and Virgo are willing to be compassionate with each other. As long as Virgo understands Cancer’s sensitive nature, and Cancer doesn’t interpret Virgo’s analyses as personal attacks, then both partners can thrive.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo generally have very little in common. Leo is attention-getting, where Virgo tends to be reserved. Virgo also usually has very little time for Leo’s flair for the dramatic. Leo also won’t take very well to Virgo’s tendency to criticize.

While both of these signs are wonderful in their own right, they usually don’t mix very well. They differ widely in virtually every aspect of their existence. Fortunately, this means that they probably won’t pair up in the first place. While they might have a fling or a few dates, Virgo and Leo aren’t very likely to commit to each other to the point where these personality clashes really matter.

A Virgo-Leo pairing can work, depending on both sign’s other astrological placements. Still, even if it doesn’t go the distance, this is a relationship that both signs can learn from. Leo can teach Virgo about spontaneity and enjoyment, and Virgo can teach Leo how to be patient and methodical.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Libra and Virgo can have a good relationship, but there are likely to be a lot of bumps along the way. Both of them enjoy beauty, culture, and interesting objects, and their personalities fit together in a way that helps them correct for each other’s shortcomings. Libra is diplomatic where Virgo is critical, and Virgo’s talent for organization will likely appeal to Libra.

Issues will come when Virgo has to deal with Libra’s indecisiveness. Libra has to weigh every option to make the best, most informed decision they can. Virgo is better at analyzing the information they’re presented, then forming a strong opinion based on pragmatic concerns. As a result, Virgo tends to be much more decisive than their partner here, while Libra is far less stubborn.

This relationship can pan out well if both partners are willing to acknowledge their flaws. If Virgo can appreciate Libra’s tact, and Libra can appreciate Virgo’s decisiveness, then they can go far together.

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio generally make a good pair, with a few caveats. Scorpios have goals, and Virgo knows how to get them what they want. Virgo can learn from Scorpio’s unapologetic nature, and Scorpio can learn from Virgo’s ability to plan and work toward long-term goals.

Problems will almost inevitably arise when broody Scorpio butts up against cool, collected Virgo. Virgos aren’t the most emotionally demonstrative of the signs, which Scorpio might have trouble not taking personally. Fortunately, both of these signs are extremely passionate — any arguments they do have are likely to result in very enjoyable making up later.

If Virgo can overcome their stubborn nature and Scorpio is willing to meet them halfway, this can be a very dynamic, powerful pairing.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Virgo and Sagittarius aren’t very compatible overall. Their positioning in the zodiac tends to lead to problems, though it can also indicate a powerful physical chemistry. Unfortunately for this pairing, that’s likely to be the only area where they get along. They can have some very passionate flings, but struggle with the day-to-day aspects of maintaining a relationship.

Sagittarius tends to be energetic and eager to get things done, where Virgo is more precise, cautious, and practical. As a result, Sagittarius may find Virgo dull and tedious, while Virgo finds Sagittarius anxiety-inducing.

This relationship can be very physically intense. If it’s to develop into something more, it will likely be due to other placements in each partner’s chart. Based purely on Virgo and Sagittarius as sun signs, there isn’t much compatibility there.

Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

Virgo and Capricorn pair beautifully together. They’re both pragmatic and hardworking, have a similar outlook on life, and reserved emotional attitudes. Where they differ, they differ in ways that complement each other.

Capricorn tends to neglect certain details in pursuit of their goals, where Virgo is more meticulous. Virgo can sometimes lose their focus, which Capricorn can help with.

Like Taurus, there isn’t likely to be a lot of friction here. Capricorn may find Virgo’s perfectionism a bit exhausting, and Virgo may be baffled by Capricorn’s willingness to let certain things slide, but they’ll get along very well overall.

This pair is likely to thrive in each other’s company. Best of all, they’ll know how to help each other unwind — two things that these hardworking signs really need.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Virgo might seem pretty compatible at first blush. Both of them enjoy intellectual pursuits, and may have a lot to learn from each other. Unfortunately, what should be a basis for compatibility more often turns out to be a bone of contention here.

Virgo is organized and analytical. Aquarius is a freewheeler who refuses to think inside of the box. Virgo tends to be more conventional, where Aquarius is anything but. These signs are likely to have a deep respect for each other, but, as with Leo, a romantic relationship is unlikely to happen.

These signs may date each other once or twice, but aren’t likely to commit to each other. There’s likely to be a lack of chemistry, though they will probably choose to stay friends once the relationship is through. If they do commit and stay together, it’s likely due to the influence of other astrological placements in their charts.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Virgo represent a duality in the zodiac. They are opposite each other, and opposites often attract. Fortunately, they’re similar in the ways that really matter, and their opposite traits complement each other.

Both of these signs will strive for harmony in their relationship — Pisces focused on emotional wellbeing and support, while Virgo handles the practical matters. Pisces is more spiritual, while Virgo is more pragmatic. Pisces is a dreamer, and Virgo is a doer.

Differences will arise when it comes to the trajectory of their lives. Virgo is likely to have very different ambitions from Pisces, and this can make it hard for these signs to understand each other.

A Virgo-Pisces pairing can be very good for both partners. Pisces understands Virgo’s emotional depths, and Virgo can protect Pisces’ sensitive nature. As long as they can come to an agreement about their future together, this relationship can go well.

Virgo is passionate, practical, ambitious, and methodical. They’re also reserved, stoic, and often picky. It takes the right combination of astrological placements to understand and sympathize with this sign, but, with the right partner, a relationship with a Virgo can be a very powerful thing.

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