Taurus Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Careers & More

Are you born under the sign of the bull? People with this sun sign are rumored to be stubborn and well-grounded, but there’s much more to them — and their astrological sign — than that.

About Taurus

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac, after Aries. In western astrology, it falls from April 20th and May 20th. In Vedic or sidereal astrology, it spans May 13th to June 19th.

As with other zodiac signs, Taurus comes from Greek mythology. When Zeus lusted after Europa, the daughter of King Agenor, he chose to appear to her as a beautiful white bull.

Stunned by the creature, Europa walked over to pet it. The bull was remarkably gentle — so gentle, in fact, that Europa thought nothing of climbing on its back.

Immediately, Zeus bolted, carrying the hapless Europa on his back to Crete. Zeus later placed the image of the bull in the sky as the constellation Taurus.

Astrologically, Taurus is considered an Earth sign with a fixed modality. Its ruling planet is Venus.

Taurus Personality Traits & Characteristics

In general, Taureans are considered practical, reliable, and stubborn. They are comfortable with routine and consistency, and know the value of hard work and patience.

They like to play as hard as they work, however, and very much enjoy luxury and material comforts.

Unfortunately, this means that they can also be extremely hardheaded, and may overindulge their hedonistic tendencies.

Taurus Male Traits

Taurus traits tend to manifest in men in a specific way. Picture the big, tough guy who goes to pieces over a baby or a kitten.

They are the protectors and providers of the zodiac, able to shake their horns and put on a tough front to the outside world, and reserve their softer, Venus-ruled hearts for their partners and families.

They also like physical work, and often take up traditionally masculine hobbies and develop their handyman skills.

While Taurus men are wonderful lovers, their tenacious streak means that they can hold on to emotional wounds for a very long time. They’re very dedicated to and protective of their mates, and definite creatures of habit.

They don’t like having their routines disrupted, and can take awhile to come around to new things. Taurus men are incredibly patient, and need the same courtesy extended to them.

Taurus Female Traits

Taurus women live for love. They are deeply sensual people who love surrounding themselves (and their partners) with beauty and comfort. They embody the energy of Venus, their ruling planet.

They love luxury goods, self-care rituals, and all things that make them feel relaxed and beautiful. If they were a tarot card, they’d be The Empress.

Don’t let that exterior fool you, however — Taurus woman are determined, independent, and deliberate. What they do, they do with intention.

Taurus women firmly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing to perfection. Like all Taureans, they just also enjoy relaxing every bit as hard as they work.

Like Taurus men, Taurus women pair strength and softness. They are patient, gentle, and attentive, but be warned — if you mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns.

Taurus – Careers, Business & Money

Taureans like praise and recognition for their hard work. Fortunately for them, they’re very good at distinguishing themselves — they work hard, and thrive in a variety of environments.

The best career and business paths for them are ones with lots of opportunity for advancement, a stable structure, and a regular schedule.

This isn’t a sign that enjoys having to drop everything and jet off. Ideally, they’ll have the opportunity to express their creativity and flair for the opulent. Management or leadership roles in a creative industry will suit them perfectly.

When it comes to money, the more, the better. Taurus isn’t likely to chase after money for its own sake, but for the comfort and stability that it brings.

This is a sign that loves luxury and comfort, and that comes at a high price. Fortunately, when they can keep their hedonistic desires in check, these hard workers are likely to build up a sizeable nest egg.

Taurus Love & Relationship Compatibility

While Taureans are very loving, devoted people, they aren’t necessarily compatible with everyone. Some signs fare better than others when it comes to dating, marrying, or starting a family with a Taurus.

Two people born under Taurus will likely get along. They have similar goals in life, and will be supportive and devoted to each other.

That said, things can get very chilly if the two of them butt heads. Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship, but determined, stubborn Taureans can turn holding a grudge into an art form.

Virgo is another compatible sign for Taurus. Virgoans also thrive with organization and routine, so they can help provide the environment that Taurus thrives in.

Virgo tends to be frugal and sensible, which can keep hedonistic Taurus from going off of the deep end. On the flip side, indulgent Taurus can help Virgo relax and enjoy themselves.

Difficulties may arise between Virgo’s critical nature and Taurus’ tendency to be close-minded, but, on the whole, this relationship will be a supportive and harmonious one.

Taureans also get along well with Cancers. They both love beauty and comfort, and, as a cardinal Water sign, Cancer can handle Taurus’ soft heart.

Taurus can also protect sensitive Cancer from emotionally trying situations. The only potential problem comes with the likelihood that Taurus will end up emotionally hurting Cancer.

If Cancer can understand that Taurus’ blunt opinions come from a place of love, this relationship can be supportive, loving, and an excellent opportunity for growth.

Scorpio can be a good, if surprising, match for the bull. In this case, emotional Scorpio will benefit from grounding, reliable Taurus.

A Taurus who tends to repress their feelings for the sake of harmony and practicality will benefit from Scorpio’s sensitive nature. While both of these signs may have their fiery moments, they can channel this into physical passion and have an incredibly loving, intimate relationship.

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Taurus Challenges & Obstacles

Taurus’ biggest challenges come from close-mindedness and repressed emotions. They may try to bury their feelings under retail therapy, figuring that there’s no reason to deal with unpleasantness if they don’t have to.

Their stubbornness can also be a major issue at work and at home. They may try to rule the roost, or insist that they know better than everyone else. That can make them difficult to get along with.

Lastly, their desire for luxury can devolve into simple materialism. Part of this is because they may use acquiring things as a way to cope with their feelings. When they start buying things just for the sake of buying them, it becomes a real problem.

Taurus is a reliable, stable, strong sign with a soft heart. They make hardworking employees, good managers, and devoted, sensual lovers. When they can overcome the challenges inherent in this sign, there’s almost nothing they aren’t capable of.

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