Lyran Starseeds: Traits, Signs, Appearance & Mission

Do you ever feel like you’re a stranger, no matter who you’re with or where you are? If so, you might be partially correct.

Starseeds are humans whose souls originally incarnated elsewhere in the universe — typically on another planet, but possibly even in another dimension. This gives them certain characteristics and challenges that they carry over into this life.

Starseeds commonly show some traces of their extraterrestrial origins, as well as feeling that they have a mission to carry out on Earth. Lyran Starseeds originally hail from planets in the Lyra star system.

About Lyran Starseeds

The Lyrans are tied to Atlantis and Lemuria. It’s said that their knowledge and technology helped these ancient civilizations, and they may have even been responsible for teaching early humans how to use fire.

Lyra is also purported to be the home to two alien races: one birdlike, and one catlike. Lyran society is considered very ancient, even among alien races.

While it’s possible for a Starseed to incarnate many times over, the original Lyran progenitors are thought to no longer exist. All Starseed souls now are descendants of the originals, who were all but wiped out during a war with the Draconians.

This is part of what drove the Lyran exodus to other planets and star systems, and the birth of the Starseeds on Earth.

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Lyran Starseed Traits & Characteristics

As was mentioned previously, all Starseeds carry some markers of their alien origins. While they have regular human bodies and DNA, their souls still shine through in different ways.

Lyran Starseed traits and characteristics include:

  • An older air or appearance. Lyrans are one of the most ancient races. They’ve also been through a lot. This can make Lyran Starseeds come off as older than they truly are.
  • Deep grounding. Lyrans are passionate, but don’t really ever get carried away by their feelings. They’re very energetically grounded.
  • Hedonism. These Starseeds know how to have a good time, and they love doing it. They like good food, good drinks, and fun. They don’t engage in excessive risk-taking or pleasures that cause harm to others, however.
  • A love of history. Lyrans love ancient civilizations, history, and anthropology. Lyran Starseeds are similarly drawn to these topics.
  • A sense of adventure. As much as they like history, Lyrans are just as drawn to novelty. They like travel and new experiences.
  • Physical strength. Lyrans love physical activity. They’re likely to be very into playing sports, working out, hiking, and rock climbing.
  • A need for sleep. Most Lyran Starseeds sleep more than average. Part of this is because of their origins, part of it is likely because they don’t mind staying up partying.
  • Ambiversion. They enjoy being in crowds and spending time with others, but aren’t likely to try to draw attention to themselves. Quietly observing and soaking up the vibes are much more their speed.
  • A connection to cats or birds.
  • A feline or avian appearance.
  • Excellent leadership qualities.
  • Creativity and artistic skill.
  • A natural affinity for animals of all kinds, but especially cats and birds.
  • A dislike of authority.

If that sounds like you, your soul could very well come from Lyra. If you only share a few characteristics, or none at all, you might still be a Starseed. Starseeds come from all over, and their civilizations and races all have different traits. Some shared Starseed traits include:

  • Problems with low-vibrating people, places, or situations. They won’t just make a Starseed feel down — they might even feel tired, nauseated, or ill.
  • Odd physical sensations. These can range from tingling, to pressure, to changes in temperature, and they never have a physical cause. It’s said that they’re simply symptoms of energy blockages shifting.
  • Trouble with dosage. It doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol, anesthetic, or aspirin, Starseeds very commonly have trouble getting the right amount. They tend to be either very sensitive to medication and alcohol, or very resistant.
  • Delicate skin and capillaries. Starseeds usually bruise easily, without any underlying medical cause.
  • Problems with artificial lighting. Starseeds don’t do well with lamps. Artificial lighting can cause headaches, eye strain, and even dizziness.

You’re also likely a Starseed if you’ve ever experienced an awakening. This is a period where your soul is “waking up” to your mission on Earth. It’s commonly marked by a number of symptoms, including:

  • Mental and emotional pressure. You get a sense of needing to do something, though you don’t know what. It can manifest as agitation and restlessness.
  • Disconnection from others. While your soul works itself out, you may need to withdraw socially.
  • Disrupted sleep. This is a particular issue for Lyrans, who generally need more sleep than others.
  • Overwhelm. Awakenings are demanding, so it’s not uncommon for minor annoyances to turn into big problems.

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Lyran Starseeds Mission & Purpose

Lyrans are all about having a good time, but that’s not their sole mission on Earth. Some say that Lyrans have already done what they came here to do, by helping early humans form societies and advance themselves. Others say that Lyran Starseeds’ job isn’t done yet, and humanity still has far to go.

These Starseeds are healers, especially of the emotions. Their lesson for humanity is not to take things too seriously, embrace the ebb and flow of life, and take pleasure where they can find it. They are here to live as examples of optimism, joy, and what it means to seize opportunities.

Lyran Starseeds are humans whose souls originated on one of the planets within Lyra, long ago. They’ve been with humanity since its very beginnings, and they aren’t done yet.

These fun-loving spirits are here to inspire, create, heal, and push mankind to greater heights.

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