Best Crystals & Stones For Taurus

The time of your birth has a big impact on your values and how you present yourself to others. For people born under the sign of Taurus (April 20th-May 20th in the western zodiac, May 13 to June 19th sidereal) this means valuing physical pleasure and comfort, and coming off as stable, responsible, and stubborn.

Taureans are also more likely to suffer from certain physical maladies, particularly those involving the throat, neck, knees, and ankles. Some crystals are able to help balance or enhance Taurus energy, while there are others that can ameliorate some of this sign’s negative attributes.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Taurus zodiac:

1. Carnelian

This red-orange crystal is one of the ultimate stones for strength and courage, two qualities that Taurus is known for. This stone is also said to cleanse negativity and ensure a healthy flow of life force energy.

It’s useful for clearing away the emotional and mental detritus that can lead to emotional, mental, or energetic blockages. All together, this makes carnelian jewelry or meditation stones pretty much perfect for this brave, powerful, hard-working sign.

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2. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a master crystal, said to amplify the energies and intentions with which it is combined. This means that it’s a great helpful for Taureans who want to overcome their stubborn and lethargic tendencies.

By programming a quartz with the intention to remain open-minded and flexible, then wearing it as a reminder, this sign can enjoy their innate honestly and reliability, without suffering from their bull-headed (no pun intended) tendencies.

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3. Copper

Copper might not be a crystal, but each sign has its own birth metal. For the sign of the bull, this is copper. Copper is an earthy metal, with a beautifully grounding energy. Its color ties it to the lower chakras, which are associated with stability and sensuality.

This metal is ruled by Venus, which also rules Taurus. Copper is a very nice metal for drawing love and enjoying the pleasures of life. Some say it also helps with joint pain, which this sign frequently suffers from.

Wear copper jewelry, or carry nuggets of this metal in a pocket or pouch.

4. Citrine

This variety of yellow quartz is sometimes called “the merchant’s stone.” It’s said to be wonderful for attracting prosperity, as well as serving as a general charm for optimism and positivity.

It aligns well with Taurus’ generally cheerful disposition, as well as helping this sign manifest the financially comfortable lifestyle it longs for. Keep citrine near your workspace to bring money in, or wear or carry it to benefit from its uplifting vibrations.

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5. Emerald

This is Taurus’ traditional birthstone, and one that suits this sign perfectly. It’s a stone of the heart, and both emerald and Taurus share the same ruling planet: Venus.

This means that it can be helpful for keeping the heart open, combating some of this sign’s tendency to become stubborn.

As a green stone, it’s associated with prosperity and abundance, which align with Taurus’ desire for material wealth and luxury. Wear this stone in jewelry, particularly near the heart.

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6. Jade

Jade is most commonly available as green nephrite, and it’s great for supporting the sign of the bull mentally and emotionally. Like emerald, it’s a stone of love, so it aligns well with Taurus’ generally caring nature.

Jade is associated with stability, which aligns with this sign’s energy. Since it’s green, it’s also tied to prosperity and material wealth. Wear jade jewelry to tap into its properties, as well as as a general luck charm.

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7. Malachite

Malachite is a green mineral that’s high in copper. That ties it to Taurus’ birth metal, the heart chakra, and the energy of growth and prosperity.

Malachite is also a good stone for change and transformation, two things which this sign can have trouble with.

With Taurus’ stability and desire for comfort, it’s sometimes a challenge to get them to step outside of their routine and experience opportunities for growth. Meditating with or wearing malachite can help.

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8. Mangano calcite

This pink variety of calcite is used for mental and emotional blockages, creativity, and spiritual evolution. As a pink crystal, it’s also associated with the heart and love energy.

Taurus generally doesn’t struggle in the love department, but their tenacity and stubbornness can create blockages in their lives. Working with this stone can help shift stagnant, stubborn energy, allowing Taurus to reach their full potential.

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9. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is often the first stone people reach for for heart-opening and love-drawing workings. It works wonderfully with this sign’s naturally caring, loving nature, and can help open their hearts again when life makes them stubborn and closed-off.

It’s a good stone for helping people get along and understand each other, something that this single-minded sign sometimes struggles with. Wear or carry rose quartz near the heart area, or hold a palm stone specimen during meditation.

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10. Rutilated quartz

Rutilated quartz is a type of (usually clear) quartz with inclusions of rutile needles. This combines the amplifying energy of quartz with the blockage-removing powers of rutile.

Taurus desires prosperity, and rutile can help shift stagnant energies that block their path to financial growth. This sign also tends to stay within their comfort zone, and rutile can help get them moving, too.

Keep large specimens of rutilated quartz in the home, wear it in jewelry, or carry it as a pocket stone.

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11. Tiger’s eye

This striped, shimmering stone is used for protection, courage, and wealth, among other things. It aligns well with Taurus’ stable energy, as well as their adamant spirit.

Tiger’s eye can act as a charm for ensuring the steady flow of money, something that Taureans aspire to. Keep this stone on you to benefit from its ability to energetically protect and boost luck and bravery.

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People born under this spring sign are loving, stable, and honest people, but they can definitely exhibit more than their share of orneriness.

These stones align with the positive attributes of this Earth sign, while helping them to remain flexible, receptive, and open-minded.

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