Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Love, Career & More

The suit of Cups represents the element of Water. The Queen of Cups, therefore, rules over the domain of the emotions.

Unlike the immature Page or the impulsive Knight, she has maturity, stability, and good sense on her side. When she appears, it’s as a symbol of love, intuition, and emotional intelligence.

About Queen of Cups

  • Keywords: Kindness, sensitivity, nurturing, emotional support, empathy
  • Keywords (Reversed): Insecurity, brittleness, clinginess, oversensitivity
  • Yes or No: Yes
  • Yes or No (Reversed): No
  • Element: Water
  • Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer

As one of the rulers of the suit of Cups, the Queen of Cups is given a lot of water-based imagery in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. She wears a light blue gown and a cloak patterned with ripples and waves, with a golden crown on her head.

In her hand, she holds a gold chalice with angel-shaped handles. This chalice is lidded, which may represent the hidden depths of the subconscious mind.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card.

Her throne also has abundant water symbolism. It’s adorned with images of cherubs, fish, and seashells.

Her throne is also placed on the bank of a body of water, indicating that she exists in the liminal space between land and sea, the visible and the invisible, and the conscious and subconscious.

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Queen of Cups Meaning (Upright)

In a general context, the Queen of Cups can represent self-care. This isn’t consumerism masquerading as self-care, either — she depicts the kind of care that nourishes the mind and soul.

You may be feeling particularly caring and compassionate at this time, or especially sensitive. Be gentle with yourself and others right now.

Face cards often signify individuals. If the Queen of Cups stands for a specific person, this person is likely to be feminine, born under a Water sign, and be affectionate, nurturing, creative, and a lover of comfort and beauty.

Queen of Cups Meaning (Reversed)

When the Queen of Cups is reversed, her negative aspects take center stage. This card can represent moodiness, emotional immaturity, insecurity, or a desire for vengeance.

You may be feeling very “in your feelings” right now, which could be clouding your judgment. Make sure you don’t do anything you regret — feeling bad is an explanation, but it isn’t an excuse.

As a signifier, the Queen of Cups reversed is likely to be a feminine person born under a Water sign, who is emotionally needy, self-centered, or extremely sensitive. In some cases, she may be a clingy, controlling smotherer.

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Queen of Cups Meaning – Love & Relationships (Upright)

Since the suit of Cups represents the emotions, the Queen of Cups is a good sign. You and your partner are likely to be very loving, romantic, attentive, and gentle with each other.

This could be a time of deepening commitment and emotional fulfillment for you both, and a good environment for being honest with your partner about your vision for the relationship.

For single people, the Queen of Cups upright can indicate that you’re feeling especially romantic and receptive right now. She may also represent a potential partner — someone who is most likely mature, feminine, a Water sign, and shows very loving, nurturing traits.

Queen of Cups Meaning – Love & Relationships (Reversed)

When reversed, the Queen of Cups is a bad omen for love and relationships. You or your partner might be feeling insecure, untrusting, or as if important emotional needs aren’t being met.

One or both of you might become clingy or moody, or find that you’re prioritizing your partner’s needs above your own.

If you’re single, the Queen of Cups reversed indicates that you’re probably not in the right mindset for a relationship right now. You may really want one, but this could be out of feelings of insecurity rather than a genuine desire for a relationship.

This card can also represent a prospective romantic partner who is feminine and born under a Water sign. Be careful, however, as this person may also be immature, needy, manipulative, or show narcissistic characteristics.

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Queen of Cups Meaning – As Feelings (Upright)

The Queen of Cups upright is loving and nurturing. This person cares deeply about you. They feel supported by you and want to support you in turn.

You may even have had an emotionally healing effect on them. This is someone with an immense capacity for compassion and affection, and they want to lavish it on you.

Queen of Cups Meaning – As Feelings (Reversed)

Reversed, the Queen of Cups is fickler. This person may feel like you’re asking too much of them, or just not giving enough in return.

They may also be moody; clingy one minute, and distant the next. This card is a warning that an unhealthy, codependent attachment may be in play here.

Queen of Cups Meaning – As Reconciliation (Upright)

Upright, the Queen of Cups says that your ex still has a lot of feelings for you. These are tempered with regret for how things turned out, but they still have that sense of care and compassion.

They look back on your relationship fondly, though your breakup still fills them with remorse. As long as you’re ready, now could be a great time for a reconciliation.

Queen of Cups Meaning – As Reconciliation (Reversed)

In a reversed position, the Queen of Cups warns that your ex is ruminating on the end of your relationship. They aren’t moving on or growing from it the way they should.

While they want to reconcile, it doesn’t seem like they’ve done any of the introspective work they need to do in order to have a healthy partnership. They’ll probably reconcile with you if you want, but it may not last long.

Queen of Cups Meaning – Careers, Business & Money (Upright)

The suit of Cups generally doesn’t deal with money matters, but it’s a good omen if you’re in a creative industry or looking for a career that you’ll find emotionally fulfilling. This card can also indicate a career path in the medical industry or as a therapist.

You’re likely to be in a very caring, nurturing mode right now, which may be just what you need to nurse a dream into reality. You may also find yourself in a managerial role that requires you to counsel co-workers.

In some contexts, this card may represent an influential woman related to your career, like a boss or co-worker.

For financial readings, this card is often a good sign. The flow of money into your life may mimic the free flow of water right now. It can also show that you’ve been carefully tending your financial security.

Don’t fall victim to hubris, however — now isn’t a good time to change your strategy and start investing in high-risk ventures. You may find that you’ve been seduced by something that ends up being a scam.

Queen of Cups Meaning – Careers, Business & Money (Reversed)

When reversed, the Queen of Cups can represent feeling hypersensitive to criticism of your work. You might also suffer from anxiety if your work environment is too tense or stressful.

Where the Queen of Cups upright indicates a good balance between your work and your personal life, the Queen of Cups reversed shows that this balance has been upset.

If it’s within your power to do so, find the source of your frustrations and tension at work. If you can resolve it, you’ll benefit from a happier, more relaxed atmosphere and heightened creativity.

In money matters, the Queen of Cups reversed indicates scarcity. Rather than flowing freely, your finances are being diverted into bills and other expenses.

Take time to evaluate whether the things you want to buy are truly necessary, and avoid any investment or venture that looks too good to be true.

Queen of Cups: Yes or No?

The Queen of Cups symbolizes emotional maturity, fulfillment, and kindness. When she appears in a “Yes or No” reading, the answer is a “Yes.” You will most likely receive the outcome that will be the most fulfilling for you.

Should the Queen of Cups appear reversed instead, the answer is a “No.” In this guise, she becomes an emotionally fragile, needy, and manipulative figure. Your situation probably won’t resolve itself to your satisfaction.

At her best, the Queen of Cups is a warm, loving sovereign who exudes creativity, beauty, and gentleness. She is intelligent and capable, but never manipulative or abusive. When reversed, the Queen descends into her worst vices.

In either aspect, she still holds an incredible amount of wisdom. Listen to her advice.

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