Pleidian Starseeds: Traits, Signs, Appearance & Mission

Do you feel like a stranger on Earth? You could feel like an outsider when you’re surrounded by others, or even feel that you were born with a mission.

These could be signs that you’re a Starseed — an advanced alien soul incarnated into the body of a human.

There are many types of Starseeds, and their characteristics and missions vary. One type is the Pleiadians.

About Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadian Starseeds originated in the Pleiades star system, in the constellation of Taurus. The original Pleiadians are said to be much older than humanity, and have appeared at key points in history to help Earth humans advance.

Despite their great age, they are considered one of the youngest of the Starseed races.

Pleiadians are often called the Nordic aliens, because they are typically tall, thin, pale, and blonde. This is only true of the original Pleiadians, however — it’s important to remember that Pleiadian Starseeds are human, and their appearances can vary.

These beings are said to have been helping Earth since the very beginning, guiding the evolution of humans. They are considered a very loving, nurturing race with an extremely heart-centered energy.

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Pleiadian Starseed Traits & Characteristics

How do you know if you’re really a Pleiadian Starseed? There’s no real way to empirically test for this. All Starseeds have human bodies, but they may exhibit certain specific traits.

Some Pleidian Starseed traits and characteristics include:

  • Valuing emotion over logic. As mentioned above, Pleiadians are very heart-centered. They love love for its own sake, and tend to make decisions with their hearts instead of their brains.
  • Sensitivity. The heart-focused nature of these beings means that they’re highly empathic, and often pick up on subtle signals that others miss.
  • Difficulty with negative emotions. Their sensitivity means that Pleiadians may struggle with sadness or anger. They hate arguments more than most, and can’t live with tension.
  • A feminine presentation. Most Pleiadian Starseeds seem to choose to appear as women. Even if they don’t, they may exhibit mannerisms traditionally associated with femininity.
  • A desire to fix others. Pleiadian Starseeds have an innate desire to help and fix wherever they can. For good or ill, they’re often attracted to troubled people or those struggling with addiction. Some even choose to incarnate into families wounded by intergenerational trauma or abuse in order to try to break the cycle.
  • An attraction to the paranormal. They may be very interested in supernatural phenomena.
  • A humanitarian nature. These beings gravitate toward humanitarian causes.
  • A tall, thin, light appearance. Many, but certainly not all, Pleiadians have light hair, eyes, and skin. Regardless of their coloration, they generally have very defined jaws and cheekbones.

If these traits seem to describe you, you might be a Pleiadian Starseed. Even if you aren’t, you may still be another type. All Starseeds exhibit certain symptoms, including:

  • Trouble dealing with low energy states. This can encompass everything from low-energy foods, to conversations, to environments. Pleiadians are particularly affected by this due to their sensitive natures, but all Starseeds struggle here.
  • High sensitivity or resistance to drugs, alcohol, and medication. Even though they have human bodies, Starseeds often experience difficulty metabolizing medication. They may need much more or much less than someone else of the same weight.
  • Trouble adjusting to unnatural light. Starseeds frequently experience headaches and dizziness from long periods around artificial lighting.
  • A unique appearance. Though part of their appearance will be dictated by their DNA, Starseeds do tend to show some of the traits of their alien origins.
  • Strange bodily sensations. This could be tingling, random aches, or even feelings of pressure. This is often a physical manifestation of energy blocks moving through the etheric body.
  • Delicate, easily-bruised skin. Unexplained bumps and bruises are a common occurrence for all types of Starseeds.

Not all Pleiadians are born knowing what they are and what they want to achieve on Earth. Starseeds typically have to go through a spiritual awakening at some point in their lives.

Some signs of an awakening are:

  • Intense mental pressure. As your energy begins increasing, you might experience feelings of restlessness and agitation.
  • A sense of disconnection. You may even feel disoriented.
  • Trouble sleeping. You can either feel very fatigued, or experience multiple disruptions in your sleep pattern.
  • An overwhelmed feeling. Since you’re already overloaded by the awakening, it won’t take much to make you feel overwhelmed.

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Pleiadian Starseed Mission & Purpose

Not all Starseeds are on Earth out of a sense of benevolence, but the sensitive, heart-focused Plaeiasians usually are. Like Sirians, they’re here to help humanity move into its next phase of spiritual advancement.

Most of their individual missions are focused on healing. They may choose to become spiritual leaders, energy healers, life coaches, conventional healers, or even visionary artists. They use their healing skills to help humans rediscover their own innate talents and gifts.

Starseeds are people first and foremost, but they are born with a special mission. If they can remember their souls’ origins and awaken to their full potentials, they can realize their goals to help humanity grow and develop as a race.

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