Best Crystals & Stones for the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is also known as Vishuddha, Vishuddhi, or Visuddha. It’s an energetic focal point located at the level of the throat, positioned near the spine.

In Hindu Tantra, it’s said to be the center of our ability to communicate and express ourselves.

In a sense, it’s one aspect of our creativity — while the sacral chakra governs the creation process and pleasure in the act of creating, Visuddha governs our ability to express ourselves through our creations.

Failing to speak our truth and feelings of guilt can cause this chakra to become blocked. Working with crystals is one very helpful way to open, heal, and balance this important center.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the throat chakra:

1. Angelite

This blue crystal is commonly used to facilitate communication with spirit guides, guardian angels, and the higher self. It has a very cleansing, uplifting energy that promotes feelings of compassion and the desire for truth.

Angelite is good for those who need help communicating with tact and empathy, and with cultivating self-compassion to heal feelings of guilt. As with other blue stones, its color also ties it to the throat chakra.

You should wear it near their throat for best results, but it’s also a beautiful meditation stone. Keep it near you when you sleep to receive spirit guidance in dreams.

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2. Aquamarine

These pale blue stones were said to come from mermaids, and are strongly tied to the energy of the sea. That connects them to cleansing and the emotions.

Aquamarine crystals help open and stimulate the throat chakra. They also remove fear and enhance compassion, which can make it easier to communicate truthfully and effectively.

Wear aquamarine jewelry near the throat, or carry it with you to benefit from its calming, cleansing aura.

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3. Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a variety of agate that appears in shades of blue, white, and blue-gray. It’s commonly recommended for dealing with anxiety and stress, since it has a gentle, relaxing energy.

That means that it can be very helpful for people who avoid speaking up out of fear, or those who lie to protect themselves.

Carry a tumbled piece for a gentle, supportive pick-me-up throughout the day, or wear it near the throat as a pendant or brooch.

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4. Chrysocolla

This blue-green stone is connected to both the throat and heart chakras. It’s said to reduce stress and anxiety, but also unites the compassionate energy of the heart with the communicative energy of the throat.

Chrysocolla is also useful for dispelling negativity and shifting emotional blocks. Wear it as a pendant, choker, or brooch, or place it on the throat area during meditation to open and heal the throat chakra.

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5. Dumortierite

Dumortierite is a very high-energy blue crystal. It can be found in tumbled stones, or, less commonly, as prismatic crystals inside of clear quartz.

This crystal is associated with both the third eye and throat chakras. For Visuddha, it’s said to calm fear, enhance the user’s ability to organize their thoughts, and eliminate negative thought patterns.

It’s also thought to help harmonize the actions of the lower and upper chakras. This isn’t a very common stone, so it might be hard to find it as jewelry. Instead, use it as a focus during meditation or as a tool for energy work.

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6. Hawk’s eye

This stone is a blue variant of tiger’s eye. It helps reduce stress, alleviate fears, and heal emotional wounds. Like gold tiger’s eye, it also promotes courage — allowing the user to speak their truth with confidence.

It’s also said to help harmonize the logical and intuitive spheres of the mind. Hawk’s eye makes beautiful jewelry, but is also a powerful meditation and energetic healing tool. Wear or place it near the throat for the best effect.

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7. Kyanite

Kyanite comes in a variety of colors, but is probably best known in its light blue form. These crystals are said to be fantastic for energy cleansing.

Their natural bladed shape makes them wonderful for directing energy where it’s needed, and some crystal healers say that they never hang on to negative energy.

While it’s an energetic powerhouse that can have a beneficial effect on all of the chakras, its color connects it specifically to the throat.

You can wear kyanite as jewelry, but it’s more delicate than most other stones — if you choose to wear a kyanite pendant, avoid wearing it every day, or in situations where it might get knocked around.

As an alternative, hold a blue kyanite blade in your dominant hand and use it to direct energy toward the throat chakra.

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8. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the stone of truth. It’s said to help uncover hidden things both internally and externally, so it’s excellent for helping those whose throat chakras have become blocked by falsehoods.

This stone is also a useful tool for removing self-deception. Once we no longer lie to ourselves, we are free to speak our truths. Its blue color also resonates with Visuddha.

For best results, wear it near the throat area — short pendants or chokers are good for this.

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9. Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the minerals found in lapis lazuli. It’s bright blue, usually with streaks and spots of white. This stone is most often used for harmonizing the mind and hear — it helps balance logic with the emotions, which can make it easier to communicate ideas.

By extension, this means that it can allow the user to express themselves more confidently. Keep large specimens near your workspace in order to help improve your focus and stimulate creativity. To open and heal Visuddha, wear it near the throat.

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10. Turquoise

Turquoise is a bright stone that ranges from robin’s egg blue to a bluish green. It’s stimulating and balancing for the throat chakra, and is said to remove negative energy.

This stone can also help instill the user with the courage to express themselves truthfully, and with confidence. As with other throat chakra stones, it works best when worn as a short pendant.

Be sure that you’re using genuine turquoise — natural stones are fairly expensive, and tend to be delicate. Much of the inexpensive turquoise on the market is actually dyed howlite.

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The throat chakra rules how we present ourselves to the world. Even if we don’t do it through the spoken word, it’s still the energetic gateway that helps us communicate our ideas.

When we don’t have the courage and confidence to live authentically and speak the truth, we can experience blockages. These crystals and stones are one way to remove these blockages, restoring our ability to communicate effectively.

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