Best Crystals & Stones for the Root Chakra

Crystal energy is wonderful for opening, healing, and balancing the body’s energy centers.

Not only are they effective, they’re convenient — as long as you place them near the area that needs help, you can wear them, meditate with them, or even use them in massages.

The root chakra, Muladhara, is no exception. It typically works best with red stones, and those commonly used for grounding. There are several crystals that are ideally suited to this energetic focal point.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the root chakra:

1. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the ultimate energy filter. This dark stone — often with flecks of gold mica — is great at dealing with negativity. It’s also grounding, so it can help provide feelings of safety and connection.

Large black tourmaline specimens are fantastic for keeping in common areas of the home, so they can deal with any negative energy spawned by disagreements or brought in by guests.

Otherwise, keep this stone in a pocket to hold for some grounding and stability throughout the day. Just remember to cleanse it often — black tourmaline’s energy can easily get thrown off by all of the negativity it deals with.

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2. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a green stone marked with “droplets” of red that resemble blood. It’s a crystal for both the root and heart chakras.

For the root chakra, it helps increase self-esteem and courage, as well as shield the user from negative energy. It’s also considered a cleansing stone.

Wear or carry it near the chakra area, place it around the home, or meditate with it.

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3. Carnelian

Carnelian comes in shades of red and orange, which ties it to both the root and sacral chakras. In both cases, it’s a stone for courage, motivation, passion, and creativity.

It’s great for stimulating the flow of life force energy through these chakras, as well as providing inspiration and passion for life.

Wear it in jewelry near the chakras (if possible), keep it in a pants pocket, or place it near the affected area during meditation or energy work.

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4. Garnet

Garnet is commonly a translucent crystal with a deep wine-red color, though other varieties exist. For the root chakra, the red crystals are the most useful.

Garnet is a stone for power, courage, and passion. It stimulates the flow of life force energy, and enhances strength and endurance.

You can find beautiful gem-quality garnets in jewelry, but rough or tumbled specimens are just as useful. Wear them, carry them, or place them near the root chakra area during meditation.

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5. Hematite

Hematite translates to “blood stone.” It’s an iron-rich mineral that has strong historic ties to battle and blood. It’s a fantastic grounding stone, as well as an energetic protector.

It can help those with blocked root chakras to feel safe again, shield themselves from negativity, and reinforce their connection to the Earth.

Carry tumbled hematite in a pants pocket, or meditate with it placed near the root chakra area. It’s a very nice stone to reach for when you need a little stability throughout the day.

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6. Jet

Jet is a dark-colored mineraloid formed from fossilized wood. This gives it a deep connection to Earth energy — it begins life as minerals in the soil, is drawn up into wood during a tree’s life cycle, passes back to the Earth in death, and fossilizes.

Its dark color and connection to Earth and the roots of trees make it useful for grounding. It’s also said to help protect the user’s prosperity, which can be helpful for those who suffer from root chakra blockages due to financial anxiety.

Keep it in a pocket or pouch, or place it near the root chakra during meditation.

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7. Obsidian

Obsidian is volcanic glass. It’s typically black in color, though some specimens may exhibit flashes of blue, gold, violet, or other colors in the right lighting.

As a volcanic stone, it’s intimately connected to the element of Fire, as well as the literal lifeblood of the Earth. It’s a good tool for grounding, as well as one for cord cutting and removing unwanted energies or entities.

Use this stone in rituals to get rid of attachments that are draining your life force. You can also carry it, use polished specimens as a massage wand, meditate with it, or place it around your home to bathe in its grounding power.

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8. Red jasper

Red jasper manages to be both nurturing and stimulating. It’s a stone for vitality, energy, and passion, but also exerts a grounding and balancing effect.

It’s a great tool for people whose root chakra blockages manifest as fear and a lack of motivation. Wear red jasper on the lower body (in a belt buckle, perhaps), carry it in a pants pocket, or place it near the root chakra during meditation.

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9. Smoky quartz

Like black tourmaline and hematite, smoky quartz is a grounding and protective stone. It’s said to help transmute negative energy into positive, and guard the user’s aura.

This stone is easy to find in large sizes, so it’s good for placing around the home to serve as a kind of constant energy filter. Like many other anti-negativity stones, smoky quartz benefits from frequent cleansing.

Keep it in a pants pocket, meditate with it near the root chakra area, or use a smoky quartz massage wand.

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10. Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye comes in a variety of colors. While most people associate the name with the yellow and gold variety, it can also appear in a vibrant red. It’s sometimes called the “survival stone,” which is vitally important for a blocked root chakra.

This blockage can cause a state of constant fear, as the person experiencing it is cut off from their energetic needs for survival.

This stone stimulates the flow of life force energy to this chakra, as well as courage and confidence. It’s especially useful for those who experience a Muladhara blockage as a feeling of disconnection.

As with other root chakra stones, wear or keep it near the affected area for best results.

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The root chakra is the first — and arguably most important — energy center in the body. When it’s blocked, your life force can’t flow upward to energize any of the other chakras.

This causes a kind of cascading effect that can impact every aspect of your life, down to your sense of self and feelings of safety in the world. With these crystals and stones, you can help open and re-energize this important energy center.

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