Starseed Race Types: Who are the Starseeds?

Starseeds are akin to life path numbers and sun signs in a lot of ways. Rather than depending on objective criteria like your date and time of birth, they depend on the kind of emotional, mental, and even physical characteristics that you manifest in this life.

Some may also exhibit specific astrological placements within their natal charts, but this isn’t a requirement. There are multiple types of Starseeds, all with their own unique traits and missions on Earth.

What are Starseeds?

The definition of a Starseed depends on who you ask. To some, they’re intergalactic souls that chose to reincarnate on Earth in order to help the planet and humanity advance. To others, they’re an extension of the indigo children phenomenon conceived by parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe.

In certain areas of the New Age movement, it’s believed that consciousness evolves very slowly — especially in beings who are bound to three-dimensional forms.

By extension, this means that alien beings from other planets or dimensions can choose to come to Earth and be reincarnated in the bodies of humans in order to help push this evolution along.

While they generally aren’t born aware of their purpose in coming here, they can awaken to it, become aware of it, and consciously act on it.

Some Starseeds have physical “tells,” but these aren’t universal. Since Starseeds are reincarnated souls, not intergalactic beings themselves, their appearances can cover the full range of human features.

Some Lyrans may not resemble cats or birds, and some Pleiadians can be short and dark-featured.

Sirian Starseeds

Sirian Starseeds come from Sirius A, one of the stars in the Sirius binary system. Their original culture is ancient, even among the Starseed races, and they’ve visited Earth many times in order to guide the evolution of humanity.

These Starseeds are typically very spiritual, animal lovers, and often eccentric or alternative in appearance. All of that aside, they tend to enjoy a much simpler lifestyle than most other people.

While some Starseeds are on Earth to enjoy all that this planet has to offer, Sirians tend to gravitate more toward efficiency and simplicity in all that they do.

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Pleidian Starseeds

Pleiadians hail from the constellation of Taurus, specifically the Pleiades star cluster. These are one of the youngest Starseed races, though they’re still many times older than humanity.

They’re generally very kind, loving, and innately calming. Many of them find themselves in healing roles as doctors, counselors, or energy healers.

Some even choose to be born into families suffering from intergenerational trauma, in order to break the cycle and help heal their bloodline.

Pleiadians are sometimes referred to as “Nordic” aliens, as they tend to be tall and thin with light skin and hair.

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Arcturian Starseeds

Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation of Bo├Âtes, “The Herdsman,” near Ursa Major. They are one of the older Starseed races, and, as such, tend to have a mature, pragmatic outlook.

They’re also fascinated by human history, and are naturally drawn to anthropology. They excel in other sciences too, partially due to their excellent organizational and group leadership skills. These are the innovators among the Starseed races.

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Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedan Starseeds, as their name implies, originate from the Andromeda galaxy. As far as Starseed races go, they’re one of the most numerous on Earth. The majority of people considered Starseeds are of Adromedan origin.

Part of this is because Andromedans are very adventurous — they love new things and experiences, enjoy travel, hate being tied down to routines and commitments, and are often regarded as “rebels” within their families or societies.

Fortunately for them, they exhibit a very good balance between their logical and intuitive minds and have no trouble navigating the strange paths they choose to walk.

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Orion Starseeds

Orion Starseeds hail from the constellation of Orion. Their home society was said to be very rigid and totalitarian, which drove many of the Orion natives to emigrate to Earth.

Orian Starseeds tend to love technology and the sciences, are great at solving problems, develop very strong opinions, and have a hard time taking direction from others.

They tend to make naturally adept engineers, but can struggle with abstract concepts.

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Lyran Starseeds

Lyran Starseeds typically exhibit either birdlike or catlike physical features as a holdover from their original forms. The original Lyrans are purported to be responsible for helping Atlantis and Lemuria reach their advanced states.

After a war, nearly all of the original Lyrans were wiped out. Modern Lyran Starseeds are the descendants of the original beings.

As people, they tend to be very grounded, enjoy luxury and beauty, and alternate between intense physical activity and an above-average need for sleep.

Lyran Starseeds also fall between extroversion and introversion, preferring to enjoy groups in a quiet, observational way.

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Mintakan Starseeds

Mintaka is located within Orion, so Orion and Mintakan Starseeds are often viewed as part of the same group. The Mintakans were one of the first Starseeds with an Earthly presence, and may have been here over 75,000 years ago.

They tend to be very curious people, but lack the attention to fully pursue their interests. They’re particularly drawn to accounts of supernatural phenomena, and anything to do with water or the ocean.

Though they are adept at telling when someone’s trying to deceive them, they can tend to fall easily for stories that they want to believe.

Luckily for them, they also tend to be very in tune with their manifestation powers, and seldom have trouble getting what they need.

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Are you a Starseed? It’s certainly possible. These people often don’t have any clue that they are until they experience a kind of spiritual awakening.

After that, they begin to see themselves in one of these ancient races, and recognize the mission they came to Earth to do.

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