Common Angel Numbers & Their Meanings

Do the same numbers seem to follow you everywhere you go? These could be numbers that’ve been with you your whole life, or ones that only seem to pop up lately.

If they repeatedly appear over the course of a day or two, or show up alongside bright lights, sweet smells, or mysterious music, these might not be simple coincidences.

Your guardian angels, ancestors, and spirit guides might be using them to try to send you a message.

What are Angel Numbers?

“Angel numbers” is the name given to strings of (usually repeating) digits, which appear over and over again. It’s believed that these numbers are encoded messages from the spirit world.

Since each single-digit number has numerological significance, you can use the principles of numerology to decode angel numbers and discover exactly what they’re trying to say.

This is usually done in a few ways. First, you might look at the single digits that make up the number. For 1111, for example, that’s the number 1. Next, you might look for the appearance of Master Numbers, or double digit numbers that have special meanings.

The angel number 1111 contains the Master Number 11. Last, you reduce the angel number to its single digit base form by adding all of the digits together.

For 1111, that’s 4. When you have all of this information, you can learn the numerological meanings behind each of these numbers, and put them together to tell a story that offers helpful advice, warnings, or moral support.

Angel Number 111

The number 111 contains a stronger form of the energy of 1 — independence, new beginnings, and individuality.

When reduced to its base number, it’s 3, which represents creativity. This angel number also contains the Master Number 11, which indicates wisdom, empathy, and success.

In a spiritual context, this angel number may warn you of a new stage of your soul’s growth and development. It may be very difficult, and a lot will be expected of you, but it’ll be worth it. Be prepared to align with your highest good!

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Angel Number 123

Angel number 123 doesn’t contain repeating numbers, but it’s still distinctive enough to “stick out” when it appears to you.

Its three digits represent new beginnings, independence, harmony, collaboration, and creativity. It’s the path to your highest good and full potential, broken down as easy as “1, 2, 3!”

Spiritually, it’s your guides and guardians reminding you that they are always around you at every step of the way.

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Angel Number 222

The number 2 is all about balance, cooperation, and a harmonious flow between people. When it’s repeated three times, that energy is amplified. Reduced to its base number, it becomes 6.

This is the number of the heart, compassion, and boundless empathy. This number is a reminder to live from your heart and cultivate a balanced, peaceful life.

In a spiritual sense, this number shows you the light and love you have to offer the world. You are progressing on your spiritual journey. This number also contains the Master Number 22, which represents a balance of the physical and spiritual planes.

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Angel Number 333

The number 3 holds the energy of creativity and self-expression. It may appear to you when it’s time for you to use your artistic talents to improve your life and grow as a person.

The base number of 333 is 9, which is the number of humanitarianism and empathy. It also contains the Master Number 33, which radiates pure love.

Spiritually, 333 means that it’s time to use your innate talents to make the world a better place.

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Angel Number 444

In some Asian cultures, the number 4 is considered unlucky. In numerology, however, it represents stability. The number 4 is often regarded as not very exciting, since reliability and loyalty seldom are.

Reduced to its base number, 444 becomes 3, which represents a hidden creativity and talent. This number tells you to continue on your path — even when you might struggle, the potential for tremendous creative growth is there.

In a spiritual context, it represents the guidance and protection of the spirits around you, and the energy of putting in the work to heal your inner wounds.

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Angel Number 555

In both numerology and the tarot, 5s are turning points. The number 555, therefore, is indicative of a major shift or transformation of some sort.

Spiritually, it represents a stage of rapid growth. This is going to be a very adventurous — if chaotic — time for you.

The base number of 555, 6, is a reminder to follow your heart, and remember that you are always surrounded by the love of your guardian angels.

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Angel Number 666

The number 666 has scary connotations in some cultures, but is really anything but. As an angel number, 666 is the amplified energy of 6 — the number of love, compassion, and the heart.

Reduced to its base number, it becomes 9, which represents a humanitarian spirit. It’s a reminder to pay your good fortune forward for the benefit of those who haven’t been as fortunate as you.

In a spiritual sense, it may indicate a major emotional shift, and the need to balance self-love with compassion for others.

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Angel Number 777

The number 7 is an interesting one. In angel number 777, it represents a logical, analytical curiosity about the way the universe works.

It’s the number of the mystic and the scientist, and it often appears when you’re about to make a discovery or undergo some personal spiritual learning.

Its base number is 3, which represents optimism and creativity.

Spiritually, 777 is a sign that you are progressing in alignment with your highest good. Relax, and release your fears.

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Angel Number 888

Numerologically, the number 8 has 4’s stability and tenacity, and 2’s harmoniousness. Angel number 888 is often a harbinger of success in your career and personal life, or even potential wealth.

Be warned, however, that it’s also a reminder to share this prosperity with those around you. The number 888’s base number is 6, which is all about love and compassion.

In a spiritual context, 888 indicates that you’re in a period of manifestation. Your hard work and the energies around you are entering a phase that can allow you to control your destiny.

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Angel Number 999

Angel number 999 marks the end of a cycle, and the point just before the beginning of a new one. It can indicate that it’s time to let the universe take control — you might be holding on to things that need to be released in order to make room for more blessings in your life.

Spiritually, the meaning is much the same. You’re approaching the end of a cycle, and should prepare for a new one. Remember that you have the love of your guardian angels and spirit guides on your side.

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Angel Number 1111

The number 1111 holds the independent energy of the number 1, as well as the compassionate, powerful, leaderlike spirit of 11.

When reduced to its base number, it becomes 4 — the number of resilience, stability, and loyalty.

In a spiritual sense, it can appear when you’re being called to realize your full potential.

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Angel Number 1234

Angel number 1234 is similar to 123, with an extra step. Its meaning is similar, too — just with the addition of 4, the number of loyalty and stability. Together, 1234 is a number of manifestation.

Follow its steps, remember that your spirits are always with you, and pursue your highest good.

Spiritually, it’s your angels and spirit guides telling you that even the biggest challenge can be broken down into simple steps.

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Angel Number 1212

The angel number 1212 holds a lot of information in four simple digits. The energy of 1, 2, 3, and 6 all appear. It appears to remind you that you are responsible for putting out the energy that you want to receive. Love and harmony will help you create the life you desire.

In a spiritual sense, it’s a reminder that you have the support of your angels and guides.

They are there to help you when you start a new phase of your life, and when you work to create the world you want. If there’s a project or path you’re hesitant to start on, they’re telling you that now’s the best time to begin.

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Angel Number 1010

Angel number 1010 is unusual, because it incorporates the number 0. This is the number of everything and nothing, the point of infinite potential from which all things manifest. The number 1, by contrast, is action, independence, and beginnings.

The number 1010 reduces to 2, which represents balance and harmony. This angel number serves as a reminder of all that you’re capable of, and the hidden reserves of energy, knowledge, and support that are always around you.

Spiritually, it’s a sign of both your immense potential and the high expectations placed on you. When things seem tough, remember how many loving, supportive beings you have on your side.

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Angel Number 1122

Angel number 1122 is very powerful. It has two Master Numbers within it: 11 and 22. Its base number is 6, the number of the heart, love, and compassion.

It also has the independent, action-oriented energy of 1, the balance and harmony of 2, and the stability of 4.

This number appears as a sign that you’re about to ascend to a new beginning. You have many physical and spiritual gifts to share with the world, and your guardian angels and spirit guides are here to support you in doing so.

In a spiritual context, 1122 is a warning that you’re entering a phase of heightened spiritual awareness and energy.

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Angel Number 1144

The number 1144 is complex and contradictory. It has all of the very active, adventurous energy of 1, coupled with the reliable, stable power of 4. It also holds the Master Number 11, and the base number 1.

The number 1144 is a promising new beginning that starts from a stable foundation. It’s very likely that you’ll meet with success at the end.

Spiritually, this is a reassurance from your guardian angels that you’re on the path to comfort and security. Remember to share your good fortune to help others grow too.

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Angel Number 1133

Like 1122, 1133 holds two Master Numbers. It starts with 1, which is courage, independence, action, and new endeavors.

Then there’s 11, a Master Number that signifies success and inner wisdom. There’s also 33, a Master Number that represents love and the heart.

The base number of 1133 is 8, which is achievement and drive. Taken all together, the number 1133 is a great symbol of success, high energy, and ascension. Be prepared for very positive developments in your life!

In a more spiritual sense, it represents the beginning of a new phase, a flow of ideas and creativity, and eventual success. Don’t forget 33’s loving energy, too — you’ll have lots of love and positivity to share with those around you.

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Angel Number 1221

The angel number 1221 is a palindrome, meaning that it’s the same backwards and forwards. It starts with 1, and the energy of independence and action.

Then there’s 2, which is balance and harmony. These 2s appear as 22, a Master Number that indicates alignment with powerful spiritual and physical forces. Then, there’s 1 again. The base number of 1221 is 6, the number of the heart.

This angel number can represent your harmony and precious potential protected by your guardian spirits and angels. It can also represent a new path that places you in contact with powerful energies, which will fuel the next phase of your journey.

This can apply to physical or spiritual matters — in either case, you’re about to enter a brand-new stage in your life, and you have powerful spiritual support on your side.

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Angel Number 1222

Angel number 1222 is complex. It begins with 1, and the spirit of independence, action, and fresh starts. Then there are three 2s, including the Master Number 22. Its base number is 7, which represents philosophy, ideas, and the seeking of spiritual knowledge.

In both the mundane and spiritual senses, this number represents the beginning of a new phase, balance and harmony, and the spiritual learning of 7.

It’s a very powerful angel number to receive, and often means that you’ll be entering a new period of harmony that will teach you a lot.

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Angel Number 2424

Angel number 2424 is the energy of 24 amplified and repeated for emphasis. The number 24 is made up of 2, the number of cooperation, partnership, and harmony, and 4, the number of stability and steadfastness.

The base number of 24 is 6, which represents love and compassion, and the base of 2424 is 3, which is curiosity, creativity, and playfulness.

This is a very positive number to receive, and a strong reminder that you have loving energies available to support and guide you. You may be entering a stage of your life that’s marked by peace, love, and joy.

Spiritually, 2424 calls on you to spread this energy around. Enjoy the feeling of harmony, compassion, optimism, and creativity in your life, and work to bring these feelings to others.

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Angel Number 2525

Like 2424, 2525 is a number doubled for emphasis. The number 25 has 2’s harmony and balance, and 5’s very active, transformative energy. They add up to 7, which represents intellectual curiosity and discovery.

The base number of 2525 is 5. This number is a harbinger of chaos to come, but not in a bad way. You may be moving from a period of harmony to one of upheaval, but there’s a lot to learn at the heart of this.

The number 2525 repeats itself, so it’s also a reminder that creation and destruction, and peace and chaos, all come in cycles.

Spiritually, you may find yourself tossed into a situation that tests everything you think you know about the world. Believe in yourself and the love and support of your guardian angels and spirit guides, and you will learn and grow.

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Angel Number 2727

Angel number 2727 is made up of 27 twice. It starts with 2, which is all harmony, balance, and cooperation. Then there’s 7, which represents an intellectual, mystical curiosity.

The base number of both 27 and 2727 is 9, the number of humanitarians and deep compassion. This number indicates that now may be the time to dedicate yourself to spiritual and intellectual pursuits for the good of humanity.

In a spiritual context, you may be living a life that’s well balanced between the mind, body, and soul. It’s time to dedicate more energy to the cultivation of your mind and soul, and use the knowledge you find for the betterment of the world.

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Angel Number 3737

The number 3737 is made up of two repetitions of 37. In numerology, 3 represents optimism, curiosity, and play, while 7 is all analysis, intellect, and mystical learning. The base number of 37 is 1, while the base number of 3737 is 2.

This angel number can indicate that you’re currently living like Aesop’s grasshopper, spending most of your energy on enjoyment.

It’s time for a new beginning, where you should dedicate more of yourself to knowledge of the physical and spiritual realms. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to do this forever, however — 3737 indicates a balanced cycle of work and play.

Spiritually, this number indicates that you won’t be working alone, either. The base number 2 represents cooperation, as well as balance. You have support and love around you to help you on your way.

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Angel Number 911

To many people, the number 911 conjures up thoughts of danger and emergencies. In numerology, it’s made up of the humanitarian number 9, Master Number 11, and the action-oriented, independent number 1. The base number of 911 is also 11.

This number signifies a cycle that ends with success. You’re currently nearing the end of this phase of your life, and now’s the time to prepare for a new beginning filled with rich spiritual connections and the opportunity to gain more wisdom.

Spiritually, 911 indicates that you’ve learned and done what you needed to do this cycle, and are ready to progress to the next phase.

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Angel Number 717

The angel number 717 is made up of 7, 1, and the base number 6. In numerology, 7 is a very spiritual number that tends to take an analytical approach to answering the “big questions” about life and the universe.

On the other hand, 1 is more of a doer than a learner, and is all about action and starting new journeys. The number 6 is unconditional love and empathy.

The number 717 tells a story of spiritual learning, starting anew, and learning more, all with love and compassion at its center.

Spiritually, it’s a reminder of the help you have available to you. Each 7 can represent an angel on either side of 1, the individual. As you learn, grow, and start again, you always have your guardians and guides for protection and guidance.

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