Herbs For Money, Wealth & Prosperity

One of the biggest reasons people seek out magic spells is to bring in more money. Traditions all over the world have specific herbs, tools, and rituals dedicated to increasing prosperity and attracting wealth.

If you’re creating a spell candle, herb jar, loose incense, or other blend for raking in more cash, these herbs may be of help.

Here are some of the best herbs for attracting money, wealth, and prosperity:

1. Alfalfa

(Medicago sativa)

Alfalfa is used primarily as protection against poverty. Place it in a jar and keep it in your pantry to ensure that you never go hungry.

It’s usually regarded as too weak as a full-on prosperity herb in its own right, but it’s excellent at attracting money luck when part of a mixture.

2. Bay

(Laurus nobilis)

Bay leaves are often used for wishes. You write your desire on the leaf, then either burn it to release it to the universe, or keep it somewhere safe.

For bay leaves, the preferred method is to write down your wish for money, then keep it in a wallet or bank.

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3. Bayberry

(Myrica gale)

Bayberry produces waxy fruits that can be cooked down to make candle wax. The delightful-smelling, greenish-gray candles it produces are traditionally burned on Christmas eve or New Year’s eve to ensure prosperity and protect from poverty all year long.

4. Basil

(Ocimum basilicum)

Basil is often used as an attractant in both love and money spells. Keeping a potted basil in a home or business brings in money, as does growing it in a garden.

As long as the basil is properly tended to and cared for, prosperity will continue flowing in. It’s a kind of sympathetic magic that causes your cash reserves to “grow” along with the plant itself.

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5. Bergamot

(Citrus aurantium bergamia)

Not to be confused with bee balm (Monarda fistulosa), which is sometimes called bergamot. The essential oil of these orange-like fruits is the part generally used in money magic.

Anoint a dollar bill and keep it in your wallet — never spend it — to attract prosperity. Place a drop in your wallet, purse, bank, empty mayonnaise jar, under your mattress, or anywhere else you keep money to make sure it keeps coming in.

6. Calendula

(Calendula officinalis)

Calendula is a very positive solar herb with some prophetic dream properties, and this energy is often turned toward obtaining money. The flowers can be used to deter the evil eye and general negative energy, attracting luck and abundance in a general sense.

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7. Chamomile

(Chamomilla species)

Chamomile is much-beloved of gamblers in the Hoodoo tradition. They make an infusion of the herb in fresh water, then wash their hands with it before going out to play cards.

Chamomile’s also excellent for removing malevolent magic that’s been used against you, so it’s especially helpful when that magic is intended to cause you financial problems.

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8. Cinnamon

(Cinnamonum species, especially C. verum)

Cinnamon acts as a catalyst, which means that it makes things happen a bit faster. Coupled with its prosperity-drawing properties, it can be a huge help in money spells to cover an emergency expense.

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9. Cinquefoil

(Potentilla species, especially P. reptans)

Cinquefoil is also known as “five finger grass,” because the leaves have five points. Each point has its own meaning, like the points of a pentagram, and one of them is “prosperity.”

A useful, versatile herb that nobody should be without — especially for money mixtures.

10. Frankincense

(Boswellia species)

Frankincense is a very interesting magical ingredient. It seems to work by not only removing negative energy, but attracting positive energy in its place.

As a magical ingredient, it’s most often used for cleansing. Since it attracts positive energy, it’s powers are often turned toward bringing in wealth.

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11. Honeysuckle

(Lonicera species)

Like basil, honeysuckle is an attractant herb. Because of its vining, twining growth habit, it’s also used to bind things or people together. This makes it great for a business owner looking to attract customers and keep them coming back.

If you choose to grow honeysuckle on your property for this purpose, it’s recommended that people use native species — L. japonica, specifically, has proven to be aggressively invasive outside of its native range.

12. Irish Moss

(Sagina subulata)

Irish moss is best when used in conjunction with other money-drawing herbs. It has a much slower, more prolonged action — better for creating a lifelong cash flow than bringing in a sudden windfall.

For this reason, you may want to mix it up with some herbs that move things along a bit more quickly.

13. Mint

(Mentha species)

These lush, leafy green plants are associated with growth and prosperity — it doesn’t hurt that their English name is a homonym for a place that manufactures money, either.

Keep fresh green Mint leaves with your money, or use them to rub the inside of your wallet or bank.

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14. Patchouli

(Pogostemon cablin)

If patchouli were a tarot card, it would be the 9 of Pentacles. This is a power herb, which means that it adds strength to blends.

Its primary role is to manifest one’s desires, taking the ethereal energy of a spell and making it solid. It’s a consummate “earth” element herb, turning energy and ideas into something real. For these reasons, it’s added to money blends.

15. Squill Root

(Scilloideae subfamily, including red squill (Drimia maritima) and white squill Scilla mischtschenkoana)

Squill is a money herb in the Hoodoo tradition. Keeping it in a container with a coin of each denomination helps to attract more.

It’s said to be best used with very old coins, from back when they were made of real silver. Some practitioners forgo the coins entirely, and keep it with silver or gold jewelry, beads, and the like.

16. Tonka Bean

(Dipteryx odorata)

Tonka beans are excellent little luck and prosperity talismans. Keep one in your wallet to attract money to you.

17. Vanilla

(Vanilla species)

Vanilla is associated with feelings of peace and comfort. It’s also used for luck. These properties are why it often finds its way into blends to attract money — it provides the good fortune you need to enjoy financial peace and material comfort.

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Not all money herbs have the same action. Some are fast and suitable for emergency spells, while others are slower and better for long-term growth.

Some attract money to a wallet, while others draw customers to a business. Some herbs are mostly used to prevent hunger and poverty.

Depending on your specific desires, you can find the magical ingredients you need to tailor your spellwork to you.

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