Best Crystals & Stones For Scorpio

The sign of the scorpion spans between October 23rd and November 21st according to the western zodiac, or November 23rd to December 6th for those who use the sidereal system.

Despite their spiky symbolism, Scorpios are known for being ambitious, passionate, and courageous. That said, this sign can also incline toward jealousy, envy, secretiveness, and resentment.

Like Aries, they may be very competitive. Since this sign is known for its intensity, any losses they suffer may manifest as deeply negative emotions. Physically, this sign governs the colon and reproductive organs, so people born under it may suffer more from problems related to these areas.

There are several crystals that can help this Mars-ruled sign live their best life, while keeping a rein on their intense emotions and negative traits.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Scorpio zodiac:

1. Aquamarine

Scorpio is associated with the element of Water. This sign is very emotional, but can sometimes have trouble balancing and expressing their intense feelings.

Aquamarine aids emotional cleansing and balancing, and its blue color ties it to the throat chakra — the energy center that governs healthy, effective communication.

Wear aquamarine in jewelry near the throat area to help enhance expressiveness, carry tumbled stones in a pouch or pocket for emotional balance, or meditate while holding this stone.

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2. Black tourmaline

This dark stone pairs well with this sign’s sometimes-dark nature. This crystal is said to be exceptionally good at keeping negative energy away.

Scorpio feels things very strongly, so it can help to have an energy filter like black tourmaline around to keep emotions from getting too heavy. It’s also a helpful grounding stone.

Wear or carry black tourmaline, or keep large specimens around the home. Just remember to cleanse it often — its ability to get rid of negativity is unparalleled, but that means it needs to be cleared regularly in order to do so.

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3. Bloodstone

This red-spotted green stone can help Scorpio energetically, and possibly even physically. Bloodstone is a stone used for blood health, but a big part of that is purifying the body.

Since Scorpio rules the excretory system, this crystal can help keep those functions running smoothly. Its association with blood also ties it to vitality and power.

Wear or carry this stone near the lower abdomen, where its healing energy can be of the most benefit to Scorpio’s constitution.

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4. Citrine

This yellow quartz is known as the “merchant’s stone.” Magically, it’s purported to be extremely helpful for drawing in wealth, prosperity, and success.

Scorpio is said to be one of the signs that has the easiest time manifesting their desires, and citrine is a wonderful ally for that. Its sunny, optimistic energy can also help temper some of this sign’s moodiness.

Wear citrine jewelry to feel its positive vibrations all the time, or keep a specimen near cash registers, banks, or work stations to bring in prosperity.

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5. Iron

Iron isn’t a crystal, but it’s the birth metal for this Mars-ruled sign. This metal is connected to courage and power, two things this intense sign displays.

It’s also associated with battle, blood, and vitality. For best results, wear forged iron or steel jewelry set with a Scorpio-aligned stone.

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6. Labradorite

This flashy gray feldspar is known as a stone of magic. For Scorpio, it can help balance this sign’s ambition and mental strengths with their intuitive side.

It’s good for helping those born under this sign to stay connected to their guides and higher intelligence, keeping them from getting bogged down in their own emotions. Hold a labradorite palm stone while meditating to connect to the spirit realm.

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7. Malachite

This green copper-bearing stone harmonizes wonderfully with Scorpio’s Watery nature. It’s a stone for transformation, something at which Water signs excel.

It’s also helpful for connecting the user to their intuition and innate guidance, which Scorpio may estrange themselves from at times. Wear malachite jewelry to benefit from its transformative powers.

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8. Red jasper

This stone both grounds and supports vitality and strength. While Scorpio typically has these traits in abundance, those whose Scorpio energy isn’t at its peak can start feeling stressed out, uninspired, and sluggish.

Wearing or carrying red jasper helps enhance weakened Scorpio energy, while the stone’s grounding capabilities keep them stable.

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9. Rutilated quartz

This crystal is made up of clear quartz and inclusions of rutile, which appear as fine needles or threads within the stone. The clear quartz acts as an energy amplifier, while the rutile is said to help remove blockages of all kinds.

This makes it helpful for the times when Scorpios bottle things up, or when energetic blockages impede their success.

Rutilated quartz is an excellent scrying stone for meditation — relax and gaze into the depths of the crystal, following the rutile strands with your eyes.

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10. Smoky quartz

Like black tourmaline, smoky quartz is a grounding, negativity-busting crystal. It helps transmute negative energy to positive, and facilitates the release of bottled up emotions.

While Scorpios prize honesty, they can end up keeping some of their feelings hidden until they become detrimental — meditating with this stone can help them let go of the things that are holding them back.

Wearing smoky quartz is helping for staying grounded and shielded from negative energy, just remember to keep it properly cleansed.

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11. Yellow topaz

This golden crystal is governed by Scorpio’s other ruling planet, Pluto, and is the traditional birth stone for this sign. It’s a good stone for optimism, manifestation, and setting and achieving goals.

Also known as imperial topaz, this stone is a popular choice for jewelry. Scorpios should wear it to draw success and optimism into their lives.

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Scorpio is one of the most passionate, intense signs, with tremendous emotional depth. That can come at a price, however, as they may also be easily wounded, inclined to envy and jealousy, and inclined to hold in their feelings to keep from being hurt.

These crystals help bring this sign optimism, emotional balance, and release, all while strengthening their passion, power, and ability to manifest Scorpio’s ideal life.

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