Signs & Symptoms of a Divine Masculine Awakening

The Divine Masculine and Feminine are two energies that support all of existence. They are opposite, yet complementary. Every living being contains both of these sacred energies within them at the same time, including both men and women.

When one of these energies stirs and makes itself apparent in our lives, it leads to an awakening. This can be a profound, beautiful experience that opens us up to our true power.

What is the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Masculine has little to do with human masculinity. In fact, all human men contain the Divine Feminine in them as well, just as all human women contain the Divine Masculine.

It’s not at all uncommon for someone to have more Masculine than Feminine, or vice versa, regardless of their gender. It’s simply a descriptor for a type of energy that exists in balance with the Feminine, and is just as necessary for life.

This Divine Masculine energy is all things protective, projective, and active. It is connected to leadership, and generally rules things associated with seeking, moving, and doing.

What is a Divine Masculine Awakening?

A Divine Masculine awakening is what we experience when this principle makes itself known to us. All people have this energy, but not all of them experience or embody it fully. When the Divine Masculine within us begins to stir, it’s an awakening.

This can come during or after a major life transition, or anything else that shakes us up and gets our energy flowing. It also often occurs when we’re forced to encounter the shadow side of masculinity, causing us to reassess our connection to this aspect of ourselves.

Signs & Symptoms of a Divine Masculine Awakening

An active energy like the Divine Masculine doesn’t creep up quietly. This awakening makes itself known through a multitude of signs and symptoms. If you’re currently experiencing one, you might notice one or more of the following symptoms:

1. You’re seeking out information about the Divine Masculine.

The first step of this awakening is recognizing the existence of this Masculine principle and wanting to know more about it. This can help you identify this energy within yourself and encourage it to manifest in a healthy way.

2. You feel restless.

This Divine Masculine is all about movement and action. When it’s awakening within you, it’s very likely that you’ll feel the need for physical activity.

You might want to take up a new sport, go for a run, or just do something to get more activity than you normally do.

3. You take more risks.

This doesn’t mean that you engage in unsafe behavior — just that adventure appeals to you. You might want to dress differently, change jobs, or do something else that’s outside of the norm for you.

You may even want to travel, or take up an exciting new hobby. The focus here is on the sudden desire to do something different.

4. You have the desire to settle down.

This may seem counterintuitive, but Divine Masculine energy protects, provides, and cares for the family and community. Even if you don’t want to start a family just yet (or ever), an awakening in this energy may come with the urge to put down roots.

5. You’re less aggressive.

The Divine Masculine may be a protector, but it isn’t an aggressor. It also feels and expresses vulnerability, without the need for defensiveness or aggression.

When the Divine Masculine awakens within you, you can see your vulnerabilities objectively and know your own strength. You don’t feel the need to compensate for them with toxic behavior.

6. You view sex differently.

Sex is a microcosm of a macrocosm. No matter whether it’s between a heterosexual couple or a same-sex couple, it’s the joining of the Masculine and Feminine energies in one partner with the Feminine and Masculine in the other. This mirrors the act of creation in the universe (even if it isn’t intended to be procreative).

When the Divine Masculine awakens within you, you begin to view sex as something sacred and worth sharing with an awakened partner. This change may be particularly noticeable if you used to enjoy “hooking up” or having multiple flings.

7. You seek out or fall into leadership positions.

Another consequence of the awakening of the Divine Masculine is leadership. A growing drive to protect and guide can drive you to lead groups of people.

8. Your confidence increases.

Many of the traits ascribed to toxic masculinity are the result of insecurity. Insecure masculinity lashes out. The Divine Masculine is secure and confident. When this energy awakens within you, your confidence and self-esteem may increase as well.

You may also find yourself dismantling ideas that you’ve been conditioned to accept, like that men should look a certain way, not cry, be the breadwinner, or behave in a purely “logical” manner.

9. You create new goals for yourself.

A Divine Masculine awakening often comes with the drive to achieve. You might find yourself setting new goals, and exhibiting a newfound dedication to meeting them.

10. You lead you.

Perhaps the biggest consequence of a Divine Masculine awakening is a growing sense of responsibility. If you’ve felt victimized in the past, you may find it easier to move beyond this.

As your confidence, determination, and desire to set and achieve goals increase, you will have an easier time taking the reins when it comes to living your life.

Connecting with the Divine Masculine

As the Divine Masculine awakens within you, you may want to help it along. There are multiple exercises you can use to help you connect with and harness this powerful energy:

1. Examine your ideas about masculinity.

The Divine Masculine has little to do with the way that modern society defines masculinity. Take a look at what masculinity means to you.

What have your experiences been with the men in your life? How does it differ from the archetype of the Divine Masculine? How is it similar? What parts of it should you discard in order to fully embody the Divine Masculine in your life?

2. Seek out opportunities to be active.

This isn’t to say that you have to run marathons or take up an extreme sport — just connect with and enjoy the flow of energy through your body. The Divine Masculine is a very active principle, and it relishes movement.

3. Seek out opportunities to take the initiative.

Sacred Masculine energy is active and projective. Take the chance to start things, initiate conversations, and go after what you want. If you want to set a goal for yourself, believe that it’s within your grasp and pursue it.

4. Fight the good fight.

The Divine Masculine is protective. Are there people or places in your community who would benefit from this? Are there problems around you that go ignored? Focus some of this awakening goal-setting and protective energy toward righting these wrongs.

Sacred Masculinity doesn’t come from a place of ego, it comes from love. Connect with your inner warrior, and use this strength to make the world a better place. Work with an environmental charity, animal shelter, homeless shelter, or other place in need.

5. Exhibit self-determination.

Remember, everyone is a balance of Masculine and Feminine. It’s up to you to choose how you wish to exhibit these energies in your own life. Have the confidence to live as your authentic self, whatever that may look like.

The Divine Masculine is a powerful presence. When it emerges, it can shake up everything you thought you knew about masculinity in general. Take the opportunity to explore and connect with this energy, and see the profound changes it works in your life and the world around you.

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