Numerology Life Path Number 8: Careers, Compatibility & More

There are things outside of your control that can tell you a lot about yourself. Take your birthday, for example. On one hand, it can give you your sun sign — indicating your ego, essential self, and the things you consider most important in life.

On the other, with a little bit of math, it can yield your life path number.

If you take your birth day, month, and year, and add the individual numbers up together, you’ll most likely get a double digit result. Unless that result is 11, 22, or 33, add those two numbers together. If the sum is 8, you’re blessed with a life path number of 8.

About Life Path Number 8

The number 8 is a number of business acumen, prosperity, drive, and, above all, balance. This isn’t a person who steps on others to achieve their goals, yet they still manage to achieve all they set out to do.

They have a deep, intuitive sense of how the business world works, from managing others to turning an enterprise into a success.

People with this life path number are naturally influential. They can be very charismatic, drawing others in with the power of their vision.

Unfortunately, these other people generally aren’t able to see the paths that 8 can see. Luckily, people with life path number 8 are excellent guides.

This life path number has a natural drive to achieve, coupled with a determination to succeed that keeps them going even when the chips are down.

Best of all, they’re all about the give and take — the number 8 is naturally balanced, so they aren’t exploitative in their journey to success.

Life path number 8 flowers and plants theme.

Number 8s tend to understand that there’s no such thing as a truly self-made person, and every individual’s success comes from the work of many. This makes them give back generously to all of the people who had a hand in getting them to where they are.

Unfortunately, that balance doesn’t necessarily extend to all aspects of an 8s personality. They tend to prize symbols of wealth and material goods — expect to see lots of designer logos in their closets — as a way to revel in their success.

At a certain point, it’s easy to view business as a game and money as simply a way to keep score. This can make them lose sight of the actual value of money, and appear to be wrapped up in appearances and materialism.

The number 8 can also become the kind of person who believes that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

While they’re rarely exploitative people, their success and intuition can lead them to be dismissive of other people’s perspectives and experience. They don’t have much respect for the way things are done, often believing that they know better.

In this way, success is both a blessing and a curse. The number 8 is great at manifesting wealth and working toward a goal, but the levels of success that 8 is capable of can make them insufferable to be around.

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Life Path Number 8 – Career Path, Business & Money

People with the life path number 8 are natural managers. There’s really no limit to the fields that they can apply themselves to. They have a natural knack for business in a general sense, and the drive and ability to make any enterprise take off.

They also tend to just kind of attract money. They’ll draw in investors and supporters, though they might want someone else to handle public relations.

That doesn’t mean that 8s coast through life, however — one of their blessings is drive and determination. They have the natural inclination to make a high level of success possible, not necessarily easy.

This life path number is most likely to seek out and find fulfillment in a lucrative career with lots of opportunities for advancement. Money is important to them. This sign thrives as a CEO, banker, lawyer, influencer, or content creator.

Life Path Number 8 Compatibility – Love, Marriage & Relationships

While the number 8 is about balance and give and take, some of their negative traits can really get in the way of a healthy relationship.

Their workaholism and tendency to let success and monetary wealth go to their head can cause them to lose sight of what’s really important. They might even become dismissive of their partner’s needs and feelings in the belief that they know better.

Most 8s will approach their relationships just like their work, and put in effort to make things last.

However, they can tend to do things without their partner’s input, which can make the relationship feel like 8 is doing all of the driving and their partner is just an accessory to their life.

Life path number 8 love and relationship theme.

In relationships, life path number 8s tend to be most compatible with people with the life path number 4.

This is a number of loyalty, constancy, and dedication. They’re hard workers with a strong sense of right and wrong, and an ability to help keep 8 grounded in reality.

They’re not likely to cut bait when 8 starts to let success go to their head — instead, they’re able to help bring 8 back down to earth. The number 4 also isn’t naturally very romantic.

Another compatible number is 6. This is the number of the heart, and these people tend to be naturally romantic, loving, and nurturing partners.

Unfortunately, many relationships with a life path number 6 can become unbalanced — they tend to sacrifice their time and energy for their partner, leaving none for themselves. This can match 8s desire to be the dominant decision making force in the relationship.

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Thriving as a Life Path Number 8

It’s easy for 8s to live a good life, depending on your metrics for determining what a good life is. At the very least, they will most likely be well-respected and financially comfortable.

There are a few things that the average 8 must understand in order to really thrive:

  • Live below your means. You’re likely to have several ups and downs in life, and, while it’s fun to spend money on the things you want, you need a solid nest egg to carry you through.
  • Respect other people’s ideas. Your intuition is strong, but not infallible. Other people may have different perspectives or more experience, and you’d be foolish to dismiss them out of hand because you feel that you know better. Never forget that you were once at the bottom of the ladder, too.
  • Remember that power corrupts. You’re likely to be very successful in life, and take this success as a sign of natural superiority. Never forget just how much luck went into getting you where you are.

People with this life path number start out as naturally kind, jovial, and generous, but success can make even the softest heart grow hard. Their ability to attract wealth can also attract people with bad intentions, so 8s may end up guarded and mistrustful.

As with any life path number, there are significant positives and negatives to an 8s personality and life experience. This life path number is one of wealth and comfort.

People with the number 8 want to enjoy a financially secure existence with lots of “fun money,” and they have the skills to achieve that.

As long as 8 is able to remember the value of money, keep their success from going to their head, and stop themselves from trying to be in control all of the time, they can happily thrive.

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