Leo Love, Marriage & Relationship Compatibility Guide

Leos are charmers, and they have huge personalities. There’s a lot to love about the stylish, showy, regal big cats of the zodiac, and it’s easy for other signs to fall for them.

Unfortunately for the Leo’s adoring public, not everyone is up to the task of romancing this sign. Here are the best and worst matches for people born under Leo:

Leo and Aries Compatibility

Leo and Aries pair extremely well with each other. Leo has the kind of big personality that attracts Aries, and Aries has the kind of ambition that Leo appreciates. Both of these are Fire signs, and, as a result, they’re likely to absolutely light each other up with passion.

Challenges may arise when both of them want to occupy the spotlight. Fortunately for this pairing, they’re much likely to turn this situation into a fun, stimulating rivalry than harbor any kind of resentment toward each other.

This relationship can work extremely well, as long as both parties aren’t too wrapped up in themselves. If they can manage to step aside now and then and let their partner have their day in the sun, then Leo and Aries can go the distance.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility

On the surface, Leo and Taurus have some things in common. Both of these signs love comfortable, luxurious surroundings — though Taurus is much more likely to gravitate toward a comfy recliner, where an ornate vintage chaise is more Leo’s speed.

Taureans are also very passionate and protective lovers, and Leo will be absolutely tickled pink to have such an adoring partner.

Problems may arise over the long term, however. Taurus loves comfort, but they also take comfort in stability and reliability. Leo’s big, fiery energy might be too much at times, and disrupt the bull’s sense of harmony and peace.

This isn’t to say that a pairing like this can’t last. If they can learn to disagree in a constructive, healthy fashion, and make some compromises here and there, then Leo and Taurus can be perfectly happy together.

Leo and Gemini Compatibility

If you want adventure, passion, and excitement, look no further than a Leo-Gemini pairing. Fire needs Air to exist, and Fire gives Air movement. Gemini can be Leo’s biggest cheerleader, and Leo can be a source of endless fascination for lively, sociable Gemini. Both of these signs are outgoing and love discovering new things together.

Clashes may happen if Gemini has a hard time committing or adopting some stability in their life. While Leo isn’t quite as rigid as Taurus, they still enjoy a degree of comfort and reliability. They may love new adventures, but the lion has limits!

If Gemini can overcome their fear of being tied down, and Leo doesn’t try to make Gemini into something they’re not, this can be an absolutely brilliant relationship.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility

Leo and Cancer don’t have very much in common. This happens a lot with signs that are immediately adjacent to each other in the zodiac — opposites attract, while signs that are too close often have a hard time finding common ground.

That isn’t to say that this relationship can’t be good, just that much of that has to do with the partners’ ages, maturity levels, and other astrological placements.

Both of these signs have big hearts, but they display this differently. Watery Cancer can tend to be moody, which Leo will have trouble understanding. Leo, meanwhile, may come off as self-aggrandizing, which Cancer won’t get.

To make this pairing work, both partners need to be willing to engage the other where they are, instead of where they wish they were. If they can communicate and actively look to find commonalities between them, then they can survive the worst of their ups and downs.

Leo and Leo Compatibility

If a Leo Leo pairing sounds like a soap opera romance, you’re half right. These are both very attractive, attention-getting (and -seeking) people, so, when you put them together, those traits are only amplified.

The downside here is that Leos are natural-born leaders. This is a great quality in many situations, but can lead to a lot of conflict. Not only will they inevitably clash, they’re likely to roar loudly when they do!

A Leo and Leo couple can be a creative powerhouse, with an unbelievable romance and a luxurious, beautiful home. If it’s going to last, these Kings and Queens of the Jungle need to learn to take turns sharing the crown.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Like Leo and Cancer, Leo and Virgo are right next to each other. Their differences lie in that Virgo is an Earth sign, and tends to be very practical, analytical, and critical. If there’s one thing that Leo doesn’t appreciate, it’s criticism.

While Leo’s larger-than-life personalities can be very alluring to Virgo, and Virgo’s calming nature can be balm to Leo’s dramatic soul, these signs are likely to drive each other up the wall eventually.

Problems can arise when Virgo’s perfectionistic nature shines through. They have a hard time trusting other people to do things, out of the fear that they won’t do them to Virgo’s exacting standards. To Leo, this can feel like the implication that they’re not good enough.

The lion might be courageous and showy, but that kind of thing can turn into a thorn in their heart. Virgos also require a lot of patience and tenderness to bring out their (sizable) passionate side.

Leo wands to be adored. They may interpret Virgo’s behavior as disinterest, while Virgo thinks Leo comes on too strongly. As a result, these signs may miss out on what could be great sexual chemistry.

Virgo and Leo can get along, but need to learn to move at each other’s speeds. If Leo can learn from Virgo’s calm, grounding, exacting nature, and Virgo can open up to Leo, then these signs can end up complementing each other very well.

Leo and Libra Compatibility

Leo and Libra are one of those unlikely pairings that just works. Leos are stylish and appreciate a sense of style in others — something Libra has in spades. Libras appreciate confidence, and Leos are nothing if not confident.

These signs can also end up complementing each other’s weaker characteristics. For example, Libra can teach Leo about diplomacy and the value of seeing things through other peoples’ eyes, and Leo can help notoriously indecisive Libra develop more confidence in their decision-making skills.

Friction may arise if Libra starts to feel pressured in any way. This is a sign that’s very invested in justice, fairness, and making the most informed choices possible. That can be frustrating for Leos, who can interpret this as being wishy-washy. At the best of times, they’ll learn from each other. At the worst of times, resentment may start to build.

This is one pairing that doesn’t require a lot of help. Both of these signs seem to innately get along, and form a very balanced, harmonious partnership.

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Unfortunately for this pairing, Leo and Scorpio are likely to have more than their fair share of troubles. A big part of this is that they interact with the world very differently. Leos are gregarious, sociable attention-seekers, where Scorpios are secretive. Scorpios also tend to be very sensitive, but may not open up to Leo.

These are just two signs with very different communication styles and life philosophies. They’re likely to have more differences than similarities. Unfortunately, they’re both prone to stubbornness, so don’t expect them to resolve these problems anytime soon.

This pairing can work out, but it depends heavily on their past experiences, ages, and other astrological placements.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius are both fixed Fire signs, so they just seem to “get” each other. Sagittarius is often reluctant to commit to a partner, but, if they’re going to, it’ll probably be a Leo. This is a relationship that’s jam-packed with passion and excitement.

This pairing isn’t likely to have many rough spots. If they do, they may have some trouble resolving them to some differences in communication. Sagittarius is a bit more independent than Leo, so, if Leo starts overstepping their bounds, they’re much more likely to take a step back from the relationship rather than working things out. This can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Other than that, this relationship doesn’t need much else. Like Aries, Gemini, and Libra, Sagittarius is just one of those signs that works well with Leo energy.

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

Leo and Capricorn can be a harmonious, if somewhat uninspired, relationship. Capricorn’s Earthy nature and Leo’s Fire won’t find much to argue about, but sparks won’t exactly fly, either. As long as both partners don’t mind this, then things can work out fine.

Problems can arise when it comes to their physical relationship. Leos are passionate, while Capricorns are reserved. They may have trouble making a physical connection for this reason. While both signs are hardworking, Capricorns are also more inclined to work in order to spend or invest their money, while Leo will use it to live large.

This is a difficult relationship to navigate. While these signs aren’t likely to have any heated disagreements, this is one situation where having a perfectly peaceful partnership can be a detriment.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Opposites can create a powerful attraction, and Leo and Aquarius pairings are proof. Aquarians lavish attention on others, and Leos are more than happy to soak it up. These signs are both social butterflies, so they’ll have no problem being the lives of the party.

That doesn’t mean that their relationship is going to be one long celebration, however. Aquarius tends to take a very breezy, casual attitude toward their love life, while Leo can tend to be jealous. What Aquarius intends as a harmless, flirtatious chat, Leo can interpret as disloyalty.

This partnership can work out of Aquarius and Leo are willing to take their partners’ feelings into account. Not every bit of flirtation is a sign that Aquarius wants to run away with someone else. If they can respect each other’s boundaries, these two can have a very fun relationship.

Leo and Pisces Compatibility

A Leo and Pisces partnership is very similar to Leo and Cancer. Pisces’ Water dampens Leo’s Fire, and their differing communication styles can make this relationship very fraught.

Trouble pops up when sensitive, empathetic Pisces sees Leo as brash, overbearing, and self-centered, while Leo sees Pisces as moody, sulky, and withdrawn. Leo is also very enthusiastic about turning their dreams into reality, while Pisces tends to get stuck in the “dreaming” phase.

Even this relationship can be a success, it just takes some work. Pisces doesn’t like being a leader, while Leo does. Pisces sensitivity and empathy can also be a good influence on the lion. If they can learn to connect and communicate with each other, they can learn, grow, and forge an unbreakable bond.

Leos are lovable, larger-than-life characters. To some signs, they’re the perfect embodiment of ambition, courage, and power. To others, they’re simply too much. Paired with the right sign, the lion makes for a passionate, caring partner.

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