Unakite: Magical Properties, Benefits & Uses

Unakite is a unique and unforgettable pink and green spotted stone. Named for the Unaka mountain range in North Carolina, it’s a relative newcomer to the world of crystal magic.

Nonetheless, this stone has earned a spot in the toolbox of witches and crystal workers.

About Unakite

Unakite is sometimes called “unakite jasper,” but this is a misnomer. It’s not jasper at all — it’s an altered granite composed of pink feldspar, green epidote, and clear quartz.

It usually has a mottled appearance, like most granites. Some specimens are labeled as epidotized or epidote granite, after the mineral that gives them their characteristic green color.

A unakite gemstone isolated on a white background.

This stone wasn’t identified as its own type of mineral until the 19th century. Though it occurs elsewhere in the world, mineralogists first observed it in the United States.

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Unakite Healing Properties & Benefits

Unakite is considered a helpful stone for healing trapped or repressed emotions. It has a grounding effect, and is especially helpful for matters of the heart — it can help release the pain of a breakup or unrequited love.

It should be noted that unakite isn’t limited to romantic love; it works just as well for instilling feelings of self-compassion and healing the relationship with the self.

Physically, unakite is most often used to help with convalescence after a long illness, as well as supporting healthy pregnancies.

For those who have trouble gaining weight because of underlying health conditions, this stone may make it easier to maintain a healthy weight and support the condition of skin and hair.

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Unakite Magical Properties

Unakite is often treated as a love stone. One charm involves putting a piece in a pouch with dried yarrow, with both the crystal and the yarrow cast into running water and replaced every year. This is said to ensure marital fidelity and long-lasting love.

Keeping a large specimen of unakite in the heart of a home (usually the family room or kitchen) helps keep things peaceful. It’s also a useful tool in divination — it facilitates visualization and can be a significant help in scrying.

Keep a chunk of it on the table with a divination mirror or scrying sphere, or hold a small tumbled stone against the forehead while scrying to help visions come more easily.

A bunch of unakite gemstones with magical and metaphysical properties.

This stone is also associated with transitioning past troubled times, and moving onto a better path. Include it in workings to facilitate life changes, and carry it around whenever you feel the need for an extra energetic boost.

As a pink and green stone, unakite is associated with the realms of both pink and green magic — love, growth, and abundance. This justifies its use as a charm for a lasting marriage, as it helps love grow year by year.

Less common uses include prosperity, money drawing, friendship, and reconciliation. For those who work with chakras, unakite is the consummate heart chakra stone.

Its coloration ties it to this energy center, and its properties overlap with the heart chakra’s focus on the healthy expression of love.

Placing a specimen of this stone on the chest area is said to open and balance this chakra, alleviating the emotional, physical, and spiritual maladies that blocked energy can cause.

How to Cleanse Unakite

As a type of granite, unakite is pretty durable. Feldspar, epidote, and quartz are all able to handle a variety of different cleansing methods, and so is unakite. If you have a stone in need of energetic cleansing, you can try one of the following methods.

Some methods for cleansing Unakite include:

  • Exposing the stone to sunlight.
  • Exposing it to the light of a full moon.
  • Bathing it in running fresh or salt water. Natural sources of water are preferable to tap water.
  • Burying it in sea salt, dried cleansing herbs, or a combination of the two.
  • Burying it in potting or garden soil. If you choose this method, mark the area well to avoid losing the stone.
  • Fumigating your unakite with cleansing herbs or incense.
  • Cleansing it using your own personal energy.
  • Playing chimes, bells, music, or singing bowls.

It’s said that unakite prefers to be buried in soil or set under a live plant. Like many other green stones, its energy resonates very strongly with growing things.

If you have a favorite houseplant, try setting your unakite in its pot for a full moon cycle to really cleanse and charge it.

Getting Started With Unakite

Unakite is a very good stone for beginners. While it can sometimes be a little tricky to find, and there isn’t a large body of worldwide folklore about it (yet), this stone has a very gentle, supportive, nurturing energy that’s suitable for just about anyone.

Like any other gemstone, it’s best to select your unakite in person, from a source that obtains their specimens ethically. You want to physically handle your stone, or at least get close to it, in order to feel the energy that it gives off.

Unakite doesn’t ever really have a hostile energy, but, if a specific stone makes you feel bad when you hold it, or gives you the sense that you’re being “brushed off,” choose a different one.

Unakite beads with magical and metaphysical properties.

Once you’ve chosen your stone, take it home to cleanse it. Crystals and gemstones go through a lot on their trip from the Earth to you — between mining, cutting and polishing, shipping, and sitting in a shop, they’re exposed to a lot of things that can throw off their baseline energy.

Cleansing removes these influences, and makes the stone more like itself again.

After your unakite is cleansed, you can use it however you wish. If you’ve been sick, or know someone who has, this gem is ideal for supporting a healthy, uneventful recovery.

If you’re a green witch, you can wear or carry it while working in your garden to boost the growth of your plants.

Magically, you can employ unakite for everything from beauty, to love, to healing, to plant magic. Even if you don’t have a specific use for it in mind, it’s wonderful to use with other crystals to provide some extra nurturing and care.

Unakite might be relatively new as far as crystals go, but there’s no denying its power. It’s gentle, but strong. It supports, nurtures, and connects us to universal love.

If you’re fortunate enough to come across this gemstone, treasure it.

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