Best Crystals & Stones For Healing Relationships

Arguments aren’t just able to damage a relationship, they can also negatively impact the energy of the people and places involved.

While crystals aren’t able to make two people come together again after an acrimonious breakup, they can help bring peace and healing to everyone involved, potentially allowing love to flourish again.

Here are some of the best crystals to heal and repair a broken relationship:

1. Amazonite

Amazonite is purported to help strengthen existing love, even if it’s been damaged. Their blue-green color ties them to both the Visuddha, the throat chakra, and Anahata, the heart chakra.

This enables them to open the heart to give and receive love, and facilitate communication. They’re also believed to increase libido. Wear amazonite near the heart or throat area.

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2. Aquamarine

If your relationship is suffering from distance, this crystal can help. Long associated with the sea, aquamarine was commonly given as a gift from sailors to their lovers.

It’s believed to help love survive even when two people are far apart, and keep that love true. Keep one stone for yourself, and give one to your partner.

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3. Emerald

In chakra work, this stone is tied to Anahata, the heart chakra. This energy center governs all aspects of love, including love for the self and others.

It’s also helpful for healing old emotional wounds, which can bring toxic baggage into relationships, and soothing feelings of insecurity or clinginess. Wear it near the heart area.

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4. Jade

Jade can be helpful when trust falters in a relationship. Green jade is also useful for helping love flourish, bringing the “spark” back when it seems that the romance has died.

Keep large pieces of jade in bedrooms or common rooms of the home, and wear jade jewelry around your partner to help reignite the feelings between you.

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5. Lapis lazuli

Communication is the essence of any healthy relationship, so it’s only natural that the “stone of truth” could come in handy here.

Lapis lazuli is useful for uncovering hidden truths, bringing issues to the surface where they can be properly dealt with instead of continuing to harm a relationship. It’s also associated with the throat chakra, Visuddha, which governs communication.

While not a love stone, it’s very helpful for fostering the open, honest communication that can help repair a relationship. Wear it as jewelry near the throat area, keep it as a pocket stone, or place larger specimens in your home.

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6. Malachite

Malachite is another stone that’s strongly tied to the heart’s energy center. It helps the user let go of old behavioral patterns, balances extremes of emotion, and protects against negative energy.

Its association with green color magic also ties it to the energy of growth and abundance. It heals the emotions, releases damaging thoughts and behaviors, and helps love flourish again.

Meditate with this stone, carry it in a pocket when you need emotional support, or wear it near the heart area.

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7. Morganite

This pink stone is related to aquamarine. It helps heal a broken heart, allows the user to feel and accept love again, attracts love in a general sense, and brings peace to complicated relationships.

It can be very helpful when worn near the heart area, but tends to fade in sunlight. Wear it at night, or meditate with it instead.

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8. Pink calcite

Pink calcite, sometimes called mangano calcite, is a lovely translucent peachy-pink stone. It’s very useful for people who thought they were in love, only to discover that they may not know what true love is.

This stone can help the heart learn how to love, while it aids the user during the process of breaking old emotional patterns. This can be an invaluable stone during the period of self-work involved in repairing a broken relationship. Use it as a meditative aid.

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9. Rhodochrosite

This stone is helpful for letting go of the past and moving into the future. Even if you and your partner want to continue your relationship, you can both benefit from seeing it as a fresh start.

This stone helps you release the past, appreciate your innate gifts, and encourage the emotional and physical expression of love. Keep it in shared areas of your home, where its supportive energy can help you both.

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10. Rhodonite

This bright pink stone is sometimes called the stone of forgiveness. It’s often used to help heal trauma, especially trauma from childhood abuse. It can also help heal the residual pain from a broken relationship.

If there’s no hope for a reconciliation, rhodonite allows the user to heal and love again. For best results, it should be worn over the heart.

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11. Rose quartz

When it comes to creating a loving, healing atmosphere, few things top rose quartz.

This crystal is known as the consummate love stone, and it’s wonderful for drawing new love, strengthening existing love, and helping the user to experience deeper levels of self-love and compassion.

It’s available as large specimens, which makes it perfect to place in a bedroom, family room, or other area that can benefit from a loving atmosphere.

Wearing it over the heart is helpful, too — it can help the wearer heal deep-seated emotional issues that can make reconciliation difficult.

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12. Ruby

Ruby is a stone of passion. It’s believed to help reignite lust and intensify feelings of love. This stone is best for relationships that have begun to fizzle out from a loss of interest, rather than those harmed by arguments or other strong feelings.

Place a raw ruby on your bedside table, or wear ruby jewelry.

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Some relationships fail for a reason. In that case, the only course of action is to work on healing heartbreak and learning to love again. For other situations, rekindling love and reopening lines of communication can help.

Working with these crystals allows the user to create an environment that fosters love, and helps them to do the important inner work needed for a healthy, long-term relationship.

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