Throat Chakra Herbs & Essential Oils

In Hindu tantrism, the throat chakra, Visuddha (or Vishuddha, or Vishuddhi) is the energy center located in the throat area. It’s represented by the color blue, and a sixteen-petaled lotus.

It’s the seat of our ability to communicate, self-expression, and, to an extent, creativity. The name comes from the Sanskrit for “especially pure,” and this area is said to govern whether one is successful or not based on how healthy and clear it is.

The throat chakra can become blocked, especially by feelings of guilt. Blockages may manifest as difficulty with expression, fear of speaking up for oneself, whining, or even physical problems with the neck, throat, or larynx.

If it’s overstimulated, it may show up as interrupting, arrogance, a lack of creative output, or talking a lot, but having nothing to say. Fortunately, there are several herbs, spices, and essential oils that can help return Visuddha to a clear, open, balanced state.

Here are some of the best herbs and essential oils for healing, balancing, and opening the throat chakra:

1. Clove

Syzygium aromaticum buds are well known for their topical analgesic properties. Their oil is one of the best treatments for a toothache, and, to a lesser extent, other aches and pains as well.

Clove oil has a delightfully warm, spicy aroma that blends well with other throat chakra oils, especially sage, lavender, and lemon. You can add a bud or two to tea blends, or use it as a culinary spice.

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2. Cypress

Oil from Cupressaceae species is touted as a detoxifier that works by stimulating the lymphatic system. This is the physical equivalent of moving sluggish energy — lymph is how your body bathes your cells to remove waste.

It has a fresh, green, woody aroma that acts as an emotional cleanser. When used during meditation, this may help the process of healing from guilt.

Wear it in aromatherapy jewelry, or place a drop on the palms of the hands and inhale deeply. Use caution with cypress oil around pets or little kids.

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3. Eucalyptus

Oil from members of Eucalyptus has long had a reputation for acting as a decongestant. It’s even the active ingredient in chest rubs for helping soothe coughs and stuffy noses. This can help some of the physical manifestations of a blocked throat chakra.

Magically, it’s used as a cleansing herb, which may help shift some of the blocked energy in this area. You can dilute eucalyptus in a neutral carrier oil and anoint the throat area, or use a pre-made salve containing this oil.

If you like, you may also add a drop to a steaming pot of water, and inhale the fragrance. Be cautious with this oil around children and small animals.

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4. Frankincense

The resin and oils of Boswellia species are regarded as universal cleansing and blessing oils across multiple traditions. It’s excellent for creating an uplifting atmosphere and establishing a peaceful, sacred space.

Burn frankincense resin as incense on charcoal tablets, diffuse the oil (use caution around pets and children), wear it in aromatherapy jewelry, or dilute it in a neutral carrier oil and use it to anoint the throat.

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5. Geranium

The essential oil of scented Pelargonium species is said to be helpful for calming sore throats on a physical level, and moving stagnant energy on the spiritual. It helps calm anxiety, increase feelings of well-being, and stimulate creative self-expression.

Dilute a few drops in a neutral carrier oil, like jojoba or sunflower, and anoint the throat area. You can also use this oil in aromatherapy jewelry or diffusers — just be cautious around pets or small children, as some essential oils can be dangerous for them when diffused.

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6. Lavender

Lavandula augustifolia is considered a universal chakra oil. It’s generally cleansing and relaxing, helping to calm the mind while it opens and balances the chakras. Due to its popularity, it’s also fairly easy to find high-quality lavender buds or oil.

Add the oil to blends, dilute it in a neutral carrier oil and anoint the throat, or wear it in aromatherapy jewelry. You can also add the dried flowers to tea blends or other beverages.

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7. Lemon

The bright yellow fruits of Citrus limon are commonly used in remedies for coughs and sore throats, especially when combined with honey. Sliced or whole lemons are also used as energetic cleansers, helping to purify the areas in which they are kept.

The oil has similar properties. This makes any part of the lemon ideal for helping to clear and open the throat chakra. Use lemon juice in beverages, consume the fruit in sweet or savory dishes, or use the oil in aromatherapy.

Avoid using it in anointing blends for areas that are exposed to sunlight — lemon, like many Citrus species, can cause phototoxic reactions.

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8. Marshmallow

The roots of Althaea officinalis are high in mucilage, which gives them a slippery feeling when they’re immersed in water. They’ve commonly been used to make throat-soothing teas, since the mucilage coats, moisturizes, and protects sore mucous membranes.

The best way to do this is by allowing the dried root to stand in cold water overnight, then drinking the next morning. This can help send targeted relief to the physical throat, and support the throat chakra at the same time.

9. Sage

There’s an old adage that roughly translates to, “Why die, when there’s sage on the hill?” This speaks to Salvia offficinalis‘ reputation as a kind of panacea. It has antimicrobial benefits, which can help sore throats.

In European-based magic, it’s used as a purification herb, in healing spells, wish-granting spells, and rituals to heal from grief. It’s also considered a helpful herb for clearing the throat chakra.

Use it in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam, put it in aromatherapy jewelry, use it as a culinary spice, or add a small amount to tea blends.

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10. Slippery elm

Like marshmallow root, the bark of Ulmus rubra contains mucilage. The name “slippery elm” stems from the fact that it yields a lot of it when soaked in water.

Also like marshmallow root, it’s commonly used to help soothe sore throats. You can chew the inner bark to release the mucilage, or use it in a tea.

11. Spearmint

Mentha spicata is peppermint’s gentler cousin. It can be used as a mild energetic stimulant, which provides energy for the etheric body as it relaxes the physical one.

You can use the oil in aromatherapy, or consume the fresh or dried leaves in a tea. Combine it with other throat chakra herbs like marshmallow or slippery elm for a soothing beverage.

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12. Honorable Mention: Blue foods

There aren’t many blue foods in nature, but the ones that exist are powerful healers for the throat chakra. Foods like blueberries get their color from compounds called anthocyanidins, which are potent antioxidants.

Incorporate more naturally dark blue foods, like blueberries, plums, and even edible flowers, into your diet to benefit from their vitamin, mineral, fiber, and antioxidant content as you heal the throat chakra.

Your throat chakra governs how well you are able to express yourself. If it isn’t able to support a healthy energy flow, you can experience no end of problems related to communication and creative expression.

When blocked, Visuddha can also prevent life force energy from reaching the third eye and crown chakras, creating problems there as well. With these herbs and oils, you can help heal this energy center and ensure a healthy, adequate flow of energy all throughout your body.

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