Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings: Love, Career & More

Knights are symbols of action. They come after the Pages of their suits, and their energy is more mature. Where the Pages are heralds and the King and Queen are sovereigns, the Knights represent the aspects of their suits that are ready to charge into battle.

This means that they can exhibit more power than the Pages, but lack the maturity and balance of the Kings and Queens — as a result, their meanings can be a bit more extreme and less nuanced.

About Knight of Wands

  • Keywords: Charming, ambitious, confident, free-spirited
  • Keywords (Reversed): Reckless, arrogant, foolish, a lack of ambition and self-discipline
  • Yes or No: Yes
  • Yes or No (Reversed): No
  • Element: Fire
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

The Knight of Wands is typically depicted as riding a charging horse. In the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, this figure is illustrated as an armored man with a long, flamelike plume streaming from his helmet.

He wears yellow overcoat over his armor, decorated with black salamanders. All of his attire emphasizes the suit of Wands’ connection to the element of Fire. Even his horse’s chestnut coat matches this theme.

Knight of Wands Tarot Card.

Like the Page of Wands, the background of the Knight of Wands further emphasizes this figure’s association with Fire. The sky is blue and cloudless, and the ground is dry and sandy, with a few dunes in the distance.

In one hand, the Knight holds the reins of his horse. In the other, he holds a single leafy wand.

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Knight of Wands Meaning (Upright)

As a general rule, the Knight of Wands appears when you’re feeling excited, optimistic, and ambitious. He’s usually a good omen, so you can expect things to go very well for you.

You might be feeling very free and adventurous right now, as if you could take on the world. Use this momentum to carry you towards achieving your dreams!

On the other hand, the Knights have a tendency to come on a little strong. In the Knight of Wands’ case, that means leaping before you look. While he’s a good sign overall, be aware of his blind spots. It’s a good idea to temper his enthusiastic energy with some solid planning and careful execution.

Since he’s a face card, the Knight of Wands can represent a person. In that case, he’s usually a young adult man born under a Fire sign. He may be very charming, charismatic, and flirtatious.

Knight of Wands Meaning (Reversed)

When the Knight of Wands is reversed, his progress is impeded. Rather than charging ahead full steam, you might find that you’re struggling with delays and obstacles.

You might have trouble mustering the energy to pursue your goals, or else feel overconfident and fail to plan.

Sometimes, this card indicates travel troubles. Expect cancellations, delays, and lost luggage.

As a signifier, the Knight of Wands reversed can symbolize a young adult man born under a Fire sign. Unlike the upright Knight of Wands, this man shows more of the suit’s negative traits, including a lack of self-control, jealousy, or a quick temper.

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Knight of Wands Meaning – Love & Relationships (Upright)

In love and relationship readings, the Knight of Wands upright can mean one of two things. Either you or your partner are exhibiting the characteristics of this card, and are optimistic, energetic, passionate, playful, and creative.

Otherwise, your relationship may be entering a very fun, passionate phase. If you can put in the work to ensure that your partnership has a solid foundation, you may deepen your commitment or emotional connection.

In some contexts, this card can indicate moving together. If it does, it’s likely that this move will be international.

For single people, the Knight of Wands can represent a very passionate, charismatic figure that’s caught your eye. If not, he may herald a time when you feel happy, free, and adventurous about dating.

It may not be a great time to settle down just yet, but that’s okay. Enjoy your fun and freedom while you can!

Knight of Wands Meaning – Love & Relationships (Reversed)

When reversed, the Knight of Wands isn’t a very good omen for relationships. In this orientation, he takes on more of his negative qualities. You or your partner may be more argumentative, jealous, or even abusive right now.

Your relationship may also be very volatile, or even experience a period of infidelity. The Knight of Wands is very passionate, but, when reversed, that passion isn’t well-governed.

If you’re single, then this card can represent a charismatic figure with a bad side. Be wary of people who are deceptive, easy to anger, or unwilling to give you the kind of commitment you want.

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Knight of Wands Meaning – Careers, Business & Money (Upright)

For career and business readings, the Knight of Wands is all about motion. Elementally, Fire moves quickly. This indicates that you might be getting ready to change jobs, relocate for work, or open your own business.

You’re likely to feel very energetic, enthusiastic, and ambitious when this card appears.

As a cautionary note, this card also warns against being too impulsive. Don’t make decisions hastily, or your energy and optimism will soon burn out.

For money readings, the Knight of Wands indicates that you’re likely to have a lot of money coming to you. Just be careful not to spend impulsively or invest in risky ventures — your cash flow can reverse very easily.

Knight of Wands Meaning – Careers, Business & Money (Reversed)

If the Knight of Wands appears reversed in a career reading, it can represent a lack of ambition, passion, or focus.

You might be in a career you aren’t very enthusiastic about and are floundering for a way out, or have a vague idea for a business plan and no way to execute it. Avoid making impulsive decisions here — you’re not likely to end up where you want to be through sheer luck alone.

Financially, the Knight of Wands reversed represents money moving away from you. At the moment, you might feel like you have plenty of “fun money” to play around with. Avoid reckless spending, or you’ll see some big losses.

Knight of Wands: Yes or No?

The Knight of Wands is a very fast-moving, energetic character. Upright, it’s a pretty positive card. For “Yes or No” readings, it’s typically a “Yes.” You may even receive an outcome that’s even better than you hoped for!

Reversed, the Knight starts representing more negative aspects. He’s reckless, impulsive, and overconfident. This energy means that you’re not likely going to get what you want, so your answer is probably a “No.”

The Knight of Wands has a lot going for him. At his best, he’s very charming, energetic, and ambitious. When reversed, he can become easily angered, jealous, or even violent.

Pay close attention to where and how he appears, because he brings all of the energy of the suit of Wands and the element of Fire with him.

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