Best Crystals & Stones For Aquarius

Aquarius, the water bearer, covers those born between January 20th to February18th in the western zodiac, and February 14th to March 9th in the sidereal. This sign is known for its understanding, friendly, humanitarian nature, but it can also incline toward impulsiveness and extremism.

Physically, they can be prone to problems involving the legs and heart, like varicose veins and circulatory problems in the lower body. There are several crystals that can help this fixed Water sign enhance their best qualities, downplay their negative traits, and mitigate some of the issues that may arise for them.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Aquarius zodiac:

1. Amethyst

This purple variety of quartz is helpful for putting Aquarians in touch with their intuition and higher selves. It can be a big help for accessing the divine inspiration they need to bring their ideals into reality.

It’s also a good stone for stress, which this deeply caring sign can use to keep them from burning out. Amethyst jewelry can help reduce stress and protect Aquarians on a daily basis, but it’s also helpful to have a palm stone as a meditation tool.

A regular meditation practice can keep this Water sign level-headed, relaxed, and happy.

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2. Apatite

Blue apatite is a throat chakra stone, which can help Aquarians communicate their ideas to the world. It’s also said to help with motivation and creativity, while easing feelings of apathy and frustration.

Physically, apatite is said to help with bones and joints, which may help some of the leg problems this sign can be prone to.

While this stone is typically associated with Gemini, its energy can be extremely beneficial to Aquarius, too. Wear apatite jewelry (especially near the throat, ankles, or painful joints).

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3. Aquamarine

Unsurprisingly, one of the best stones for enhancing Aquarian energy is this Watery blue beryl. Aquamarine was believed to be mermaids’ treasure, and was carried by sailors for safety on the high seas.

It supports Aquarius’ caring, humanitarian nature by inspiring even deeper levels of compassion. This sign tends to take disappointment very hard, so this stone can also help them loosen up and “go with the flow.”

As a blue stone, it’s tied to the throat chakra. This means that it can help this sign communicate their revolutionary ideals effectively. Wear aquamarine jewelry, or carry tumbled stones in a pouch or pocket.

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4. Celestite

Celestite, or celestine, is a beautiful blue-gray stone said to be connected to angelic energy. Aquarius experiences a lot of influence from rigid Saturn and chaotic Uranus, which, coupled with their humanitarian concerns, can make spiritual self-development a challenge.

Celestite is a calming stone that can help balance these planetary energies, helping Aquarians reach their full spiritual potential without sacrificing all of their best qualities. Keep large specimens around your environment, or use this stone during meditation.

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5. Enhydro quartz

Enhydro quartz is quartz with a pocket of water inside. These pockets often have a small amount of air trapped as well, which makes the pockets visible as the air bubbles move and float.

The water within these spaces is pure, tapped in the crystals millions upon millions of years ago. They’re used for spiritual and emotional cleansing and balance.

Enhydro stones are also helpful for enhancing compassion, sensitivity, and understanding. It’s probably not a surprise that a pure distillation of the Water element, sealed in a crystal, is a perfect stone for strengthening this Water sign’s attributes. Hold an enhydro quartz during meditation.

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6. Moldavite

Moldavite is really special. This greenish glass was created when a meteorite struck the Earth. It’s made by space, but not from space, and of the Earth, but not made in it.

It has an extremely high vibration and brings transformation — sometimes even before the user is ready for it. It helps deepen meditation and put the user in contact with their higher self and higher intelligence.

As a green stone, it’s connected to the heart chakra. It can help Aquarians connect to their spiritual selves, keep their hearts open, and bring about the revolutionary changes they long for.

Wear or meditate with moldavite, but not every day. Its high energy can become too much of a good thing.

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7. Moonstone

Moonstone is tied to the moon, and, by extension, the tides. It’s a crystal for cycles — waxing and waning, ebb and flow, success and defeat.

Aquarians are highly idealistic, and this idealism often leads to disappointment. Unfortunately, this can make this Water sign detach from their emotions in order to protect themselves from the crushing feeling of defeat.

Moonstone’s energy serves as a reminder that everything is part of a cycle, including wins and losses. It’s also a good stone for emotional balance. Hold it during meditation.

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8. Rose quartz

This pink quartz is a stone for the heart. It instills compassion and love for the self and others — two things that Aquarius may need help with from time to time.

While this sign is deeply compassionate as a general rule, they can face a lot of disappointments which make them shut down.

Like moonstone, rose quartz can help put them back in touch with their sensitive, caring nature. Physically, this stone is said to help with circulation. Wear it in jewelry, especially near the heart.

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9. Silver

It might not be a crystal, but silver is this sign’s birth metal. Silver removes negative energy, draws in the positive, and protects against malevolent entities.

It’s associated with lunar magic and the moon’s cycles and tides. Some say it can even aid communication. Physically, it’s said to help with circulation. Silver is a common material for jewelry. For best results, pair it with one or more of the crystals listed here.

10. Sodalite

This blue and white spotted stone is said to help with clarity and focus. Since it’s blue, it’s another stone for the throat chakra.

This means that it can help people born under Aquarius to develop a clarity of purpose, and verbalize their ideas and desires effectively. This stone also helps with emotional regulation and balance. Wear sodalite in jewelry near the throat area.

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Aquarians are typically idealistic people who want to help the world, but this means they also fall victim to emotionally crushing disappointments.

These crystals and stones can help them keep their hearts open and hopes high, while maintaining focus, a clear view of the world, and an understanding of the cycles of success and defeat.

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