Orion Starseeds: Traits, Signs, Appearance & Mission

It’s tough being a Starseed. While they’re commonly regarded as advanced spiritual beings, none of them are born knowing what they are.

They go through life feeling that they have a great mission to fulfill, and usually end up going through an intense spiritual awakening at some point in their lives.

The Orion Starseeds are no exception to this. Even though they’re said to be great at laughing at the absurdities of life, being a Starseed is never easy.

About Orion Starseeds

If you’ve ever stargazed, chances are you’ve seen the constellation of the hunter, Orion. Orion Starseeds are humans whose souls are reincarnated beings hailing from this constellation.

It’s said to be the home of many advanced societies — so advanced, in fact, that they used technology to establish totalitarian policies that kept their populations strictly controlled.

Disgusted, bored, or even traumatized by this, the Orion people began choosing to incarnate on Earth starting in the 1960s.

This longstanding trauma means that Orion Starseeds are sometimes viewed as cold and aloof people who care more about science, history, and other intellectual pursuits than anything else.

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Orion Starseed Traits & Characteristics

There’s more to an Orion Starseed than an interest in science. Souls from the constellation of the hunter share several important characteristics, and you can use these to see if you might be one of them.

Orion Starseed traits and characteristics include:

  • Love challenges. They’re natural engineers, adept at problem-solving. They’re likely to enjoy riddles, sudoku, and other things that require them to think around corners.
  • Seek knowledge. It makes sense that those associated with Orion would be hunters, as well. Knowledge is their quarry, and they pursue it relentlessly.
  • A wicked sense of humor. Orion Starseeds may be emotionally reserved, but they’re also very funny. They can draw amusing parallels between things, pointing out the humor that others might miss.
  • Are opinionated. These Starseeds have strong opinions, especially about humanitarian issues. Their souls have been through the wringer, so they aren’t afraid to speak up on what they feel is right and wrong. They can sometimes have a hard time understanding why everyone doesn’t just agree with them.
  • Have a deep sense of compassion. Even if they aren’t emotionally demonstrative, Orion Starseeds are very compassionate people.
  • Are fiercely independent. These Starseeds don’t need a lot of external validation. This can be a bit of a problem in relationships, since their partners might not really “get” their need for alone time.
  • Want to be their own bosses. Orion Starseeds often think they know best, and don’t like taking orders. They value their independence and freedom, so they usually choose career paths that allow them to work for themselves.
  • Overthink things. Not everything fits easily into a logical box, which is something that Orion Starseeds struggle with. They can spend a lot of time ruminating, and may be prone to “black and white” thinking.

If you’re logical, independent, aloof, and a perfectionist, you might be an Orion Starseed. Even if you aren’t, you may be a Starseed from another place. This is more likely if you experience:

  • A unique appearance. Genetics aside, a lot of Starseeds’ origins show in their eyes. They may be very large, uniquely shaped, or have a rarely-seen color.
  • Physical illness from low energy states. People and places with low vibrations feel unpleasant, and may even make you tired or nauseated.
  • Headaches from unnatural light. Starseeds are all about natural sunlight. Incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lighting make them feel ill.
  • Delicate skin and easy bruising. Starseeds often get bruises from no known cause.
  • Sensitivity to alcohol and medications. Some Starseeds find that they’re lightweights who develop severe hangovers very easily, or are very sensitive to any kind of medication.
  • Resistance to alcohol and medications. Other Starseeds find that they can drink all night, and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning. They may also require more anesthetic to feel any effect.
  • Strange physical feelings. It’s not uncommon for a Starseed to develop sensations of pressure, warmth, cold, or tingling, seemingly at random. These are thought to be energy blockages moving through the body.

If you’ve ever had an intense spiritual awakening, that also points to Starseed origins. This can present in a lot of different ways, but many people report feeling:

  • Agitation or restlessness, as if you’re under pressure.
  • A sense of disconnection.
  • Disorientation.
  • Overwhelmed by seemingly minor disturbances.

If these symptoms come on without an apparent physical or mental cause, and eventually resolve themselves, they may be signs of a Starseed awakening.

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Orion Starseed Mission & Purpose

Starseeds generally show up on Earth for a reason. They’re not just joyriding — they’re here to guide, advise, or otherwise shape the future of humanity. Orion Starseeds have two. One is for humanity as a whole, and another is for themselves.

On a personal level, Orions don’t understand emotions very well. They may even feel cut off from them. They can sympathize deeply with others, but don’t necessarily get why they feel the way they do. Their mission here is to discover that the pursuit of knowledge doesn’t preclude happiness and emotion — they can learn and play at the same time.

For Earth, Orions want to help humanity advance through science and humanitarian causes. They want to contribute to Earth’s store of knowledge in all subjects, and improve the lives of people all over the globe.

Their souls have experienced the benefits and disadvantages of living in a very advanced society, and they’re here to help us learn and keep us from making the same mistakes they did.

Starseed souls come to Earth with a deep purpose to fulfill. Orions are uniquely able to see anything they attempt through to completion. This drive and desire to learn make them formidable forces when they’re able to put their powerful, analytical minds to work.

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