Numerology Life Path Number 6: Careers, Compatibility & More

Your life path number is akin to a numerological horoscope. It takes the day of your birth, and uses that to determine certain things about your personality, tendencies, and what you find important. As long as you know the full day, month, and year of your birth, you can easily figure out your life path number.

First, add the digits of your birth day. Next, do the same to your birth month. then, do the same to your birth year. If any of the results are more than one digit, reduce them further. Finally, add all of the results together. If this adds up to 6, your life path number is 6.

About Life Path Number 6

Numerologically, the number 6 is all about love, harmony, nurturing, and awareness. People with this life path tend to be extremely sympathetic and hopeful people. They are naturally caring and nurturing, and others are drawn to their generosity and warmth. While other life path numbers might love life, the number 6 lives for love.

People with the life path number 6 are true friends — the kind of person someone can call at 3 AM when they need a shoulder to cry on. They’re just as warm and compassionate to their romantic partners, too. If the words “hopeless romantic” describe a life path, it’s 6. They are also quick to stick up for the defenseless and lend their voice to the voiceless.

Life path number 6 plant theme.

Unfortunately, every person has strengths and weaknesses. Since 6 lives for love, they can tend to be a passive partner in relationships, willing to go along with whatever their lover wants without voicing their own wants and needs.

They can also end up giving too much of their time and energy away, exhausting themselves in the process of trying to be a good friend or partner. At times, their caring nature can become nagging or meddling — they can often see what’s best for the people they love, and don’t understand why their loved ones can’t do the same.

People with this life path number can also see the world through rose-colored glasses. They feel endless warmth and compassion, and so assume that others do, too. This can lead unscrupulous people to take advantage of the 6’s generosity. Since 6s are quicker to stand up for others than for themselves, they can end up burned by predatory people over and over.

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Life Path Number 6 – Career Path, Business & Money

This life path number thrives where its nurturing nature is appreciated. They can make excellent teachers, healthcare professionals, counselors, and humanitarians. Wherever they can protect the defenseless or help the helpless, they will thrive.

Many people with the life path number 6 will also thrive as stay at home parents or spouses. They’re often content to tend to things at home, working to provide a comfortable, loving environment at home. They excel at domesticity.

Life path number 6 career theme.

The number 6 doesn’t really care about money or notoriety. Even if they did, their self-sacrificing nature means that they can easily look past any desire for wealth or fame in favor of the chance to nurture and support.

People with this life path number should avoid any career that attaches them to something they find exploitative. They should avoid any companies that don’t align with their beliefs — in fact, they’re more likely to end up on a picket line against them than working for them!

Life Path Number 6 Compatibility – Love, Marriage & Relationships

Love and relationships take up a lot of the 6s energy. They are incredibly warm and romantic, but, with the wrong partner, they can turn into a passive doormat while resentment builds. If their partner is too passive, the 6 can become a bit of a nag as they try to get their lover to do what the 6 views as best.

The most compatible partners for a life path number 6 are 1, 2, and 8. People with the life path number 1 are ambitious and action-oriented, and can be the yang to 6s yin. The 1 will benefit from 6’s supportive energy, and, for 1s who end up in “two person careers” that require one partner to handle all of the domestic duties, 6 might be the ideal partner.

Life path number 6 beach love and relationships theme.

People with the life path number 2 are also all about harmony and cooperation. They can keep the 6 from overextending themselves, and provide an environment that’s balanced and nurturing. Life path number 8s are similar to 1s in many ways, and can therefore also greatly appreciate 6’s nurturing nature.

People with the life path number 6 are less compatible with those with the life paths 3. Those with a life path of 3 tend to be too free-and-easy for the deeply romantic 6 — while a 3 might be after a fun fling, a 6 will want something deeper before long. That can turn a lighthearted, fun relationship into heartbreak.

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Thriving as a Life Path Number 6

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to love and be loved, see the best in everyone, and make everyone feel supported, nurtured, and cared for. Problems only arise when people with life path number 6 fail to do the same for themselves.

Thriving as a 6 means remembering three things:

  • Set boundaries, and don’t be afraid to enforce them.
  • You can’t pour from an empty glass.
  • You are worthy of the love you show to others.

People with this life path number need boundaries. Without them, they can very easily exhaust themselves in trying to accommodate others. Setting these boundaries doesn’t come naturally to a 6, but it’s a vitally important skill for them to learn. Without them, it’s all too easy for the 6 to become disillusioned and cynical about others.

If you’ve ever been on a plane, you’ve heard the instructions to strap on your oxygen mask before helping anyone else with theirs. There’s a reason for this — you can’t help anyone if you aren’t getting enough support yourself.

All people with this life path number need to remember that, if they don’t take care of themselves, there won’t be enough of them left to care for anyone else. This means self-care, in the traditional, not-consumerist sense. Setting aside time for a healthy diet, relaxation, and exercise, coupled with setting boundaries, can make sure that 6s are able to keep functioning.

Since people with this life path number may also tend to become passive partners in their relationships, it’s important for them to remember that they are worthy of all of the love and consideration that they give to others. This life path number never has trouble attracting other people to them, so there’s no reason to stay in a relationship where their needs aren’t being honored.

The right partner will want them to feel loved, not just view them as a convenient way to get the support they want. The life path number 6 revolves around love — romantic love for partners, parental love for children, and a compassionate love for the world.

As long as they can enter a career that allows them to express their sympathetic nature, remember to set firm boundaries, take care of themselves, and avoid partners who exploit them, they can thrive in life.

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