Crystals That Amplify Other Crystals

Much has been said about combining crystals. Some complement the energies of others, while some are said to help increase that energy and make it more effective.

Not all crystals are good energy amplifiers — only a few types actually have the ability to make other crystals stronger.

If you’re looking for a way to help your existing crystals to be more effective, consider pairing them with one of these:

Clear quartz

No mention of amplifying energy would be complete without mentioning clear quartz. These are called “master crystals,” in that they’re effective at pretty much anything you use them for.

This is largely due to the fact that clear quartz is fairly changeable — it can do whatever you program it to do. Pair it with other crystals, and it works to “signal boost” them.

Use clear quartz the same way that you’d use any other stone. Pair it with other crystals in jewelry, in your home, or just in a pocket.

Be cautious when putting clear quartz with soft stones, like selenite. Quartz is hard and can scratch soft minerals.

Herkimer diamonds

This might seem like cheating, since Herkimer diamonds are a type of clear quartz. However, they’re considered a particularly high-energy variety and their (usually) double-terminated formation makes them adept at making energy flow in two directions.

For this reason, you might want to add a Herkimer or two to your crystal combinations.

Genuine Herkimer diamonds only come from Herkimer County, New York. Other places have their own double-terminated crystals, but their properties are often subtly different.

Most Herkimer diamonds on the market are pretty small, so they’re best used in jewelry or pouches where they won’t be easily lost.


Selenite has a very gentle, cleansing energy and is often used for lunar magic or as a stone for peaceful sleep and dreams.

This restful stone is anything but weak, however. It also has the ability to amplify stones with which it is placed.

It’s especially good at boosting amethyst, blue calcite, blue lace agate, and other “peaceful” stones with similar properties.


Not to be confused with rhodonite, rhodizite is a clear to opaque white or yellow stone. It’s also one of the few stones that crystal enthusiasts say never needs to be cleansed or charged.

This stone is good for amplifying energy in general, including the energy of other crystals. It’s a high-vibrating, solar stone that’s also used for clearing energetic blockages.

Pair it with other crystals when you want to make sure that nothing stands in their way.


Phenakite is a very hard beryllium silicate mineral that typically presents in the same color variations that quartz does.

In fact, the name “phenakite” comes from the Greek “phenakos” meaning “to deceive.” This refers to early specimens of phenakite, which were mistaken for and labeled as quartz stones.

These crystals amplify all manner of energy and are often used to increase the power of the energy body. Use this stone in the same manner as you would clear quartz. It’s especially helpful as an addition to crystal grids.

Indigo gabbro

When it comes to the crystal market, Indigo gabbro is relatively new. Most of it is sourced from Madagascar, though it can also be found in a few places in Alaska. It’s an igneous stone with a mottled black to silvery blue or purple color.

Used on its own, it’s great for finding one’s true purpose and growing into one’s best self. Used with other crystals, it acts as an energy amplifier.

This also makes it popular among energy healers, who use it to increase their healing energies as well as the power of whatever crystals they work with.

Indo gabbro’s color variations show up best when it’s polished. For this reason, you’ll often see it sold in carvings or as polished spheres. These are great for using on altars or decorating your home along with other stones.


Gold isn’t a crystal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it in crystal form. Some types of aura quartz are made using atoms of gold, either alone or with other metals.

These are deposited on the outside of other stones (usually agate or quartz) by a process called vapor deposition, which places a micro-thin layer of metal atoms on the outside of a crystal.

This combines the intensifying power of gold with the energy of the crystal beneath, fusing them together as one. You can also amplify the energy of crystal jewelry by having it set in gold.

Crystals are pretty powerful on their own, but their energy is subtle.

While knowing which crystals complement and amplify each other is important, it’s even more important to understand which crystals shouldn’t be used together.

Crystals with conflicting energies can end up subduing each other and having little benefit at all.

Much of this has to do with your intentions — the purpose you have for the crystals you choose can dictate whether they will amplify or conflict with each other.

Think carefully about the energy you want to either bring in or protect yourself from before trying to combine different crystals.

Remember, energy amplifying crystals don’t discriminate. Whatever intentions you have, and whatever crystals you choose, they will increase their power.

If you do your research and examine your needs and intentions before creating a crystal combination, and you can turn your crystals into powerful tools.

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