Mintakan Starseeds: Traits, Signs, Appearance & Mission

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong place, or even the wrong time? Have you gone through a disruptive awakening in your life? If so, you might have been born a Starseed — a human whose soul originated long ago, on another planet.

Starseeds are people with a mission to fulfill on Earth. They are rare, and each one has a connection to a different planet, era, and aspect of humanity.

Some choose to come here as guides, while others are here to help mankind advance through the arts and sciences. Mintakan Starseeds originate from planets orbiting a multiple star system in Orion.

About Mintakan Starseeds

Mintakan and Orion Starseeds are often categorized together, since Mintaka is located in the constellation of Orion. They have been here for a very long time, with some estimates pegging Mintakan presence on Earth as long as 75,000 years ago.

One of the planets in this system, sometimes called Artuvia, is no longer habitable. Some Mintakan people are said to still live in their other original home planets, but individuals from Artuvia have chosen to incarnate on Earth as Starseeds.

Mintakans have a very old and advanced society. They are very adept at astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, and other practices regarded as esoteric on Earth.

While Mintakan Starseeds are still very human, their personalities, traits, and physical appearances are informed by their souls’ origins in the Mintaka star system.

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Mintakan Starseed Traits & Characteristics

Could you be a Mintakan Starseed? It’s definitely possible. While there’s no definitive test for Starseed origins, there is a list of traits and characteristics that may indicate it.

Mintakan Starseed traits and characteristics include:

  • You are naturally curious. Mintakans want to know the hows and whys behind everything.
  • You don’t always have the time to fully indulge your curiosity. They want to know how everything works, but don’t often invest enough time in doing so.
  • You are highly sociable and charming.
  • You’re naturally credulous, especially about supernatural topics. Mintakan curiosity extends to things like ghosts and cryptids. They also tend to take accounts of these phenomena at face value.
  • You love a physical challenge. Anything that pushes your limits is all but irresistible to you.
  • You love having large families and big circles of friends.
  • You crave new experiences. Mintakan Starseeds are sometimes rash and impulsive, eager to rush headlong into adventures.
  • You can smell a lie from a mile away. Mintakan Starseeds are adept at verbal and non-verbal communication. This includes seeing through other peoples’ attempts to deceive them.
  • You have a strong sense of intuition.
  • You are very empathetic. It’s part of how Mintakans are able to read people so easily.
  • You’re drawn to water, or have an affinity for sea creatures. The original Mintakans are an aquatic people.
  • You seem to manifest whatever you need without having to try very hard. Mintakans are extremely tapped in to their own energy, and the energies of their natural environment. Mintakan Starseeds, by extension, have a strong talent for magic and manifestation — even if they don’t practice them consciously.

If this sounds like you, you might be a Mintakan Starseed. This is especially true if you share some of the traits common to all varieties of Starseed, like:

  • Trouble with low energy people, places, and problems. Mintakan Starseeds, in particular, have difficulty being around sadness, anxiety, or anger. It can even cause them to experience physical illness.
  • Trouble with artificial lights. This goes beyond the headaches most people get from fluorescent bulbs. Starseeds can have issues with anything other than natural light.
  • Delicate skin or blood vessels. Starseeds often bruise easily. They may wake up with unexplained bumps or marks.
  • Problems dosing medications, drugs, or alcohol. Starseeds are generally very sensitive, or have an extremely high tolerance to medicinal or recreational substances.
  • An interesting appearance. This is usually most noticeable in their eyes. Starseeds may have very large, interestingly colored eyes, or an intense gaze.
  • Strange physical sensations. Most Starseeds are very sensitive to energy. Blockages and shifts may manifest as aches, pains, cold, heat, or tingling.

One of the biggest hallmarks of a Starseed is an awakening. Starseeds aren’t born knowing their origins, mission, or what they truly are.

They generally end up experiencing a spiritual awakening at some point in their lives, which is their soul’s energy “waking up” within the body. This can cause:

  • Feelings of intense mental or physical pressure.
  • Sleeping too much, or having trouble falling and staying asleep.
  • Disorientation, even in very familiar surroundings.
  • Disconnection from others.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.

These all occur without any medical or psychological cause, but it’s a good idea to have a doctor rule out any underlying issues, just in case. Fortunately, this awakening is a temporary state until the soul and body adjust.

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Mintakan Starseeds Mission & Purpose

Just like their off-planet neighbors, the Orion Starseeds, Mintakan Starseeds came to Earth with a specific mission. They’re here to help humanity advance and raise the planet’s vibration.

Mintakans want to teach people the value of love and solidarity, and often choose to do this by occupying roles in therapy, teaching, energy healing, the creative arts, or other fields that touch people’s hearts.

This mission can be a real challenge for Mintakan Starseeds. While they’re able to see through liars and deceivers, their compassionate natures mean that they often get taken advantage of. They are here to learn the value of boundaries and grounding practices just as much as they are here to teach humanity about love and unity.

Starseeds are unique, beautiful souls here for a purpose. They choose to come to Earth to help humanity, and this mission weighs on them until they complete it.

The Mintakan Starseeds, originally hailing from a star system in Orion, are intuitive, empathetic beings here to help guide humans through our ascension.

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