Signs & Symptoms of a Divine Feminine Awakening

The Divine Feminine acknowledges femininity as a sacred state equal to the Divine Masculine. For thousands of years, humanity has treated the Divine Masculine as the supreme form of divinity.

Now, more and more people are waking up to the power of the Feminine in its own right.

If you’re feeling new energies moving through you, or feel a powerful desire to heal the planet and generational trauma, you may be going through a Divine Feminine awakening.

What is the Divine Feminine?

Before discussing the Divine Feminine, it’s important to note that this doesn’t have much to do with the concepts of “feminine” and “masculine” as they’re embodied by humans.

Everyone has both feminine and masculine energy within them, only the balance varies. It has nothing to do with sex, sexuality, or gender expression.

With this in mind, the Divine Feminine is how feminine energy makes itself known in the universe. It’s a counterpart to the Divine Masculine, and is one of the energies that underlies all of existence. It represents everything receptive, intuitive, creative, and compassionate.

What is a Divine Feminine Awakening?

A Divine Feminine awakening is difficult to define. Globally, it’s represented by a shift away from patriarchal social and religious structures and modes of thinking, and toward greater compassion and understanding.

Personally, it occurs when the feminine energy within you makes itself known and heard. It demands to be acknowledged and experienced.

Signs & Symptoms of a Divine Feminine Awakening

When a Divine Feminine awakening occurs, you’re likely to experience several different signs. This is a powerful energy, and it demands to be treated as such! You may notice that:

1. You’re exploring the idea of a Divine Feminine awakening

Being here is no accident. This is a sign that the Feminine within you is calling to be noticed, awakened, and consciously experienced.

2. Your attitude toward femininity changes

Even though human femininity is not the same as the Divine Feminine, part of an awakening Divine Femininity is the realization that life requires balance.

In a world that’s still largely patriarchal, this may feel like taking notice of and appreciating human manifestations of femininity. You may begin developing an interest in pursuits typically considered more nurturing or compassionate.

3. You no longer feel like you “fit” where you once did

This is especially true for people who have tried to fit into social roles dictated by masculine norms. You may begin to feel a longing to let go of these ideas and embrace a new paradigm that honors compassion, intuition, empathy, and care.

4. Your intuition strengthens

This can take many forms. You might experience strong gut feelings that turn out to be right, prophetic dreams, or clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience. Your intuition may speak to you in many different ways.

5. You feel a surge of creativity

Divine Feminine energy is life-giving. It creates. When it awakens within you, you might feel a rush of ideas that you want to put out into the world. It might be music, visual art, writing, dance, or anything else that allows you to express yourself and the growing energy within you.

6. You seek out more opportunities to be kind

Even if you were already the sort of person to perform random acts of kindness, you may find yourself even more drawn to where your kindness is needed. You might show an increased interest in charity, volunteering, mutual aid networks, or other opportunities for you to help heal people, place, and situations.

7. You’re more willing to receive

It can be hard to accept help. For some people, it’s even difficult to accept gifts or compliments. When your Divine Feminine begins waking up, this becomes much easier.

You feel worthy, and not diminished by accepting things from others. You understand that the act of giving is just as much about the giver as the recipient, and no longer try to block this exchange of goodwill and positive energy.

8. You release grudges and embrace justice

It can be tempting to hold onto wrongs and think of justice as a synonym for revenge. When the Divine Feminine awakens, it dissolves these illusions. You begin to recognize that grudges only harm the holder, and true justice involves healing and rehabilitation, not just seeking vengeance. You want to heal generational pain, rather than hold onto it.

9. You’re more accepting of yourself and others

You may find yourself losing interest in maintaining a narrow standard of beauty, and begin recognizing the many forms that true beauty can take. You become more forgiving of the things you perceive as flaws, both within yourself and within those around you. Self-love and true self-care become easier.

10. You live authentically

Rather than denying aspects of the feminine energy within you as “weak” or somehow “lesser,” you begin living as yourself. You are a special, unique blend of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, and no longer feel the need to conform to the expectations of a society that privileges one over the other. You express yourself from the heart, and your actions are authentic to who you truly are.

Connecting with the Divine Feminine

Feeling the beginnings of a Divine Feminine awakening is one thing, but how do you help it happen? Once you begin experiencing this energy in your life, how do you connect with it and help it grow? There are multiple ways that you can do this:

1. Embrace rest

The Earth is often regarded as a manifestation of the Divine Feminine, and it rests. The seasons allow the soil to experience periods of dormancy and renewed vigor, of dryness and rain, and of shifts in temperature. Some of these periods are fertile, others are fallow.

Follow the Earth’s example, and let go of the idea that you need to be busy and productive all of the time in order to have value. Embrace the idea of rest. You have power and value even when you pause to do nothing.

2. Encourage your intuition

Intuition is like a muscle. Without use, it can atrophy. When we consciously listen to our intuition and make an effort to strengthen it, we are automatically connecting to an element of the Divine Feminine within us. Look for information from within, rather than seeking it from without, and see what you learn.

3. Embrace sacred movement

Movement is freedom and pleasure rolled up into one. Try dance, yoga, or even sexual activities. Motion encourages the flow of energy within you, and provides a form of physical relaxation and pleasure. It also helps dismantle the idea that everything we do has to be productive — moving just for the fun of it is important, too.

4. Start a journal

Journaling might seem rather simple in this context, but it’s a powerful tool. If you don’t know what to journal about, try dream journaling, or even automatic writing. This can help you tap into your intuition and channel messages you never expected.

5. Explore the healing arts

The Divine Feminine is nurturing and healing. Explore what forms of healing call to you, whether it’s massage, energy healing, sound, or something else entirely. This can even involve doing shadow work, which can be very useful if you’re suffering from trauma or misconceptions around femininity.

Your Divine Feminine awakening is deeply personal to you, but you aren’t alone. People all over the world are waking up to the feminine energy within them, and discovering its untapped power.

If you feel called to create, heal, nurture, or just experience physical pleasure and the joy of rest, it’s the Divine Feminine within you calling to be recognized.

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