Best Herbs & Essential Oils For Pisces

Pisces is the zodiac’s sensitive dreamer. As a mutable Water sign, it is the most adaptable and changeable of the Water signs, but also has all of the imagination and empathy of its ruling element.

Piscean people can sometimes be a bit too sensitive, and have a tendency to prioritize the needs and wants of others over their own. Fortunately, that sensitivity means that this sign can benefit greatly from the subtle effect of herbs and oils. These can help Pisces be calm and steady while living authentically as their innately empathetic selves.

Here are some of the best herbs and essential oils for Pisces:

1. Aloe

Aloe vera is a famous medicinal plant commonly used for burns and other skin complaints. When taken internally, the gel is also soothing for the stomach and intestines. (The latex, however, is a powerful laxative.)

This plant is watery and soothing, two things that resonate with Pisces energy. Magically, aloe is also considered a protective herb. This means that it’s ideally suited to shielding the gentle Pisces heart.

Grow aloe and keep it near the front door as a guardian herb, and simply break off a leaf now and then for medicinal use.

2. Black pepper

Spicy Piper nigrum berries might seem like an odd choice for a gentle, sensitive Water sign, but their essential oil comes in handy. It’s very good for when this sign drifts away into daydreams, and helps improve energy, clarity, and focus.

It’s emotionally grounding, and very good for boosting motivation. A little goes a long way, so a few drops added to smelling salts is all you need.

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3. Cedar

Cedrus species produce fragrant wood and a powerful essential oil. It’s commonly used for keeping pests out of closets and chests, and is similarly used in magic for protection and purification.

In aromatherapy, the oil is considered strengthening, and can help curb some of Pisces’ daydreaming. It’s also good for enhancing mental focus. Burn some of the dried needles as incense, or work directly with the oil in anointing, inhalation, or massage blends.

4. Cypress

Cupressus trees are liminal beings. They’re often planted around cemeteries, forming a boundary between the living and the deceased, and bald cypress trees (Taxodium distichum) grow where water meets land.

When burned, the resin and needles purify the energy of a space. In aromatherapy, the oil is used to enhance focus and stability, ease grief, and calm the nervous system.

5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus globulus is a medicinal herb whose essential oil is commonly included in formulas to treat coughs and congestion. While it’s considered to be a Fire herb, its virtues are helpful for Pisces.

For one, the oil can help clear nasal passages and encourage deep breathing, which is emotionally and energetically cleansing.

Emotionally, the oil also helps balance emotions, clear the head, and encourage a rational outlook.

Magically, eucalyptus wards away negative energy, soothes worries, and eases mental exhaustion. Keep the dried branches around (especially in the shower), or work with the essential oil in massage or anointing blends.

6. Lavender

Lavandula species are known for their very fragrant purple flowers. Historically, this herb was used to calm, clean, and cleanse. Magically, it’s associated with relaxation, love, and peace.

Pisces can benefit from the gentle relaxant properties of the oil, and the energy cleansing ability of the dried buds. Steep a few tablespoons of the buds in hot water, allow it to cool, strain out the used buds, and add the liquid to a bath for a restorative, clearing experience. You can also light the dried stems the same way you’d use incense.

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7. Lemon balm

Melissa officinalis is a lemony-scented herb used as a mild sedative. It helps soothe the nerves, relieve tension headaches, and ease irritability and discomfort due to hormonal changes. Its ruling planet is the Moon, and its ruling element is Water.

In aromatherapy, the oil is used for relieving stress. Some of its magical properties include healing and love. This can be a very good herb for reducing emotional or physical tension, which Pisces sometimes get caught up in.

A cup of lemon balm tea now and then can be a great way to relax at the end of the day, or as a precursor to an energy cleansing.

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8. Orange

Citrus × sinensis is best known for its edible sweet fruit. Magically, oranges are considered lunar plants, which ties them to the element of Water. Somewhat ironically, they’re also ruled by the Sun, which governs joy, optimism, and positivity.

The essential oil is considered to be very uplifting and energizing, which makes it helpful for dispelling heavy negative emotions.

Eat the fruit and take a moment to breathe in the fresh oil from the peel, or take a break now and then to inhale the scent of bottled sweet orange essential oil.

9. Rue

In magic Ruta graveolens is considered to be ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. Nonetheless, this powerful herb has a lot of uses for people born under Pisces. It’s primarily used as a cleansing and banishing herb.

Since Pisces tends to be very empathetic and sensitive, working with rue can help this sign shed energies that don’t belong to them. When worn or hung over the front door, rue also helps guard against negative energy.

10. Sandalwood

Oil from Santalum trees is known for being sweet, earthy, and very calming. Sandalwood oil and incense is frequently used to help induce or deepen a meditative state. It’s also good for focusing creativity and visioning, since it helps calm the “chattery” part of the mind.

The wood, oil, and incense can all be a helpful addition to an evening “wind down” ritual for Pisces. Be careful when sourcing this powerful plant — some species are endangered due to overharvesting for the incense and oil trade. Look for ethically collected sandalwood.

People born under the sign of the fishes are very loving, dreamy, and idealistic. They can sometimes lose their connection to the physical world, so grounding herbs and oils help bring them back to Earth.

Their emotional sensitivity also allows them to get bogged down by stress and negative thoughts or feelings, which is where cleansing and uplifting plants can help. With these herbs and oils, this sign can move through the world relaxed, happy, focused, and thriving.

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