Best Crystals & Stones For Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a mutable Fire sign that spans from November 22nd to December 21st in the tropical zodiac, or December 19th to January 19th in sidereal astrology. This sign is known for being independent, adventurous, honest, and full of a natural curiosity. They tend to be rebellious thinkers, but are also very emotionally intelligent, friendly, and sociable.

Unfortunately for this sign, their adventurous nature can turn into restlessness and instability, and they may often choose to speak their truth without regard for others’ feelings.

This sign is ruled by Jupiter, which governs the body’s liver, hips, and upper legs, so they can be prone to aches, pains, and illnesses that impact these areas. Carrying and working with crystals can help Sagittarians strengthen their best qualities, while learning to mitigate their negative traits.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Sagittarius zodiac:

1. Azurite

Azurite is a deep blue stone that’s said to help the user uncover hidden truths about themselves, connect to their intuitive mind, and harness their subconscious. It encourages introspection, which Sagittarians can benefit from.

It’s sometimes used as a stone for the third eye chakra, opening and clearing this energy center to focus and calm the mind. For best results, wear azurite pendants or earrings, or meditate with this stone placed on the forehead.

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2. Black onyx

Black onyx is often used for grounding. It can help combat some of that restless Sagittarian energy, allowing them to focus and get things done.

On the flip side, this crystal is also a stone of transformation, which will appeal to this sign’s love of change and novelty. It doesn’t hurt that black onyx is a wonderful ward against negative energy, either.

Wear black onyx jewelry, or carry some in a pocket or pouch for a little extra grounding help.

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3. Citrine

Citrine is a crystal for motivation and personal power. It’s perfect for Sagittarians whose energy is feeling a little low — it can stimulate them to pursue their dreams and instill feelings of optimism and positivity.

As a yellow stone, it’s connected to the solar plexus chakra. This energy center governs will, power, and confidence. Wear citrine jewelry near the upper abdominal area to keep this chakra open and stimulated, or just keep citrine spheres, towers, or generators around the home to feel their uplifting vibrations.

Crystal healers also claim that this stone may help remove fatty deposits in and around the liver, enhancing its function.

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4. Labradorite

Labradorite is a “stone of magic.” It’s said to hold immense transformative power and the ability to connect the user to their intuitive, subconscious mind.

Working with it can help those born under Sagittarius to change their circumstances when they need to, enhance their imaginations, and connect to their higher selves.

Overall, it’s a useful gem for self-discovery. Wear it, keep it in the home, or carry it to enjoy its protective, mentally-stimulating energy.

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5. Lapis lazuli

This bright blue stone aligns wonderfully with Sagittarius’ energy. It’s used for uncovering hidden truths, and resonates with this sign’s curiosity and desire for honesty.

Lapis lazuli is also connected to the throat chakra, which can help this sign communicate more effectively. Lapis is best worn as a short pendant, so it can sit near the throat area to open and stimulate this energy center.

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6. Lepidolite

This lilac-colored variety of mica has a high lithium content, to the point that it’s actually considered a major source of this element. Lithium is used as a mood stabilizer, and lepidolite is credited with the ability to stabilize and balance anxious or chaotic energies.

It can help Sagittarians when their energy gets a bit too high, by calming them down and reining in their desire to go in multiple directions at once.

As a purple crystal, it’s also tied to the crown chakra. This rules our connection to our spirituality. Keeping it open and healthy helps us feel present and part of the wider world around us.

Since lepidolite is a soft mineral, it may be best used as a pocket or meditation stone.

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7. Smoky quartz

Like black onyx, this gray-brown variety of quartz is commonly used to ground energy. Smoky quartz has an added benefit, though: It can turn negative energy into positive.

It’s also a powerful emotional cleanser. It can keep Sagittarius protected from negativity, and allow them to stay their upbeat, adventurous selves.

Hold it for some grounding help, or wear smoky quartz jewelry to benefit from its constant protection. Just remember to cleanse it often to keep it working well.

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8. Sodalite

This blue and white stone is credited with the ability to focus the mind. Like black onyx, it can help people born under Sagittarius to be less distracted by their desire for adventure and new things.

Since it’s blue, like lapis lazuli, it also stimulates their ability to communicate with empathy and tact. Sodalite is wonderful for yoking the logical and intuitive minds together, so they can act on their subconscious perceptions in an effective way.

Wear sodalite jewelry, or hold it while meditating on a question or problem.

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9. Tin

Tin is this sign’s birth metal. It’s ruled by Jupiter, and is used to attract success, prosperity, wisdom, and healing. While it isn’t a precious metal, it’s still very useful when carried or fashioned into charms and worn.

For best results, combine tin with Sagittarius-aligned crystals.

10. Topaz

Multiple varieties of topaz are appropriate for Sagittarius. Blue topaz is associated with the throat chakra, so, like lapis lazuli, it can help this sign express themselves diplomatically.

Yellow topaz is a crystal for prosperity and success, used for manifestation. It’s also tied to the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of confidence and motivation.

This stone is often used in jewelry, so wear blue topaz near the throat area, and yellow near the upper abdominal area.

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11. Turquoise

This December birthstone is known for its brilliant, robin’s egg blue color. It’s also a stone of renewal and regeneration, which can help this sign satisfy their cravings for novelty, and refresh them if they burn themselves out.

Like blue topaz and lapis lazuli, turquoise is associated with the throat chakra. That means that it’s also useful for enhancing Sagittarians’ ability to communicate effectively and with tact.

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Sagittarius is an adventurous, fun loving sign, but this can make their energy a little scattered. They’re also so interested in delving into the truth, that they can forget that not everyone else is ready to hear it.

These crystals allow this sign to achieve their goals, stay high-spirited, and enjoy an adventurous lifestyle, while keeping them motivated and focused.

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