Best Crystals & Stones For Leo

Leos are the showboats of the zodiac. They’re known for being generous, confident, and born leaders, just as you’d expect from the king of the jungle.

Unfortunately, this self-confidence and leadership doesn’t come without a price — this sign can be melodramatic, isn’t great at accepting criticism, and may take a very “their way or the highway” attitude in their dealings with others.

Physically, this Fire sign is tied to the heart. Leos may suffer from fevers, inflammation, or palpitations, especially from powerful emotions.

Fortunately for this sign, there are multiple crystals and stones that can help them be at their best.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Leo zodiac:

1. Black onyx

This is a grounding, protective stone that can help guard Leos against negativity. Despite their confidence, this sign is more sensitive than it appears.

Like the lion brought low by a small thorn in his paw, Leo can be hurt by self-doubt and personal attacks. Black onyx helps shield the Leonine aura against negativity, helping them to continue to be their brave, big-hearted selves.

Wear this stone in jewelry, or carry it in a pocket to benefit from its protection and grounding powers.

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2. Black tourmaline

Like black onyx, black tourmaline’s chief benefits lie in its ability to protect and ground. It’s said to guard across all dimensions — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This can be very helpful for Leos, as this sign rules the heart and is very prone to stress-related symptoms. Meditate with black tourmaline to ground energy and eliminate negativity, or wear it to shield the aura.

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3. Citrine

This variety of quartz is often the same golden yellow as a lion’s eyes. It boosts Leo energy, attracts success, and instills optimism.

As a solar plexus chakra stone, it helps boost Leo’s feeling of self-confidence and enhances their ability to respond to criticism without feeling personally attacked.

Keep citrine in a purse or wallet to attract prosperity, or wear it near the upper abdominal area to clear the solar plexus chakra. It’s also a great stone for meditation or energy work.

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4. Garnet

These burgundy red crystals are used for bravery, love, passion, and vitality — all things Leo aligns perfectly with. It helps them face challenges with courage, stimulates creativity, and see through deception.

Garnet can keep Leo feeling confident, sassy, and able to tackle anything. Wear gem-quality garnets in jewelry, or carry rough or tumbled stones. Red garnets, specifically, are best for Leo.

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5. Gold

Leo’s birth metal is gold — would any other metal do? This is a strongly solar metal, associated with prosperity, success, nobility, and leadership. It’s wonderful for strengthening this sign’s good qualities.

Gold is also said to clear the energy body, as well as open and heal the third eye chakra. For best results, wear gold jewelry set with Leo-aligned crystals.

6. Peridot

This olive green crystal is known to help with focusing. It can make it easier for Leo to stay on the path to success. It enhances this sign’s natural leadership capabilities, while keeping them from being sidetracked by ego.

As a green stone, it’s also associated with the heart chakra. Wear peridot jewelry, especially near the heart or head.

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7. Rhodochrosite

This pink striped stone is used for healing emotional trauma. Leos can come off as confident, but this confidence may hide deep wounds. Wearing or working with this stone can help this sign properly process, heal, and let go of their past experiences.

In this way, rhodochrosite allows Leo’s true confidence to shine through, and keeps them from reacting strongly to every perceived slight.

Wear this stone near the heart area. Since dealing with emotional trauma is often a messy experience, it may be best to work with it during therapy or meditation instead.

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8. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is, like rhodochrosite, a stone of love and the heart. Leos are typically very big-hearted people, but this can manifest as a naivete that allows them to be hurt easily.

Rose quartz helps Leo heal their past emotional wounds and get to a healthier, happier place. It’s also helpful for getting a stubborn Leo to experience more compassion for others. Wear it in jewelry, especially near the heart area.

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9. Sunstone

This glittering orange stone is chock-full of solar energy. It’s a crystal for optimism, positivity, cleansing negativity, and cultivating a love of life. Sunstone also helps give Leo perspective.

For a sign that can dramatize even the most minor event, sunstone shows them what really matters in life, and what isn’t worth getting upset over.

It’s also an excellent crystal to metaphorically “light the way” to success, helping people born under Leo to make good decisions. Wear sunstone in jewelry, or carry it for a daily boost of its sunny, positive energy.

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10. Tiger’s eye

This shimmering, striped stone is full of big cat energy, and it aligns beautifully with Leo’s vibes. It helps provide stability when this sign’s ego might get in the way of sound decision making.

It also helps boost Leo’s creativity, and cut down on the mental chatter that can distract them. Meditate with a tiger’s eye palm stone, wear tiger’s eye jewelry, or carry some in a pouch or pocket.

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11. Topaz

Yellow topaz is a very solar stone tied to success. It helps Leo play to their strengths, and attracts others to this charismatic sign. Topaz also helps Leo recognize their own worth, so they’re less likely to suffer serious blows to their self-esteem.

Overall, it’s a charm of friendship and success that can enhance this sign’s best qualities. As a yellow stone, it’s tied to the solar plexus chakra, which governs will and personal power. Wear yellow topaz in jewelry, especially near the upper abdominal area.

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Those born under the sign of the lion have huge hearts, but these hearts are often marked with past wounds. Though they can come off as confident, or even egotistical, Leos are very sensitive to the ways others perceive them.

These crystals and stones can help this sign heal emotional injuries and childhood trauma, and live more fully, happily, and compassionately.

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