Flourite: Magical Properties, Benefits & Uses

Fluorite is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Even in its raw form, these blue, green, purple, pink, red, and yellow minerals are visually striking.

When polished, their bright colors and interesting striations become even more apparent. While fluorite is less common in jewelry than many similar stones, it is a vibrant addition to magical and healing toolkits.

About Fluorite

Fluorite is made up on calcium fluoride. In its pure form, this compound is transparent. Fortunately, mineral fluorite is rarely pure.

It’s highly susceptible to color changes due to impurities and exposure to natural radiation sources, which has earned it the moniker of the “most colorful stone in the world.”

A macro shot of blue Flourite crystal with magical and metaphysical properties.

Outside of its magical, metaphysical, and ornamental uses, fluorite is used in smelting, producing glass, and the production of chemical precursors to fluoride-containing compounds.

Pure fluorite, which is transparent, is also sometimes used to make lenses for specialized telescopes or microscopes.

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Fluorite Healing Properties & Benefits

Emotionally, this gemstone neutralizes stress and improves concentration and memory. It’s often used to encourage a positive outlook, strengthen intuition, and improve balance.

Physically, fluorite cleanses the energy field, stimulates the immune system, and detoxifies the body. It’s used to improve cell turnover, heal wounds and ulcers, and improve the condition of the skin.

It’s also used to strengthen bones, improve inflammation-related conditions like arthritis and back pain, and soothe nerve pain.

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Fluorite Magical Properties

Fluorite is often used as a cleansing stone. When worn or held, it helps to remove negative energies or attachments to the aura.

When placed in a room, it rids the space of stagnant or negative energy. If used for this purpose, fluorite should be cleansed often to make sure it stays at its most effective.

This stone is also protective, specifically against psychic attacks. Wearing or carrying it when you’re out in public is the best way to shield yourself.

It may also be helpful for divination. Working with fluorite can help you gain perspectives you might not be able to see otherwise, and enhances psychic perception.

Fluorite is known as “one of the most colorful minerals in the world.” According to color magic, each variety of the stone has its own unique set of properties tied to its color.

  • Yellow fluorite is useful for enhancing creativity. Place it near your computer, musical instruments, or art supplies to avoid creative blocks. Yellow is also associated with communication, learning, and wisdom.
  • Purple fluorite is the most helpful color for divination and psychic abilities. Place it on your forehead, meditate with it before divining, or keep it near your divination tools. Purple is also tied to success, power, spirituality, and meditation.
  • Blue fluorite is used for healing, communication, and charisma. Wear or keep this stone near the throat area for help speaking eloquently. Blue is also associated with truth, guidance, and peace.
  • Clear fluorite can be used to enhance the effectiveness of other stones when placed in a crystal pouch or grid. As a clear stone, it holds some of the properties of all other colors.
  • Green fluorite is for growth and prosperity. The color green is also tied to fertility, beauty, and abundance of all forms. If you use it for plant magic, avoid placing it directly in potted plants — it can leach fluoride into the soil.
  • Pink fluorite is used for love. This color is also associated with friendship, gentleness, and emotional healing.

Different colors of fluorite also resonate with different energy centers within the body. Clear or purple fluorite is associated with the crown chakra, Sahasrara.

This center governs your connection to the universe. When it’s blocked or unbalanced, you may feel isolated or disillusioned.

Blue fluorite is tied to the throat chakra, Visuddha. This rules communication and expression. When blocked or unbalanced, it may cause you to have difficulty expressing yourself, or fear speaking up.

Yellow fluorite is for the solar plexus chakra, Manipura. This is the seat of willpower. When blocked or unbalanced, it negatively impacts all things related to the will and personal strength.

Green fluorite is for the heart chakra, Anahata. This energy center is tied to the emotions. When blocked or unbalanced, it creates difficulty loving and being loved.

Fluorite History & Folklore

The name “fluorite” comes from a Latin word meaning “flow.” One of its earliest uses was as a flux in smelting, to help reduce viscosity and improve flow.

Interestingly, many modern words derive from fluorite. Fluorite gave its name to fluorine, one of its primary component elements.

A purple flourite crystal with magical and metaphysical properties.

It’s also where we get the word “fluorescent,” since some fluorite specimens emit a characteristic glow under ultraviolet light. These specimens contain special impurities from fossilized plant matter, or minerals like yttrium.

Fluorite is a fairly recent addition to the world of gemology, and doesn’t have a very long history of use in healing or magic. Nonetheless, modern witches and healers recognize its power and have made it a favorite in magical and metaphysical circles.

How to Cleanse Flourite

Keeping fluorite energetically clear is tricky. It’s a powerful cleansing and balancing stone, but that means that it tends to need frequent cleansing to help it shake off the negative energy it comes in contact with.

Unfortunately, this stone is also fairly soft (only a 4 on the Mohs scale), mildly soluble in water, more soluble in weak acids, and not lightfast.

For this reason, it’s best to avoid cleansing methods that involve moisture, acidity, bright sunlight, or minerals harder than fluorite. Instead, try cleansing this stone using one of the following methods.

Some methods for cleansing Flourite include:

  • Energy cleansing. Hold the stone in your non-dominant hand, and pass your dominant hand over it as you visualize the energy being swept away.
  • Music, bells, chimes, singing bowls, or other cleansing sounds.
  • Fumigating with cleansing herbs or incense.
  • Bathing in the light of a full moon.

Fluorite is more delicate than other magical or healing minerals, but its properties make it well worth the effort of keeping it cleansed.

Getting Started With Fluorite

Fluorite is a wonderful stone for beginners. Its action is strong, but gentle. It makes for beautiful palm stones, obelisks, and spheres, and equally lovely jewelry — just be careful about wearing it in bright sunlight, as it may fade.

If you want to get started with this stone, you should begin by finding a source of ethically-mined specimens. These are harvested without child labor, using techniques that minimize danger to people and the environment.

A natural flourite crystal with magical and metaphysical properties.

Once you’ve found a good source for stones, it’s time to go shopping. It’s best to purchase crystals in person if at all possible, since this will give you a chance to experience a stone’s energy before bringing it home and working with it.

To do this, hold a gemstone in your non-dominant hand, and concentrate on feeling it.

Do you sense a tingling or buzzing in your palm? Does the crystal feel strangely warm or cool? Do you feel happy to hold it, or does it seem to provoke anxiety or sadness? Choose a stone that feels good to you.

Take your fluorite home and cleanse it according to the methods mentioned previously. This will get rid of the energetic effects of being mined, shipped, and handled in a shop, and get it ready for you to use.

If you have a specific intention for your fluorite, you can align it to this by holding the stone in your dominant hand and visualizing your desire. Send energy into the stone while you do this, until you get the sense that it has absorbed all it can.

If you don’t have a specific intention in mind, you can keep it as a palm stone, place it on an altar, or use it as a meditation buddy. Even if it isn’t aligned to a specific desire, it’s still a powerful protector and cleanser.

Fluorite has become a valuable ally in its relatively short time on the scene. While it might require more specialized care than some other specimens, it will more than repay your efforts.

Work with it often and cleanse it regularly, and you’ll have a potent magical and healing tool for life.

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