Best Crystals & Stones for the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, Anahata, is the seat of love. The word Anahata roughly translates to “a sound made without striking” or “pure.” This energy center is represented by a lotus flower with twelve petals, and is typically associated with the color green.

When Anahata is open and balanced, we’re able to exhibit compassion for ourselves and others, as well as freely give and receive love.

It can become blocked by grief. When it’s blocked, we may feel overwhelming loneliness, social anxiety, grudges, selfishness, and self-criticism. We may also pursue toxic relationships, or else have difficulty trusting healthy ones.

Physically, a blockage may manifest as issues impacting the heart or lungs. (Naturally, you should also discuss these problems with your physician before attempting to unblock your heart chakra.)

Crystals are one way to help open this center and allow life force energy to flow again.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the heart chakra:

1. Ametrine

Ametrine generally isn’t the first crystal people associate with the heart chakra, but it’s really almost ideal for this purpose. It’s made up of two types of quartz, amethyst and citrine.

Amethyst is known in crystal magic circles as a love-drawing stone, as well as a tool for enhancing introspection, mending a broken heart, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Citrine is a stone of optimism and positivity — the antithesis of the grief that often causes Anahata to become blocked in the first place.

Ametrine represents the joining of the spiritual and intuitive sphere (amethyst) with the physical (citrine), much as the heart chakra is the gateway between the lower, more physically-oriented chakras and the higher, spiritual ones.

Crystal healers also consider it a blood cleanser, which makes it beneficial for the cardiovascular system. It’s a wonderful stone for any purpose.

Wear it in jewelry, carry it in a pouch or pocket, meditate with it, or use it in combination with other heart chakra-focused stones.

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2. Emerald

Emerald’s lush green color ties it to Anahata’s energy, but it’s also considered a powerful stone for love-drawing and emotional healing. It’s called a “stone of successful love,” and can be helpful for increasing feelings of patience and understanding.

Emerald also makes it easier to roll with life’s punches and assists with recovery from emotional trauma. Emerald jewelry is highly effective, but can be expensive. Raw, unpolished stones of less-than-gem-quality are an inexpensive alternative.

Place one in the center of the chest during a heart-focused meditation to receive its healing energies.

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3. Jade

Jade is a Venus-ruled symbol of love and the heart. Physically, it’s purported to enhance the cardiac system. Emotionally, it’s said to bring peace, balance, harmony, and self-love.

Green jade resonates strongly with Anahata. Wear jade jewelry to bring its calming, loving power into your energy body, meditate with it, or keep jade carvings around the home to create a peaceful, healing atmosphere.

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4. Malachite

This striped, swirled green stone is a tool of transformation. It helps ease heartache, release old emotional pain, and let go of maladaptive emotional and behavioral patterns.

Its lush green color is associated both with the heart chakra, and the concept of growth. Wear malachite jewelry near the heart area, or meditate with this beautiful stone to bring its transformative powers into your life.

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5. Moldavite

This green stone is actually akin to glass. It formed long ago, when a meteorite struck the Earth and immediately reduced the surrounding silica to liquid. This molten silica splashed up, cooled, and formed green stones marked with patterns of swirls or fernlike shapes.

This stone has a very intensely powerful energy, to the point that it’s sometimes accused of being bad luck — many people who purchase moldavite aren’t prepared for its transformative energy.

It opens the heart chakra, brings old wounds to the surface for healing, and immediately sets about getting rid of unhealthy attachments.

While this stone is sometimes available in jewelry, its high energy means that it can be tough to wear on a daily basis. Wear or work with it during heart-centered meditation instead.

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6. Morganite

Morganite is a translucent peachy-pink type of beryl. Crystal healers use it to heal trauma and old emotional wounds, reduce stress, and kindle feelings of compassion.

It brings feelings of inner peace and strength. Morganite is beautiful when faceted and set in jewelry, but tends to fade easily in sunlight. Wear it at night, over the heart area, or use rough or tumbled specimens during meditation instead.

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7. Moss agate

Moss agate is a type of agate with green markings that resemble lush, fluffy moss. It’s a fantastic stone for enhancing emotional growth, a connection to nature, and feelings of self-worth.

It helps the user combat anxiety and release stress, while promoting self-expression and the ability to coexist with others.

Polished moss agates make beautiful jewelry, but this stone is just as helpful as a pocket or palm stone. Its intricate markings are also lovely focuses for meditation.

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8. Rhodochrosite

This is a pink manganese carbonate stone that, in some specimens, superficially resembles rose quartz. It’s a talisman of unconditional love, and can help lift the burdens of grief, resentment, and jealousy from the heart center.

Rhodochrosite is also a very useful emotional healer after situations that leave us feeling less than whole. Its energy is a bit more focused and intense than rose quartz, so it’s best worn over the heart area or used during meditation.

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9. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a bright pink and black inosilicate mineral. It’s a powerful stone for healing emotional wounds and increasing feelings of forgiveness.

We’re often hesitant to forgive those who’ve wronged us, because we associate “forgiveness” with saying “It’s okay,” even when it isn’t.

Rhodonite allows us to view forgiveness as forgiving an emotional debt and no longer holding on to the wrong expectations, so we can move on with our lives.

The pink areas of rhodonite resonate with Anahata, while the dark areas are full of a peaceful, grounding energy.

Meditate with this stone over the heart area to aid emotional healing. This can be a messy process, so you may wish to stick to using rhodonite in the comfort, peace, and privacy of your own home.

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10. Rose quartz

No list of crystals for love, compassion, or self-acceptance would be complete without rose quartz. This stone resonates strongly with the heart chakra, and can help the user attract healthy love, exhibit self-compassion, and heal old emotional wounds.

It’s also a very peaceful presence in a bedroom, so it’s nice to keep on a nightstand to promote restful, healing sleep.

Wear a rose quartz pin or pendant over the heart area. You can also meditate with it, keep it as a pocket stone, or just try to keep it within your energy field as much as possible.

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A blocked heart chakra doesn’t just cause emotional pain, mistrust, and a lack of confidence, it also cuts off the flow of life force energy to the higher chakras.

By working with these crystals, you can help open and heal Anahata and ensure a healthy, balanced flow of energy through your entire being.

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