Best Herbs & Essential Oils For Grounding

Grounding is a vital skill for anyone, even those who don’t practice magic or energy work. Whenever you feel a little off kilter, or not quite like yourself, it’s likely that your energy field is affected.

Grounding is a way to get everything back to normal, returning you to a calm, healthy, natural energetic state that’s engaged with the physical plane. Though it’s often the first skill any witch or energy healer learns, it’s sometimes useful to have a little help.

Certain herbs and oils are known for their ability to bring your focus back to the present moment, and are ideal for use when you need something more than a basic grounding exercise.

Here are some of the best herbs and essential oils for grounding:

1. Angelica

Angelica archangelica is considered a powerful magical protector, banishing negative energy and drawing in the positive. The oil has a faint aura of citrus, permeated with a musky, earthy base.

The dried roots themselves are very fragrant, too, with a slightly bitter scent reminiscent of celery.

The whole dried roots are usually large enough to carry as a protective charm that you can hold and smell when you need some grounding, but you can also carry a small vial of the oil to sniff as needed.

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2. Cedar

If you’ve ever walked into a pet store and been greeted by an aromatic, resinous, woody smell, you’ve smelled cedar. Cedar oil can come from either red cedar (Juniperus virginiana or Thuja plicata), or members of the Cedrus genus.

In this case, the exact species is less important than the oil itself. All of these trees have a distinctive smell that’s said to be strengthening. It’s also good at clearing the user’s head and bringing them into the present.

Wear a drop or two in aromatic jewelry, or carry a small bottle to smell as needed.

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3. Cypress

Grounding herbs and oils tend to fall into one of two camps: They’re either very earthy or very aromatic. The really aromatic ones, like members of the genus Cupressus, help the user ground themselves by clearing the head and snapping their attention to the present, a bit like smelling salts.

Magically, this herb is used for protection and ruled by Saturn, the planet that governs things like banishment. This means that it’s also good for warding your aura against any energies you don’t want sticking to you, and ditching any that already have.

Wear cypress in aromatherapy jewelry, carry a bottle to smell as needed, or use it in an anointing blend.

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4. Dandelion

Taraxacum officinale is a bane to lawns everywhere, particularly because of its long tap root. Dandelions are very “Earthy” herbs, rich in minerals and held in place by a deep, sturdy root system.

They’re also very bitter, especially the mature leaves. This bitter flavor can help ground you by bringing your focus to the moment and your physical body, and away from the stray energies that might be distracting you or causing brain fog.

Use the dried leaves in teas or tinctures, or treat the roasted root as a coffee substitute. Just beware — one of the dandelion’s many names is “pissenlit,” and its diuretic action is nothing to sneeze at!

5. Garden sage

Salvia officinalis is an aromatic plant that’s able to pull your head out of the clouds and back into the moment. It’s good for symptoms like brain fog, helping the user to focus their thoughts and shed the energetic residue that’s throwing them off.

It’s also a culinary herb, and few things are better than food for grounding and pulling your attention back to the present reality. Try the dried herb as a culinary spice, or use it in tincture form.

You can also use garden sage essential oil by placing a single drop on the palm of your hands, rubbing them together, and breathing deeply. It doesn’t take much for this herb to have a grounding effect — a taste or smell will do.

6. Fir

Oils of conifers tend to be very helpful for grounding, and essences from members of the Abies genus are no exception. They have a crisp, piney, green scent that’s good for cutting through mental fog and pulling you into the present — just like the roots of a tree ground it to the soil.

In aromatherapy, this oil is also purported to help with emotional stability, returning balance to those whose energies are easily disrupted. Apply a drop to the palm of one hand, rub it with the other, and inhale.

You can also carry a small vial of the oil on you, or add a drop of it to aromatherapy jewelry.

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7. Myrrh

Myrrh and myrrh oil come from trees of the genus Commiphora. These extracts are known for their earthy, resinous, faintly bitter aroma, as well as their power as energetic cleansers.

In this sense, myrrh derivatives act as a kind of one-two punch. First, they clear unwanted energies. Then, their aroma helps to ground the user.

To use myrrh resin, burn it on charcoal. (Make sure to do this in a very well-ventilated area, because it’ll produce a lot of smoke.)

Myrrh oil is derived from the resin, and is very thick and sticky. Dilute it before using it in aromatherapy jewelry, roller blends, or anointing oils.

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8. Oakmoss

A tree-dwelling lichen might seem like an odd choice for a list of grounding herbs, since it’s not an herb and never touches the ground, but Evernia prunastri is still immensely useful for this purpose.

It’s associated with oak trees, deep-rooted symbols of stability and strength since time immemorial. In perfumery, it’s used as a fixitive — helping other fragrances stick around without evaporating immediately.

Its earthy, woody, lush aroma evokes a forest floor after a rain, and is a comforting, steadying scent. It’s a wonderful addition to dried herb sachets for grounding.

Oakmoss essential oil is very thick, to the point where it must be heated and diluted with thinner oils to be usable. A little also goes a very long way, so you may wish to use a pre-diluted oil or blend featuring oakmoss combined with other grounding oils.

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9. Patchouli

Pogostemon cablin is known in magical circles as an herb for manifesting things on the physical plane, and acting as a very sensual, almost aphrodisiac love ingredient.

This means that patchouli can help pull your energy back to Earth, with a particular emphasis on the pleasurable aspects of inhabiting your body and engaging with the present moment.

The leaves and essential oil have an earthy, musky aroma that provides a wonderful base note to many perfumes and oil blends. You can also fill a small pouch with dried patchouli leaves, and give it a squeeze and a sniff when you need to grounding yourself.

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10. Vetiver

Chrysopogon zizanioides, known as vetiver or khus khus, is an aromatic grass native to India. Known for its sweet, earthy fragrance, it’s also very popular as a form of erosion control — its densely-weaving roots act like natural nets to hold soil in place.

If you need something to help you hold yourself together and ground your energy, you can’t go wrong with vetiver oil.

Wear this delightful-smelling essence in aromatherapy jewelry, or carry a small bottle with you to smell when you need some earthy grounding help.

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11. Honorable Mention: Edible herbs

Eating and drinking are two things that help you engage with your physical body, drawing your attention to the “now.” These actions stimulate your senses of taste, touch, and smell and keep you present in yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you have — any food or beverage will help. Close your eyes and savor the sensations of eating and drinking. Take your time. Let it be a meditative act.

If your mind begins to wander, gently draw it back to how your food or drink tastes, smells, and feels.

Grounding can mean different things to different people, but most can agree on what being ungrounded feels like. You might experience brain fog, agitation, or a kind of “spacey” feeling.

Grounding can help you focus, get rid of stray energies, and return to your natural state of being.

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