Crystals to Balance Masculine & Feminine Energy

People are more sensitive than they seem. This doesn’t just mean emotionally, either — we are blessed with auras and energies that are often easily affected by our environments and experiences.

While every person, regardless of sex or gender, is a blend of masculine and feminine energy, these energies can become unbalanced by a variety of things.

“Masculine” and “feminine” in this case don’t really refer to men and women, or genders the way humans conceive of them. They’re used to describe different states of energy. Some synonyms include active and passive, or projective and receptive.

The right mix of these energies will look different for each person, though we may sometimes feel pressure to ignore our masculine or feminine energies in order to conform to the gender stereotypes set out for us.

Fortunately, there are several crystals that can help bring these energies back into the right alignment for us as individuals.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for balancing masculine and feminine energy:

1. Amazonite

This lovely blue-green stone is used to gain perspective. When we can take a bird’s eye view and see both sides of a situation, it’s easier to come to a fair, objective conclusion.

This can also help us balance our masculine and feminine energies by viewing them as they are, neither superior nor inferior to each other, each with their positive and negative attributes that may not have anything to do with our birth sex or gender identity.

Wear amazonite jewelry to enhance this objectivity, or work with it in meditation to balance the masculine and feminine within you.

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2. BojiĀ® stones

“BojiĀ® stones” is the trademarked name for a kind of mineral found in Kansas. Kansas is home to a naturally-created pyramidal formation, and these small stones collect at its base.

They come in two types — smooth, “feminine” stones, and very textured, spiked “masculine” stones. The stones are sold in pairs, since they’re believed to exert a balancing effect when used together.

To do this, hold one stone in each hand. Move them close to each other, then farther apart. If the stones are oriented correctly, it should result in a gentle pull or push, akin to a magnet.

If it doesn’t work, turn the stones over and try again. Once you’ve found which sides of the stones correspond to each other, place them on either side of the body during energy work or meditation to help balance masculine and feminine energies.

3. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a surprisingly complex crystal. It’s made of silica, the most abundant material in the Earth’s crust, and, in the absence of impurities, has absolutely no color.

Despite this, clear quartz can be a host to all kinds of fascinating internal structures, “fairy frost,” and even water bubbles or inclusions of hydrocarbons.

To some crystal workers, clear quartz that is rich with bubbles, internal fractures, or cloudiness is considered feminine, while “water clear” quartz is masculine. Quartz that has an even distribution of cloudy to clear areas is a balance of both.

While their energy sometimes doesn’t match their physical features, quartz that’s balanced tends to exert a balancing effect on the user. Hold one of these specimens while meditating or receiving energy work to benefit from this energy.

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4. Hemimorphite

Hemimorphite, a white-to-greenish sorosilicate compound that’s part of mineral calamine, isn’t a commonly spotted crystal in metaphysical or gem shops.

Nonetheless, it’s good for helping the user to plot the trajectory of their life. It allows you to see who you are, where you’re headed, and where you want to go.

This understanding contributes to an emotional and energetic balance which, in turn, can help you realize your goals. Hemimorphite is a brittle, relatively soft stone, so it’s best used during meditation.

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5. Kambaba jasper

Kambaba jasper connects us to the lifeblood of the Earth. Often assumed to be made of colonies of fossilized cyanobacteria, it’s actually a rhyolite formed by volcanic activity.

This stone is said to enhance happiness, assertiveness, and inner peace. Many of its virtues, like protection, action, and logic, are commonly ascribed to masculine energy, but Kambaba jasper is deeply grounded in the ancient feminine.

Polished pieces make for very striking jewelry, but you can also meditate with a palm stone to balance your male and female energies.

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6. Menilite

Menilite, sometimes spelled menalite, is a kind of opal. Unlike precious opals, these stones don’t exhibit any flash or plays of color. Instead, they are very smooth and rounded, with forms that seem to resemble ancient goddess figures.

This has given rise to the nickname, “Goddess fairy stones.” These are said to be helpful for those who have difficulty balancing their female energies in particular.

They’re said to be particularly helpful for those who are transitioning to another phase in life, and having difficulty letting go of their youth.

They’re also very grounding stones. Menilite isn’t commonly used in jewelry, but their smooth, undulating forms make wonderful palm or pocket stones.

7. Moonstone

These shimmery feldspars are all about lunar energy. While this is commonly thought of as feminine, lunar energy is also tied to cycles.

Everything has its time to wax and wane, just like the moon. Balance comes when energies are allowed their time to ebb and flow.

Work with moonstone to help balance your emotions and your energies, and learn when to allow masculine energy to come to the forefront, and when to let feminine energy have its due.

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8. Peridot

These yellowish-green crystals help the user ignore outside influences. When gender stereotypes, toxic tropes, and societal pressure combine to try to influence your identity, it can help to take a step back and seek guidance from your higher self.

Wear peridot jewelry when you’re going into situations that you know will put pressure on you, or work with it during meditation to connect with higher intelligence and discover the true, authentic balance of masculine and feminine energies for you.

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9. Prehnite

This yellowish-green mineral is known for helping to create a relaxed, healing atmosphere wherever its used. It can also balance all forms of energy — from masculine and feminine, to intuitive and logical, to emotional and physical.

Keep larger prehnite specimens in your living space to create a balancing environment. You can also wear it in jewelry, or carry it with you to feel its calming, restorative energy.

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10. Smoky quartz

Sometimes, preconceptions make it hard to bring our energies into balance. You might not want to tap into something called “masculine energy,” because you’ve absorbed lessons about toxic masculinity.

You also might not want to connect with “feminine energy,” because you associate it with negative feminine stereotypes.

Smoky quartz can help by acting as a filter for negativity. It takes negative energies and helps to transmute them into positive instead. It’s also good for anxiety and stress, which can be helpful for people who are living with energetic imbalances.

Wear it as jewelry, or carry a palm stone for those times when you need some extra grounding support. You can also hold a specimen while meditating to energetically cleanse yourself.

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Bringing your energies into balance can be challenging. When family, culture, and society give rise to preconceived notions about the energetic balance and attributes you “should” have, it’s important to learn how to find the right ones for you.

These crystals can help you see your true self and connect with your higher intelligence, as well as allow you to use this information to harmonize your innate masculine and feminine energy.

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