Best Crystals & Stones for the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, is the seat of your pleasure and creativity. It’s strongly tied to fertility, but not just when it comes to having babies — this energy center governs all forms of creation.

When its blocked, you can find it hard to enjoy things, suffer from a lack of inspiration, and possibly even experience issues related to the lower abdomen and reproductive organs.

Certain crystals are just about perfect for opening and balancing this energy center, allowing you to do the things you love again.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the sacral chakra:

1. Amber

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that often comes in shades of yellow, gold, and red. It’s a great stone for dissolving emotional blockages, as well as enhancing spontaneity, positivity, and creativity.

Crystal or not, it has a beautiful, encouraging energy. It’s also often found in jewelry, so you can keep it near you to benefit from its sacral chakra balancing and opening powers.

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2. Aragonite

These unusual orange crystals are often seen in clusters that resemble the satellite Sputnik 1. Just having it around is said to help release negativity and establish a deeper connection to the Earth, as its energy reaches deep into us to address anxiety, fear, and deep-seated emotional wounds.

It’s a source of strength during the messy parts of the healing process. Aragonite isn’t really used in jewelry, so it’s best as a meditation stone.

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3. Carnelian

Carnelian is a kind of red-orange chalcedony. It’s long been considered a stone for vitality, strength, creativity, motivation, and libido. In ancient times, it was even a charm for fertility.

Carnelian’s color also ties it to the sacral chakra. Tuck one or two into your pockets near the lower abdomen for everyday use, or wear a carnelian-studded belt buckle. You can also place a tumbled stone on your sacral chakra area during meditation.

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4. Fire agate

Fire agate is a type of agate whose inner structure causes a brightly colored flash when the light hits it, akin to the rainbow labradorescence or labradorite. This crystal is a shield against negative energy, enhances creativity, and stimulates the libido.

It’s considered especially helpful for instilling courage and reducing performance anxiety in artists and musicians. It makes beautiful jewelry, but larger specimens are also perfect for using as d├ęcor.

You can place tumbled fire agates in pockets near the sacral chakra, or place it on the lower abdomen while meditating.

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5. Orange calcite

This calcite has a naturally sunny, bright orange color. (Some more golden specimens are also termed “honey calcite.”) It’s a very nurturing stone, which also help stimulate creativity, willpower, and motivation.

Calcite is somewhat soluble, so you may not want to wear it every day. Rough or tumbled specimens of this crystal, placed on the lower abdomen, are a very helpful addition to a Svadhisthana-opening meditation.

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6. Orange moonstone

Moonstone, in general, is considered a helpful stone for reproductive complaints — especially menstrual issues. Orange moonstone does the same, but its color ties it more strongly to the sacral chakra.

It’s said to help with fertility, calm emotions, and improve self-confidence. Physically, crystal healers use it to soothe digestive troubles, help the reproductive organs, and ease pregnancy.

This stone makes beautiful jewelry, but is also pretty easy to find as a tumbled or palm stone. Set it on top of the lower abdomen to help soothe the physical manifestations of a blocked sacral chakra.

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7. Orange spinel

Spinel is often faceted for use in jewelry. It’s very transparent, and comes in bright reds, oranges, pinks, blues, and many other colors. Orange spinel, specifically, is said to be helpful for the sacral chakra.

It stimulates this area, instills inner strength and confidence. This crystal is also said to help the user recover from physical trauma.

Wear gem-quality spinel as close to the sacral chakra as possible. Otherwise, rough or tumbled lower-quality spinel can work as a meditation stone.

8. Peach aventurine

Aventurine is best known as a green stone with glittering flecks, but this isn’t its only color. It can also be found in a soft peach, also adorned with this crystal’s telltale sparkle.

This type of aventurine helps quiet mental chatter, especially the inner voices that attempt to break us down or sabotage our success. It enhances confidence and courage, and instills a feeling of inner calm.

Wear it in jewelry, keep it in a pouch or pocket, or meditate with it placed on the lower abdomen.

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9. Sunstone

Sunstone, like its name implies, is a powerful manifestation of solar energy. It’s a translucent, peachy-orange crystal, often glittering with golden flecks. Sunstone is considered a tool for increasing positivity, optimism, willpower, and confidence.

It helps the user enjoy life more, as well as give and receive more kindness. Like many other sacral chakra stones, it’s most helpful when placed near the lower abdominal area.

Be sure you’re using genuine sunstones — a manmade type of art glass known as goldstone is sometimes sold as “sunstone.” While goldstone is considered a healing tool in its own right, its properties differ from natural sunstone.

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10. Tangerine quartz

Tangerine quartz is a type of clear quartz made bright orange by a fine coating of hematite. It’s considered a stone for positivity, joy, calming, and healing of the organs in the sacral area.

According to crystal healers, the iron oxide also makes this a helpful blood strengthener and purifier. It’s not common to find this crystal in jewelry, but rough tangerine quartz specimens are beautiful meditative tools.

Just avoid placing them in pockets or pouches with other crystals, as they may damage the deposit of iron on the tangerine quartz.

Svadhisthana holds our ability to enjoy life and create the world we want. If you feel that your chakra is blocked or unbalanced, working with these crystals can help you restore its energy flow.

Pair them with the right herbs, oils, and meditative techniques, and you’ll be back to your creative self in no time.

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