Best Crystals & Stones For Libra

Libra ranges from September 23rd to October 22nd according to the tropical zodiac, and November 4th to November 22nd following the sidereal zodiac. Represented by a pair of scales, this Air sign is known for their diplomatic skill and fairness.

Sometimes, their desire to be equitable can turn into indecision and a fear of confrontation. Being perfectly just in all things is a heavy burden to bear — even physically.

This sign is prone to backaches, as well as maladies affecting the kidneys and internal reproductive organs. Libra can benefit greatly from the supportive energy of crystals and stones.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Libra zodiac:

1. Aquamarine

One of the downsides to Libra’s sense of justice is that it’s always “on.” This sign can be judgmental, and even close-minded at times. This blue crystal can help Libras experience greater open-mindedness and a deeper sense of emotional balance.

It enhances intuition, empathy, and expressiveness. Wear aquamarine jewelry near the throat area to help with communication, carry it in a pocket, or use it as a focus for meditation.

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2. Citrine

Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz. For those who work with chakras, it’s often applied to the solar plexus area. This houses Manipura, the solar plexus chakra, which rules confidence, willpower, and motivation.

Libra can sometimes suffer from a lack of inner trust, so making sure this energy center is open and healthy can help them get things done. Wear citrine jewelry near the upper abdominal area, or meditate with a tumbled stone placed three inches above the navel.

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3. Copper

Copper is Libra’s birth metal. Like the sign itself, copper is ruled by the planet Venus. It’s associated with love and beauty, and has an amplifying effect on Libra’s traits.

Magically, copper is often used in wands and other tools for its ability to direct energy. For best results, wear jewelry made of copper and set with Libra-aligned crystals.

4. Hawk’s eye

Hawk’s eye, or blue tiger’s eye, is used to bring balance and harmony to relationships. It’s also sometimes used to balance masculine and feminine energies, allowing Libra to experience more self-confidence and inner peace.

Wear or carry this blue striped stone when going into difficult situations, or hold it in the non-dominant hand during meditation.

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5. Labradorite

Labradorite is a shimmery, deep gray feldspar with flashes of rainbow colors. It’s commonly used as a stone for enhancing magic power and fostering deeper connections to intuition and the psychic senses.

Working with labradorite can help Libra enhance their ability to make sound decisions by trusting their instincts. It can also reduce this sign’s tendency to overthink things.

Wearing labradorite jewelry helps, but it may be best to hold it while meditating on an important decision.

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6. Lapis lazuli

This bright blue stone is sometimes called “the stone of truth.” It’s said to help the user uncover hidden knowledge, as well as harmonize their mental, physical, and emotional states.

It enhances focus and calms the mind, two things which can aid Libra’s already strong sense of fairness. As a blue stone, it’s also believed to enhance communication skills.

Wear lapis lazuli in jewelry, especially near the throat, or carry it in a pouch or pocket.

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7. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a type of mica with a high lithium content. It’s frequently used to soothe anxiety and bring emotional balance, much as lithium is often prescribed as a mood stabilizer.

This means that it aligns well with Libra’s desire for harmony in all things. It’s a crystal antidote to stress. As a fairly soft mineral, lepidolite is best used as a pocket stone or meditation tool.

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8. Moonstone

Like labradorite, moonstone is a type of feldspar. Instead of labradorite’s flashy display of colors, moonstone has a silvery or pearly shimmer — hence the name.

It’s strongly tied to the moon, the tides, and cycles, and is often used to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Like other intuition-boosting stones on this list, it can help Libra by reducing stress, calming anxieties, and allowing them to trust their instincts for decision making.

Moonstone is also said to help reduce menstrual cramps and other reproductive difficulties. Wear moonstone jewelry during the full moon, when this stone is said to be at the height of its power.

You can also meditate with it, or place it on the lower abdominal area for pain relief.

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9. Opal

Opal is Libra’s primary birthstone. This stone is said to enhance psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, and divination. It can help Libra connect to their higher intelligence, enabling them to make the most informed choices they can.

It’s also said to have a calming, comforting energy that may facilitate the decision making process. Physically, crystal healers use it to relieve menstrual cramps, which can often plague Libras.

Wear precious opals in jewelry, or carry rough or tumbled specimens in a crystal pouch.

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10. Pink tourmaline

As a Venus-ruled sign, Libra harmonizes well with Venus-ruled stones. Pink tourmaline is a crystal for the heart, love, beauty, and other Venusian qualities.

It can bring peace to personal relationships, open the heart chakra, and increase feelings of empathy and self-love.

It’s good for helping Libras develop a broader perspective, which can allow them to make more equitable decisions. Wear or carry pink tourmaline near the heart area.

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11. Pyrite

Pyrite is a metallic sulfide mineral, sometimes called “fool’s gold” for its resemblance to gold ore. It’s strongly linked to the solar plexus chakra, which can help Libras by strengthening their confidence, will, and personal power.

For a sign that’s often paralyzed by indecision, working with pyrite can help them get moving. Pyrite tends to discolor when handled too much, so it’s best to meditate with this stone placed on the solar plexus area.

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Libras are intelligent, idealistic, and try very hard to be fair in all of their dealings. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, this Air sign can swiftly become cold, judgmental, and immobilized by indecision.

These crystals and stones can help those born under this sign trust their intuition and develop more self-confidence, while enhancing their best qualities.

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