Herbs & Oils For Divine Feminine Connection

The Divine Feminine is a distinct phenomenon, separate from the human idea of gender and femininity.

When the ideas of passive and active, projective and receptive, and conscious and subconscious energy were being codified, many writers described one set of traits as masculine, and another as feminine. All humans have a balance of feminine and masculine energy within them, regardless of their gender presentation.

The Divine Feminine is a spiritual concept that stands in contrast to the Divine Masculine. It is intuitive, nurturing, empathetic, creative, receptive, and community-oriented. It’s represented by The High Priestess and The Empress in tarot, and the concept of the Goddess in all her forms.

Some people have a more difficult time connecting to this energy than others, but there are herbs and oils that can help facilitate this process.

Here are some of the best herbs and essential oils for connecting with the divine feminine:

1. Clary sage

Salvia sclarea is an herb for clear-sightedness and intuition. Medicinally, it has been used to clear debris from the eyes and relieve eye irritation. Energetically, it’s helpful for spiritual clarity and honing the intuitive mind.

Blend clary sage with other oils for Divine Feminine energy, use it straight in aromatherapy jewelry, or dilute it in a neutral carrier oil for use as a massage or anointing oil.

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2. Damiana

Turnera diffusa helps increase blood flow to the pelvic region, producing a warming, subtly aphrodisiac effect. This herb is associated with sensuality, lust, and pleasure.

It may help those who have experienced a loss of libido due to age or emotional trauma to reconnect with their physical pleasure.

Energetically, it’s tied to the lush, fertile Mother Goddess aspect of the Divine Feminine. Use it in a tea, or, for a more potent dose, as a tincture.

3. Geranium

The oil of fragrant Pelargonium species is often turned to to help with forgiveness, compassion, and gentleness. It can be helpful in situations where trauma has cut someone off from the Divine Feminine.

This oil also resonates with Maiden Goddess energy, easing difficult emotions to help the user return to that fresh, open, carefree state. Use it in aromatherapy jewelry, or dilute it in a neutral carrier to use as an anointing oil.

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4. Ginseng

Panax ginseng is an adaptogen, which means that it mitigates its effects depending on the needs of the user. It helps support healthy energy, which ties it to the idea of the Divine Feminine as a simultaneously nurturing Earth Mother, Warrior Goddess, and intuitive, magical presence.

Physically, this plant is also a source of phytoestrogens. Avoid this herb if you suffer from anxiety or hypertension, as it might be too stimulating. Otherwise, consume it as a tea, in tincture form, or in capsules of the dried root.

5. Maca

Lepidium peruvianum has roots that are dense in nutrients, increasing energy and physical power. It’s also said to help with menstrual problems and a loss of libido.

It’s a very helpful medicinal food for women entering their menopausal years, when they may feel a weakening connection to the Mother Goddess aspect of the Divine Feminine. Add the powder to smoothies or other dishes.

6. Raspberry

Rubus idaeus leaf is connected to the Divine Feminine as its represented by the Mother Goddess archetype. This herb is associated with uterine health, and is used medicinally to support conception, pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period.

It’s rich in minerals, and said to help facilitate labor. Energetically, it’s tied to the creative process and concept of fertility. Use this herb in a tea or tincture.

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7. Red clover

Trifolium pratense, like raspberry, is a medicinal herb that’s particularly helpful for the ovaries and uterus. It provides phytoestrogens and acts as a mild diuretic, which can be helpful during those times when estrogen levels drop and the body begins retaining water.

Energetically, this is a helpful herb to ease the transition into menopause, represented by the wise Crone Goddess archetype. Use this herb in a tea or tincture. Since it contains estrogen-mimicking compounds, ask your doctor before use.

8. Rose

Flowers and essential oils from Rosa species are considered very high-energy. Often called the “queen of oils,” rose essential oil supports feelings of love for the self and others.

It can help awaken the energy of the Goddess in every person, allowing them to connect to all aspects of the Divine Feminine.

Consume rosewater in food or beverages, use the dried flower petals in tea, or use the essential oil in aromatherapy jewelry. Rose oil is often imitated, so be sure to use only pure, natural rose absolute, rose otto, or attar of roses.

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9. Thyme

Members of the Thymus species are associated with courage, release, and forgiveness. The oil is said to help the user deal with trapped emotions, which may keep them from living in connection with the Divine Feminine.

It can allow the user to bravely face what they’ve been avoiding, and unearth hidden truths so they can be processed and released. Consume thyme as a culinary spice or in a tea, or use the essential oil for aromatherapy.

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10. Ylang ylang

The flowers and oil of Cananga odorata are known for their sensuality. Their fragrance is a sweet, subtly musky floral with a nearly hypnotic quality. The oil is said to help the user release bottled up emotions, experience more sensual and sexual energy, feel confidence, experience self-love, and develop greater inner strength.

This plant exhibits many of the qualities of the Divine Feminine, and the oil can be a very valuable way of connecting to and cultivating this energy within oneself.

Dilute the pure oil in a neutral carrier, and use it as an anointing blend. You can also place a drop or two of the straight oil in aromatherapy jewelry.

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The Divine Feminine is a complex concept that covers many facets of divinity. While it doesn’t necessarily map directly to human ideas of femininity, it can still be helpful to connect to to develop intuition, generosity, empathy, and creativity.

These herbs and oils can help men and women alike develop the aspects of the Divine Feminine within them.

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