Best Herbs & Essential Oils For Aquarius

Aquarius is the quintessential Air sign. Name notwithstanding, this sign falls in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere according to the western zodiac. This is when the season is at its height, and why Aquarius is considered a fixed sign.

Air is the element of creativity, which matches Aquarius’ inventive nature. This sign wants to challenge existing ideas and conventions, reforming them to make the world a better place.

On the other hand, their Airy nature can make them flighty and impulsive, and their ideas can be extreme. Physically, they often experience issues with the lower body, including varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, and general aches and pains in the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

Fortunately for those born under the water-bearer, there are herbs and essential oils that can help them bring out their strengths, suppress their weaknesses, and relieve the physical problems of this sign.

Here are some of the best herbs and essential oils for the Aquarius zodiac:

1. Cayenne

Capsicum annuum is a very hot spice with a lot of Fiery attributes, but it can help this Air sign, too. Cayenne’s heat comes courtesy of capsaicin, which can act as a counter-irritant and actually help relieve joint pain.

In this case, it may be better to use it topically than to eat it — find or make a topical salve containing cayenne extract, and use it on any aching joints to provide warming relief.

Internally, it’s said to help circulatory issues by triggering the expansion of blood vessels.

2. Chamomile

Anthemis nobilis and Matricaria recutita are two of the species that fall under the name “chamomile.” Though they’re different plants, they look, taste, and act very similar.

Both are relaxants and mild sedatives with pain-relieving properties. They calm the nervous system, and can help calm the minor aches to which Aquarius is prone.

Use the essential oil in baths, aromatherapy jewelry, or massage oil, especially combined with similar oils like lavender. The dried flowers also make a delicious and popular herbal tea.

Don’t consume the essential oil internally, however — it’s much too concentrated and won’t dilute in water.

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3. Cinnamon

The bark of trees from Cinnamomum species is renowned for its sweet, spicy flavor. The essential oil can also help Aquarius focus their intellect on the things that’re important to them, helping them finish tasks before they’re diverted to other projects.

Cinnamon is also said to be an immune- and cardiovascular-booster, lowering triglyceride levels and protecting blood cells from oxidative damage. Use the bark in teas, or add a tiny amount of the essential oil to aromatherapy blends.

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4. Fennel

Foeniculum vulgare is a fragrant bulb-shaped plant with feathery leaves. It’s often used to help digestive issues, but also acts as an anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure, and may reduce muscle spasms.

Magically, it’s ruled by the element of Air and used for luck, protection, courage, and communication — all things that align with Aquarius. It can help give this sign be more confident and assertive when it comes to self-expression.

Eat it as a vegetable, chew the seeds, or add the essential to aromatherapy blends. Avoid consuming the tea or seeds during pregnancy.

5. Ginger

Aquarius might come in the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean that this sign can’t benefit from some warmth. In this case, Zingiber officinale is perfect.

Ginger essential oil is warming and balancing, and can help this sign focus when they want to flit from one endeavor to the next.

Like cayenne, its gentle heat can also help improve circulation. Use the dried root in tea, or add a tiny amount of the essential oil to an Aquarius-specific blend.

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6. Hops

Hops are the flowers of Humulus lupulus, the hop plant. Now known as a flavoring agent and preservative for beer, they’re also prized for their relaxant effect.

Herbalists sometimes use them either alone or combined with other relaxants, like chamomile, in order to calm anxiety and insomnia. One folk remedy for sleepless nights involves making a pillow and stuffing it with dried hops.

This herb can help Aquarians similarly to chamomile and other relaxants. It’s still a wonderful filler for dream pillows, but also makes a good (if bitter) tea.

7. Lavender

Lavandula augustifolia is a sort of cure-all for problems stemming from stress. It aligns with Aquarius’ vision for the world, since it helps bring peace, love, and compassion.

It’s also relaxing, without acting as a sedative. This can help this ambitious sign counteract the stress they take on, without lowering their energy level.

When used topically, lavender is said to help relieve some of the pain from bumps, bruises, varicose veins, and other minor conditions that can plague the legs.

Dilute the essential oil in a neutral carrier oil, and use it as part of a relaxing massage. You can also add the dried flowers to tea, lemonade, or other beverages.

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8. Rosemary

Salvia rosmarinus is an Air herb, associated with memory, the intellect, and intuition. It aligns well with Aquarius’ strengths, which means that it can be an excellent herb for when those born under this sign aren’t feeling their best.

Working with rosemary’s energy can help enhance Aquarians’ already formidable intellects and intuition, bringing more of the creative, innovative ideas they’re known for.

Use rosemary essential oil in rollers, diffusers (be cautious around children and pets), or aromatherapy jewelry, or use the dried herb in food.

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9. Valerian

Valeriana officinalis is know for its ability to produce a full night of deep sleep. It acts as a sedative and mild muscle relaxant, too.

It can be useful for this energetic, ambitious sign, since Aquarians can sometimes tend to get wrapped up in their pursuits and forget how to relax. Use the roots in supplement form, but be sure to consult a physician or qualified herbalist first.

10. White willow

This tree, Salix alba, contains salicylic acid. If this compound sounds familiar, it’s because it was the first aspirin. Today, commercial pain relievers contain acetylsalicylic acid instead, but white willow still has the ability to thin blood, reduce fevers, and relieve pain.

It can be used internally or topically for aches and pains, though any Aquarian thinking of using this remedy should discuss it with their doctor first.

Aquarius has high hopes for the world, and the intellect and creativity to make them a reality. While this sign might suffer from flightiness, extremism, and problems with the lower body, these herbs and oils can help. They’ll bring out the best in this intelligent, expressive sign, while improving focus and confidence.

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